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  1. Interesting looking??

    Just adding a couple of closer shots. I've emailed a university to see if they would like to check it out.
  2. LOL, exactly what I need. Not gonna lie this reading is probably going to involve the consumption of beer or wine.
  3. Amazing Opal

    It's amazing!!! The pattern reminds me of one of those mazes you'd try to solve with a pencil. They should call it A-Mazing Fire Opal
  4. So I put the parts together and realized a true breccia's matrix would be rather plain, homogonous, and uncharacterized and not crystallized what so ever as one would find in metamorphic rocks being they where exposed to exteme heat and pressure causing those rocks matrix to change and crystallize. True?? Back to the third grade but I think I get it now!! Thanks guys.
  5. Chrisski, I think you nailed it. I googled "metamorphic conglomerate" and the first image appears to be most similar to what I have. Though the terminology might not be the correct one, it a great clarification at least. Here is another nice one I found at my brothers the other day. Very nice rock, id love to slice it up at some point. Thanks everyone and thanks chrisski.
  6. Interesting looking??

    Does anyone know Laurence Garvie mail address, I can't find it. Thanks.
  7. This is a 45 gram rock I found on a trail the other day. It looks like a breccia of some type. Any ideas guys. Also if you happen to know a good website with good well rounded information about the different types of breccia, this would be helpful as well. I feel like google search is good but kind of aimless.
  8. I completely agree, homfire cleared that up for me right from the get go, I've google lunar meteorites a ton of time, but oddly enough I have not google cemented conglomerates. So it was more or less me being naive and too much wishful thinking. Silly me.
  9. Interesting looking??

    Thank you Sonny, I set up a magnet on a string and it turns out to be oh so slightly attracted to the suspect. I'm going to send it over to have it looked at, thanks for the info.
  10. Interesting looking??

    You have to look harder for the chondrules, many of the darker inclusions look slightly geometrical while many others are round.
  11. Interesting looking??

    My hands were unsteady today, I can get closer shots tomorrow maybe. magnified with a loop for better macros.
  12. This is hard to say. I've had this for about a year and it was so small it's hard to photograph but with my new phone I can finally get OK pics of it. Under a loop it looks like chondrules loaded up in the matrix, I've tried a magnet with no success though I've not tried a magnet on a string test because mine snapped so I need to make a new one. I enhanced a couple of the pics to maybe help show what I'm seeing a little better. Thanks
  13. 2+ carat diamond.

    Thank you Tom, I hope the field is as generous with meteorites as it is with this find.
  14. 2+ carat diamond.

    I've been looking on cl and not a single person currently searching. Unfortunately for the owner it appeared to have been sitting in the ground quite some time. I'm going to keep a eye out for them. It's hard to imagine the grief. Like loosing queens gold. Not quite.
  15. This is my best find so far. The other day I was standing next to my car talking on the phone in a dirt parking lot and while I was looking at the ground I saw something shiny and dirty and just assumed it was aluminum foil or a tab so I gave it a light brush with my foot and in that instant I realized it looked like a stud and in the same moment it literally disappeared so I got off the phone and got down hands and knees and pulled this baby from the dirt, a 2+ carat diamond stud, excellent cut, faint yellow color, some inclusions or bubbles full of dirt, in a white gold or platinum setting. First photo is out of the ground slightly blown out with a compressor second photo is the cleaned product.