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  1. Today's Dink....

    I don't know, this may not be a good website for me to be involved with being in upper NY,,,, cause I'm JEALOUS. Just go out for a little ride, just chat with friends, oh and this little thing pops up.. hmm. Very nice Bill...
  2. Pretty rock, reminds me off a blueberry muffin. Coaster's excellent idea.
  3. How to look for and find Gold

    Bob, just watched this Video on lunch, excellent. Now I have a hankering to find videos on exploring Old gold mines... Off to youtube tonight,,,, or maybe when I'm out in CO in June, to explore some myself.
  4. A Better Week for Rings!

    Excellent MN, very nice.
  5. 910-carat diamond from Africa

    Holy Moly, I am thinking this will be cut down into little guys for sales?
  6. Old gold pan, classifier?

    IOnteresting find, no matter what it is...
  7. Equinox 800 update

    Bill, looking forward to the release and reviews from folks here. Coop.
  8. Nice finds and even better, out with the kids.
  9. Some Cutesy Pie Nuggs

    Very Nice.
  10. How to look for and find Gold

    Good info, Thanks. I'm in north eastern NY, have been doing research and not far from me are a few areas in VT that have shown some color, as for Maine, it's doable, about 4 hrs, the wife and I vaca there at times but, usually the South Maine coast, I think north east Maine would have to be a trip I do myself. I am in Denver (doing a lot of research about that area) for a week early June, all free time, so this thread is a great learning tool.
  11. How to look for and find Gold

    Could you guys do me a favor and stop picking up all that gold for awhile until I get out there.... thanks, Coop.
  12. CVA Optima V2 .50 Caliber Muzzleloader, Stainless, with all the accessories except powder and primers. New, never shot. Installed an upgraded peep site. Has 2 breech plugs for different powder selection, a mess of bullets and other stuff Only thing in picture that won't come with it is the camo bag you see, everything in the bag you get though. Have over 600 into it, will sell for $240.00 shipped to Continental US. Payment by PayPal, Shipping by UPS with tracking. Thanks, Coop.
  13. How to look for and find Gold

    Under this thread I ask , from someone who has yet looked for the gold stuff, but will start this year in my local streams, well next state over, Vermont which is close, and I think I ask this for a lot of newbies, How much longer will we, us prospectors, (I include myself even though I haven't started, but I have the bug) be able to keep finding gold? Its it a resource that keeps on giving? I know this sounds like a , I don't want to call myself stupid so I'll say, unusual question. I ask this of you folks who know what their doing.. Cooper
  14. I Keep Warning YA!

    Thanks Bill.
  15. I Keep Warning YA!

    got one, not really prospecting related, but my little girl.
  16. How to look for and find Gold

    Since joining this site, which was just weeks ago, I look at rocks differently. I now want the knowledge and starting to look at more books other than just gold. I wish when I was back in school I wanted to learn as much as I do now.
  17. How to look for and find Gold

    I'm following this thread for sure. Folks helping others, thanks from me, some great learning here. Cooper.
  18. Teknetic Omega 8000

    SOLD, Thanks all
  19. Teknetic Omega 8000

    Excellent working condition, very good physical condition. Coil cover has scratches. Used for 2 seasons, taken care off very well, original owner. Purchased late 2015 or early 2016, can't remember. Software Version 5. Selling for $225.00 shipped CONUS. Located in upstate NY. Payment by PayPal. Shipped UPS with tracking. Do not have original box, or manual (available online) but, will be packaged VERY well. You can also email me. laniewski.j@gmail.com Thanks for looking
  20. Saturday Nugget Scrapping

    WOW, Very nice.
  21. Silver Cache Video

    WOW, great video AU, what a find. I start to wonder, who put them there, were they lost, or buried.
  22. I second that WOW, all beautiful.
  23. Lost my Brother tonight

    Very sorry for your loss.
  24. Hi all.

    I learned of this forum, and website, from another forum I have been a long member off. On the other forum my first stop was always the Gold Prospecting area. Well now that I found you folks,,,, well you get the idea. Anyway, long time metal detectorist, relic hunter mostly. Big Big interest in Prospecting, but now the killer, I live in Upstate NY, most all of my prospecting is through the words I read and the videos I watch, although I have a pan and do hit local streams in my area, (do find some great looking rocks) and have a ball doing it. Well just wanted to say hello and you will see me in the pages here. Thanks, CooperGold Prospecting Forum
  25. Equinox.....

    Thanks AU Seeker, your one statement says it all, Time will Tell