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  1. Griphoist

    Trailservices , best phone call I have made in decades. It was like calling a good friend for help, and they are sending me homemade shearpins for no charge! A rare gem in this day for sure. Cool, seems like I'm gold on the griphoist. Handle is there, no rust to speak of, and the wire rope appears to be in great condition. Not bad for being discontinued in '77'. Thanks again for the link to Trailservices.
  2. Griphoist

    Thanks, that's a great bit of info, definitely going to give a call and do some inquiring. It seems to be in great condition except for that shear pin. Hope it was worth the $75 I payed for it.
  3. Griphoist

    Thanks, I was 99.9% sure I could use some brass stock, just dropped the question case there was some sort a specialized part i needed and the off chance someone here knew about it.
  4. Griphoist

    I was wondering if anyone had any insight on the shear pins for a Griphoist T.19. I am having a hard time locating anything online. The one in it appears to be sheared in half lengthwise and made of what looks like 1" of 1/8" brass rod. My apologies if this be the wrong category for such things.
  5. New to forum

    Thank You, I appreciate this platform of shared knowledge and will do my best to be an outstanding member. I am fairly new to nugget shooting though I have found a few small pieces with my Xterra. Love finding gold though, its pure joy for me to run material through a sluice.
  6. New to forum

    Hello! Thanks for having me. I am excited to get back into the full swing of things.