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  1. There are plenty of tailing piles to detect right around that area too
  2. 12 VDC Alternator to keep you going.

    great idea, one of those, why didn't I think of that things
  3. Where to move overburden

    I have a totally portable recirculating power sluice set up ....if your ever looking for help let me know, Sacramento area here
  4. Placerville area is right in the middle of some of the best gold country anywhere, winters are mild and we get a fair amount of sun. I am in the Sacramento area and as of today the biggest clothing decision I have had to make since last minter is which pair of shorts to wear each day....the cost of living is high but you cant beat the area, things to do and weather
  5. New member, Sacramento Ca area. I found this forum while researching the GB2 -v- Gold Monster1000 I am buying one in the coming weeks, was sold on the GB2 until I discovered the GM1000.....