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  1. Found this in the ground today what is it?

    To me it looks like a grey moonstone.
  2. No place to cut it open,mike!
  3. gaustad 18 That is a rust I said it in my initial post, it's an exterior not an interior of a rock pliz look keenly
  4. My 7kg pallasite from the habaswein strewn field, a total of 27kg in my possession.
  5. Are these rough rubies?

    Thanks to everyone for the input, some more.
  6. Hallo everyone, My neighbour who is a herder-cum-farmer, brought back these stones, heavy, nice shapes.reddish-black, and some others. What do you think.
  7. Hi everyone, Collected this rock from the pallasite strewn field. 65% Fe, 25% taenite.(Ni,Fe)
  8. My friend the meteorite is already sold and its own the way, to its destination.
  9. The dog barks while caravan passes
  10. As we were returning home, l found , this one Laying at the roadside, nice fusion crust, and rust. And for the strewn field question, please refer to meterocist list, 12 may, 2017, by Michael farmer, famous meteorite hunter. I don't take any credit here, I understand the consequences of plagiarism. Thanks
  11. As we were returning home, l found , this one Laying at the roadside, nice fusion crust, and rust.
  12. Tons of pallasite had been recovered in northern Kenya, its a strewn field of more than 20km square. 1kg is $500 at the site Found this stuff 6fts deep, with a metal detector, the pic may be poor
  13. Old town

    This rock had been collected from a quarry, 40km from my home, its heavy, with magnetic field.
  14. meteorite or rock?

    To me not a meteorite.
  15. Chrodritic grain is probably what raddsmith is referring to, chrondritic, silicate grain found in Iron 1AB of NWA 468