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  1. Mikey, as a personal favor to me, please don't kill Bill. :}
  2. Do Better Headphones Mean More Gold?

    When prospecting, the primary virtue of quality headphones is the user's enhanced ability to hear faint signals, which can be indicative of small or deep targets. That being the case, higher decibel output headphones CAN find more gold than lower decibel headphones, or using no headphones at all. What we are seeking here is enhanced volume, not "pristine clarity and reduced studio noise" like the $2400.00 ones advertised. Thus, best value for the buck? Koss UR-29's and UR-30's. By far. Personally, the UR-29's fit me better then the bulkier 30's, and have a smaller earmuff profile, yet have the performance. Thus, Bill, come to my booth at Tucson and try on a pair and see if they fit you better. Forget what Kevin says.
  3. PI vs VLF

    Reb, this an often-debated subject. Most really serious nuggetshooters possess BOTH a good VLF and a PI, and use the "best" one where the particular circumstances permit enhanced performance. To wit: comparing my GMT to my SPP, the GMT finds smaller bits, finds "medium small" bits (less than 5 grains) deeper, detects "crumbly" gold better, gets sharper response on specimen quartz containing small bits, and detects flat nuggets better than chunky ones, with the SPP preferring the latter. On the other hand, the SPP handles really bad ground better, misses most types of hot rocks, and can employ much larger searchcoils, which can improve depth of detection on bigger gold, if such are actually present. But in the end, regardless of which type of machine you use, success is highly dependent on locale and operator expertise. Hope this helps; HH Jim
  4. Tom, half of the fun of prospecting is just GETTING THERE. "Gud four u, dood" HH Jim
  5. Aw, Placerville and Angel's Camp, my two favorite NorCal towns. Sonora ain't bad, either. HH Jim