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  1. UTV's and dust

    Nice buck to bad the meat was no good. Here are mine from Wyoming past October.
  2. How to look for and find Gold

    This topic is really helpful to me as a greenhorn/ beginner
  3. NUGGET SHOOTER Spring Outing

    Thanks. I will try to make it.
  4. New buggy!

    Very cool, nice job.
  5. New buggy!

    That is when I bought it. Yes I wish wheel drive Tundra but I bought the truck before I started getting into Prospecting. I am stuck with the truck so I added some horsepower and pipes to my 2003 TRD Tundra 4.7 V8. It does have a limited slip diff. Which does not help me if I am on a single track down hill and I have to back up. Hence the reason for the 4 wheeler. It fits in the back of my truck perfectly. My dad in Wyoming is building me a trailer to pull it also.
  6. New buggy!

  7. New buggy!

    I have a 2 wheel drive Tundra that i have done some upgrades on and have been stuck a few times. I learned to have my own recovery gear. I was stranded half off a cliff and camped out for 3 days till I started getting low on food. I then had to hike out a few miles and get a ride to an area I had cell service. To say the least I have a good amount of recovery gear. I have a winch on it because it came with it. I also will use my ATV to hunt in Wyoming and other places besides the desert. I see why you also have recovery geat. Funny how we always have to learn after the fact
  8. New buggy!

    Hopefully I do not get it stuck. I have a bunch of vehicle recovery gear if that happens. It’s all part of the adventure anyway isn’t it.
  9. New buggy!

    Thanks guys
  10. New buggy!

    Very nice buggy by the way.
  11. New buggy!

    Yes sir, it will get me back and forth very well. Who knows as I get more into this maybe my standards will increase. Haha
  12. New buggy!

    Will do
  13. New buggy!

    I go out on the boats sometimes, more when the Bluefin Tuna are close. I got 2 bluefin tuna this year. I like to do a bit of everything, fish, hunt, gold prospect, camp.
  14. New buggy!

    I just picked me up a used 4 wheel drive 4 wheeler with a winch. Also I bought a Minelab Monster and 35 pinpointer. Ready to head to Yuma Monday to Potholes claim. Anybody else interested in going? For warned I am a Greenhorn. I have a drywasher and detector and want to give this a shot. I plan to be out 2-4 Days. I am a member of SPMA here in San Diego and also a GPAA member so I do have access to these claims. I will post pics of my rig. Be warned it is nowhere near the scale of most of you guys but it is a start for me. Plus I do not have $15,000 to put down on a side by side. Lol
  15. Jackass Flats.

    I am wondering if it is safe to prospect out in Jackass Flats alone camping for a few days? Thanks for the help
  16. Jackass Flats.

    I like to go all over. I am retired and like to camp and started to get into prospecting.
  17. Jackass Flats.

  18. Jackass Flats.

    Yep, I just bought a 4wheeler and want to take it out and try it out and also to use my new Minelab Monster. I also am thinking about going out there next week.
  19. Jackass Flats.

    Thank Thank you
  20. Jackass Flats.

    By relatively safe I mean people won’t loot or shoot up my truck with my camping stuff in it while I am out in the 4wheeler detecting. I understand all things come with risks. I was wondering if a lot of people go out there during the week drinking and raising hell. Having fun is fine of course.
  21. Jackass Flats.

    Thanks. I have a camping permit and I am a gpaa member. I live in San Diego and it is far to go for less than a few days. Unfortunately I am by myself and have not many people yet, or people willing to go out with a greenhorn to prospecting. Being out in nature is my home so I am not worried about the wildlife or weather.
  22. I will bring 10 pounds of elk burger to share. I do not have enough to feed 70 people though. I got elk and antelope when I went hunting in Wyoming this past October.
  23. November 17th to 19th Nugget Shooter Outing

    Looking forward to meeting people and learning new stuff. I am a greenhorn exited to start a new adventure. I leave San Diego today early in the morning. Hopefully it will be easy to find a spot to pitch a one man tent.
  24. November 17th to 19th Nugget Shooter Outing

    Perfect. Thank you very much.
  25. Where do I get the exact directions please. I already bought a land use permit and want to leave early in the morning