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  1. My personal favorite is "Advanced Nuggetshooting - How to Prospect for Gold with a Metal Detector." Almost 100% technique.
  2. Jimmy M

    LSD Gully Washers

    Stay safe
  3. Jimmy M

    Frank C's old White's GMT

    Cool story, Bob. Let's hope the kid "tiene mucho oro" real soon. HH Jimmy M
  4. Jimmy M

    1.7 oz Nevada Nugget!!

    Two inches down in a discarded pile of dirt. Wonderful!
  5. Jimmy M

    Got 4 lost one.....

    Will'um, if you are like me and spit-wash just-found nuggies, the lost one may still be in your vial, stuck inside. Just sayin.... HH Jim
  6. Jimmy M


    MOST hobby-oriented Clubs exist to provide persons with similar interests an opportunity to socialize with like-minded individuals to share their hobby and/or to learn more about that hobby. Enthusiastic, wide-eyed newbies are enthralled by the accomplishments and status of successful "old timers." "Wow, I sure wish that I can grow tomatoes as good as yours. How do you do it?" says the beginning gardener to the expert. In like manner the newbie nugget hunter seeks to emulate the success of the veteran gold-finder. It's only natural. And, when the now-veteran gold hunters were themselves newbies, they did likewise. Don't say you didn't. None of us were instant experts the moment we picked up our first detector. But two problems arise when it comes to electronic prospecting: gold nuggets are a finite commodity, and known goldfields are quickly depleted, necessitating more research and/or prospecting. Which means that there are those who will innocently, or lazily, seek to exploit the efforts of others. And, since a nugget the size of a dime is worth more than a week's wage for 90% of the world's population, therefore self-interest stimulates the desire for instant success. Hence the frequently heard comment "Wow, Jim, great nuggets. Where did you find them?" Or, "I'd sure like to find nuggets like those. Next time you go out can you take me along?" Human nature is human nature. My point: enjoy the hobby, rejoice in the good times had, the gold found, the friends made, and try to forget about the self-seeking exploiters and the inevitable personality conflicts. Just my two grains worth. HAPPY Hunting. Jim
  7. Jimmy M


    With a cap of 100 members, WSPA isn't as big as some other prospecting groups, and therefor the level of WSPA Forum posts also suffers as a result. But many of the more active members of WSPA post here as well. Yeah, me included (WSPA#87). As for "secrecy," well, gold does that to many people..... "He who has found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is best advised to keep to his own counsel." HH Jim
  8. Jimmy M

    Watch Your Step

    One of my favorite haunts is infested with these black rattlers. Yes, they are aggressive. They have a den in a small mineshaft, the opening to which is heavily brush-covered. If you approach the den, and they sense your presence, they will begin rattling. One morning I had just bagged a nice nugget, then immediately I encountered an unhappy rattler. Prudence dictated that I move a short distance away. Got a second nugget, then immediately encountered rattler number 2. The third nugget was immediately followed with a third snake. All three could be quickly relocated by their buzzing. I wimped out and headed for a more snake-less area.
  9. Jimmy M

    One nugget, one Rattlesnake

    Adam, a really nice pic of that buzztail. Handsome picker, too.
  10. Jimmy M

    Azusa Gold

    Jerry was a great guy and a good friend. He often dropped by our editorial offices ("Treasure Magazine") to talk about our mutual passion for gold hunting. A quiet, unassuming kind of guy, but when he had something to say it was worth listening to. HH Jimmy M
  11. Jimmy M

    Howdy friends

    Welcome to the forum. Nice pics. That particular ravine has produced many pounds of gold over the years. A really First Class place. HH Jim
  12. Jimmy M

    14.9 Grams of Ugly

    Bob, this "Jimmy M" is Jim McCulloch. Yes, Terry's truck was a used-up rolling wreck, really too beat up for safe desert driving. Oddly, although Terry found a good deal of gold, he never seemed to have any money. At least not enough to upgrade his truck. In fact when he passed he still owed me a modest amount of money, but was unable to repay. Of the several stories surrounding his death, the version I favor, which was the earliest-told, supposedly from the train driver, was that he was closely following another vehicle racing to get over the tracks before the train got there. The train driver was of the opinion that dust from the first vehicle obscured Terry's vision. If this was the case, Terry probably never knew what hit him. (Hopefully). The "conspiracy" and suicide theories came later. None of which I believe. Murder: the belief that Terry was murdered "for a huge stash of gold" clearly overlooks Terry's very apparent poverty. Once we were together in a restaurant in Wickenburg awaiting a gold buyer who was purchasing the previous two day's take. Until getting paid, always in cash, Terry didn't even have the price of a meal. Suicide due to depression: I don't buy that. Terry was an upbeat guy. Yes, he had recently broken up with his girlfriend, but he didn't seem too bummed about that. Also, he had hopes of getting his 27 ounce nugget back. He had already had faced that apparent loss for some time. Anyway, if the (alleged) driver of the first truck could come forward, that would answer some of the questions. HH Jim McCulloch aka Jimmy M.
  13. Jimmy M

    14.9 Grams of Ugly

    Bill, despite all the varying opinions re: T-Bone's demise, I remain optimistic that it was a regrettable case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Just my two grains worth. HH Jim
  14. Jimmy M

    14.9 Grams of Ugly

    Mo' bettah, Bill. Good thing it didn't just crumble into dust, I've had that happen before. All this talk about acids reminds me of the time two guys came up to my booth at a Gold Show. Jimmy Sierra was with me, and the first guy asked for the recipe for Aqua Regia. I told him, and then asked him why did he need to know that? (I mean, after all, AR dissolves gold). He then showed us several really nice specimen-grade pieces of auriferous quartz, true picture rock stuff. He said they wanted to burn off some of the quartz to expose more gold. I told him that AR was the wrong acid for that, HF was what they needed. They both looked at each other as if to say "This guy [me] is a moron." And then they began to tell me as much, in very colorful terms. "No, you're WRONG, buddy, Hydrofluoric dissolves gold, and aqua regia dissolves quartz!. Even fools know that!" About to protest, Jimmy clamps a hand on my shoulder and said "They're right, Jim, they're right, YOU got it backwards." Then addressing them he said "Go ahead and use aqua regia to remove the quartz, and let us know how that works out....." To this day I wish I knew how it "worked out for them..." HH Jim
  15. Jimmy M

    Looking for GM II Long Scan coil

    Howdy Rebel, what kind of condition is your GM 3 coil in? Can it be installed on your GMT, operated at full gain, coil held away from the ground without "screaming?" If so, I am interested. Please advise. (760) 401-7514. HH Jim