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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome guys, I appreciate it!
  2. Hello Everyone! My name is Moody and I just recently joined this forum. Before that, I spent a couple weeks reading through old posts and learning about detecting. There is so much valuable information being shared here and it's been really helpful to me. I decided it was time to join and start contributing myself. I bought a Gold Bug 2 and started reading everything I could about the detector. I searched through this forum and paid close attention to those mentioning the GB2. I watched the videos on the "I Brake For Bedrock" YouTube channel and learned a ton. After scoring a nice off-road vehicle to help me get around in the goldfields, I was ready to get out! I did some research and found an area that was known to produce gold in the past, so I decided to start there. After hiking for a while, I found a spot that looked like it could be good. I detected the area, but was only finding fragments of wire and hot rocks. I came back to the spot a couple days later equipped with a shovel and did some digging. I was able to remove some overburden and get close to the bedrock. Later that afternoon, I was carefully going over my area and got a good sounding zip zip. I ran my green scoop over the GB2 until there was only a tiny bit of material left. I used my finger to see what was left in the scoop (eyes looking for a piece of wire), when all of the sudden, I see GOLD! I couldn't believe my eyes! After doing a happy dance, I sat there and really soaked up the moment. This was a huge achievement for me and it felt incredible! Not much longer after that, I got back to detecting and was able to recover another tiny speck. It's such a great feeling to know that I can detect these tiny pieces. It was an incredible afternoon that I will never forget! Thanks to everyone who posts and shares information on this forum! I look forward to being a contributing member here =).