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  1. Thanks Adam, now I can put this away in the cabinet knowing its natural. I appreciate the help.
  2. Rocky

    A cool piece

    Wow I over looked this baby!!! That's a really neat show piece!!!
  3. So a coworker of mine knows I enjoy rocks so he gave me this rock he found at work. Something about this rock rubs me the wrong way for some reason, the black portion almost looks man made kinda like black beauty blasting media packed together in layers, but then it has what I would assume a even layer of quartz stuck to it as well. The shape, the man made appearance, the ultra white layer with ultra black shiny packed inclusions just really bother me. What is it??
  4. Rocky

    Fossil find

    Nice find Morlock!!
  5. Rocky

    Fossil find

    I bet it's like a cast of a prehistoric tree, considering that perfect symmetry of that pattern, something plants are very good at producing. Maybe even fossilized bark of a prehistoric tree.
  6. Rocky

    Do not use magnet on meteorites

    Hi wet/dry, It's to bad you don't have pictures of such a occurrence. Granted 2012 was not the best year for smartphone cameras, a dedicated cameras could certainly do a wonderful job at this point in time. Do you ever carry a camera with you during your expeditions? Although it's a very interesting prospect the possibility of sitting in a washed out crevice of a large decayed carcass of a long deceased meteorite. Without supporting docs especially photographs it is purely a speculative story one can only imagine about if interested. It's very cool if true but maybe you should carry a small smart phone with a great camera for such instances so you can show us.
  7. Rocky

    Please help fro my Daddy...

    Raimund, I have two requests. Not required but preferably, could you please share with the community or just myself the outcome of your experience with your father with some pictures or without pictures. Only if you would like. We would like read or see the experience and joy with you. I repeat not required but preferably. That is the first request. The second request I have. For the responsibility to the meteorite community, if your father would like to report his find to meteoritics or scientists as a new find please tell him this is a gift from you and he will love you even more because you are so thoughtful and concerned about his happiness and health, fathers love these emotions from their children. Reporting this meteorite as a new find in any way is a violation to the meteorite community, this will not be acceptable. So please be responsible about this situation. I really love what you are doing for your father. I completely support your actions to improve your fathers happiness and health. I hope you understand, translation can be difficult, but I believe the community will appreciate everything as well. You are a awesome guy for caring for your family like this Raimund. I truly have so much respect for you. Thank you for sharing.
  8. These are the enjoyable moments I want my son and I to experience regularly really!! Just thinking of the smell of the desert with coffee, beans and bacon makes my stomach rumble now!! I love rocks, I sincerely hope my son with feel the same about them to some extent, at least enough to spend some QT pops but we will have to see!!
  9. From left to right caliche, metamorphic, sedimentary, these are not breccia.
  10. Rocky

    Please help fro my Daddy...

    Thank you Rege, I love helping people, nothing besides my son and wife make me happier, and meteorite hunting of course!!!!
  11. Rocky

    Please help fro my Daddy...

    Thank you sir!!! I can't wait for that find!! It keeps me going!!!
  12. Rocky

    Please help fro my Daddy...

    I'm glad I can help!!! The health of our familys is so important, I completely understand what you would like to achieve and hope it works out!!!
  13. Rocky

    Please help fro my Daddy...

    Ray, It's on the way bud, it should arrive in 10-14 days!!!