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  1. Rocky

    Holbrook spring hunt

    Holy smokes Mike!!!! Nice finds!!!! Nice scale too!!
  2. Rocky


    Dang nice Strapped !!! That's a really nice puzzle. The perfect inspiration to get back out and hunt, the NE has had a string of bad weather and I was in a bit of a slump (motivation!) thanks for sharing!!
  3. LOL !! Better not try !! I know your right, I want to polish is bad it would look awesome!
  4. I was removing a large mosaic flagstone patio at a friends house and I started finding cool rocks lying around close to the porch the I see this large beautiful yet some how familiar stone sitting next to the steps, almost a entire array of color. As soon as I said hey man that's a cool stone, he responds it's petrified wood and it clicks that this wood looks similar to the petrified forest wood which I had trouble explaining to him for lack of better term, then he also through that out there as well that is was from the petrified forest!! So then he moves some leaves aside and pulls a other piece of it and hands it to me and says hear you keep that one and I'll keep the big one LOL!!! Apparently he said that you can't take any but some one gave them to him when he was younger, maybe in the 60's. Those had to have been relaxed times I guess.anyways it's a very nice 618gram piece I hope you all enjoy!!!
  5. I got so busy at work yesterday 14hr shift it was very difficult to make it back to the scope to photograph more. I'll have to try again another day soon. I'm going to load a couple files but the quality is not that good but a couple of particles look interesting. I've viewed a majority of the slide now and I pretty positive most of those particles are maybe iron oxidation, particles of sand made it in along with some organics and a few strange bright pink minerals which a cool to look at but not MMs. It will take time, fresh eyes, steady hands, maybe even a tripod to capture the smaller targets well and even so light exposure from about the targets that I'd like to share you, so I ask for a bit more time from y'all and I appreciate your patience. I usually get things like this done quickly but storms, power outages, long work days and now tomorrow a big blizzard keep interrupting the progress.
  6. Just putting this out there in support in part of what Mike maybe is trying to convey. Spheres are not necessarily MMs at all in fact probably metal grindings. So from what I read MMs are more likely irregular.
  7. Mike I tagged you in this post in case so you don't miss it. Check this out I'm just starting to photograph the particles and passed by this one on the slide. It interesting to say the least. But anyways I'm definitely not implying MM, dare I say the visual characteristic of this one looks good though. I hope you guys like these photos I'll try to get through the slide today.
  8. Good morning, Im starting the photographing process this morning. I got a bit worried at first because the camera was having difficulties with the white balance and exposure but luckily I got through some how. I only wish I had a tripod now because it would be much easier than shooting by hand control. This is a test image of one of the particles. This doesn't look like one!
  9. Yes I will! I'm going to run this under a more powerful microscope and get better pictures most likely Saturday. I can't wait to see these particles closer.
  10. Powers back on!! We only lost ours for a little under 30hrs though I believe there are still some people without.
  11. Rocky

    Making Kombucha tea at Home

    Well I've taken it to the next level. I purchased bottles with latch tops to store my Kombucha in the fridge till consumption!! I noticed I made one mistake it my directions, lucky I noticed now than later. A normal batch should only take one week (not two)after the initial batch that builds the scoby but the same rule of thumb still applies to the time line sweeter sooner, sour later!! The batch went with out a hitch and tastes refreshing immediately out of the jar but more importantly out of the fridge the following day!!! . I added a 1/8 cup of mango juice to the bottle before adding the kombucha and it tastes amazing!!!
  12. Here is a little sample. I had 5 min on a low power microscope this morning. I'm really not happy about the images and also what I can see under low power. Let see what happens understand higher power!!! The resolution needs work!!
  13. Well said munroney!!! I've been searching so long!!! Patience is a virtue and you need to look now!!!
  14. This is 40oz Busch, 2 Asian pork buns, garlic herb vinegar juice, chaga tea hot, and smoked Maine herring!!!!! Like I said, do your best!!!
  15. Okay my friends, I cannot say I'm a good public speaker nor do I claim to be a scientist but I created three videos and a series of a few picture to give you a idea of the scientific method I'm using to try to accomplish finding MMs if they are even possibly there. I gave it my best shot and within the week I will post picks of the slide under the scope. Because the power I couldn't use the scope, and since the particle are irregular shapes I needed to lacquer the particles for transport to the slide so the would fall off once dried so the view maybe skewered once under the scope compared to dry particles. Please pardon some of my pronunciation of pipette I believe maybe the way I said it is a New England thing. I'm trained in water chemistry for pools, reef tanks, and fresh water environments.