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  1. I also agree with you Mike as well but he did purchase the land fare and square and left it to his family. People thought he was crazy, hell if I could have purchased it back then I would have too. But it's a darn shame people can't go get those meteorites before they weather away, something has to change. I don't think any amount of hunters could change the face of the land surrounding so terribly it would ruin the site. They should issue three day permits once a year, it would drive local businesses and keep people coming back and respect and not destroy the place.
  2. I think this is great!! Daniel Barringer would be so pleased to see this meteorite selling for so much considering he staked his life on finding that exact iron and selling it!!! It may have not worked exactly to his favor but I believe it's a bit vindicating for his legacy. Watch a documentary or read about it, cool history!! IDK why the font is so big LOL sorry.
  3. Equinox 600 Arrived Today!

    Wow awesome finds Terry!! That machine is amazing!!!
  4. Absolutely having the time of my life truly!!! Thanks Terry!!
  5. Yeah I just dove in that forum a little last night. I'm concentrated on meteorites but the detector opens new avenues which I'm definitely down for, meteorites being my number one for sure then relics I can handle the double task, my patience is a HUGE strength. They both excite me. I just picked up a mountain bike to probe further than ever!!!
  6. Okay so here are the search results from today in the old field, I searched strictly the perimeter and now plan to grid the area next time before the spring while the field is still dormant. There was not any meteorites and the finds aren't as sweet as Mike's finds but I'm very impressed with the machine. The variable tone is invaluable for pinpointing. I love this detector so far and as long as my legs will carry me I'm down for the hunt. The coolest object I found is what appears to be a old bullet. I used to scale the side ofa large stone wall at this place called powder house park in Somerville MA were apparently a old battle took place, the rocks are riddle with pits were I believe bullets hit and I actually found a bullet similar to the one found today except that one was perfectly jammed in between where two rock narrow, needless to say I didn't have a tool to wedge it out.
  7. Im crossing my fingers and toes, the area I was hunting today was only really accessible by horse buggy at best. I'll post some of the finds asap I fell asleep after that Wendy's
  8. LOL sounds about right, I can go to burger king practically anytime and it's tough to get a burger, they might make it another year but BK I think is suffering. Sorry to torture you but nothing drives hunger for Wendy's like a good hunt LOL!!!
  9. I'm going to Wendy's right now to get the four for four deal with the Baconator fries because those things are amazing and for $0.75 more they loaded on more fries more cheese in a bunch of bacon and it's delicious so that's what's on my mind right now till I get home!
  10. I just finished a hunt in the dark over here I'll fill you guys in when I get home. I was hunting some old grounds tonight came across some okay stuff nothing big really but I'll still going to share with you guys! Sound good?
  11. LOL that's what I'm saying how do these people make it!!! Axle nut falls off duct tape will take care of it 😂!!
  12. WOW those are awesome finds man!!! I'm sure I can come across things of that nature as well being the settlers landed here first, geez that didn't even occur to me lol!! Great point!
  13. Unfortunately I haven't found any yet but the detector opens new horizons at least. I know cold hunts with detectors aren't suggested but I'm going to try anyways!
  14. Yes, I made sure to clarify that in the post as well, Good throw downs too, they both made noise under the coil. Yes those two are both NWAs.