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  1. Whites GM Sierra Gold Max DD coil and rod

    Also selling the 4"x6" Shooter coil with cover and lower rod for $100 shipped or both for $200 shipped. And i sure wish we could just EDIT our posts??
  2. I have an as new 8"x14" Sierra Gold Max coil and rod for sale for $120 shipped in conus. It works with the newer Gold Masters including the GMT. Just the 8"x14 not the 4"x6"
  3. Whites GM coil for sale

    Yes, it will work on any of the Gold Master series
  4. Whites GM coil for sale

    Sure wish there was an EDIT or DELETE option. Please delete this posting as there doesn't appear to be any interest. Thanks
  5. X-Terra 705 Gold vs Nokta Fors gold

    Ok guys, what about the Macro Gold Racer at 56 khz. A contender to the GM series?
  6. X-Terra 705 Gold vs Nokta Fors gold

    Thanks Bill. It appears the consensus is that i Should keep, and Learn my V-sat for now.
  7. X-Terra 705 Gold vs Nokta Fors gold

    If i could find a good deal on the Gold Monster i would go with it, but i haven't seen one yet.
  8. X-Terra 705 Gold vs Nokta Fors gold

    Thanks for the input Rod
  9. X-Terra 705 Gold vs Nokta Fors gold

    I have locally an X-terra for $300 or maybe less or a Fors Gold for $400 or less?
  10. X-Terra 705 Gold vs Nokta Fors gold

    I have a GM V-sat already. I am looking for another detector to go along with it and want whichever works better for most people. Thanks for the reply.
  11. Is one of these any better than the other for nugget hunting or are they about the same? How do they stack up to the GMT? Any input appreciated as always. Thanks
  12. Whites GM coil for sale

    I have a good condition, good working Gold Master III coil for sale. Will work on any of the Gold Master black box models. $60 shipped in the conus. If Pay Pal add their 3% or do friends and family. Thanks
  13. PI vs VLF

    Always appreciate the advice and opinions of those who know more about something than i do. Thanks
  14. PI vs VLF

    Well, the Whites TDI SL doesn't weigh much, if any, more than the Whites GM V-sat, so that wouldn't be an issue. But thanks.
  15. PI vs VLF

    What i have is the GM V-sat with 2) 6"x10" coils. What i want is a good PI machine to go with it. Would like a Minelab but would settle for a Whites TDI SL. I had a TDI but foolishly sold it. Now i am kicking myself for it.