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  1. Minelab Gold Panning Kit Prize

    16.10 thanks Bill !
  2. Fisher CZ5 Quicksilver detector

    Hi i have lowered the price to 300.00 or best offer !!! thanks,Tom
  3. Lynx creek area

    Any reports on water on the creek still? i plan on going up there saturday... thanks in advance
  4. Lynx creek area

    Does anyone know if there is water running or flooded ? Looking to pan a little but not sure of conditions up there by Prescott ??
  5. GPAA

    Thanks !
  6. GPAA

    what actually is the gold basin? im a gpaa member too
  7. Hi i have a CZ5 quicksilver for sale for 350.00... On Ebay they go for 450 to 800???. This one is in great shape. I used it in Missouri to coin shoot and in Florida on the beach's as it has a salt water setting. I would prefer not to ship it and sell locally. I'm in El Mirage Arizona....Please see the pics attached .thanks,Tom
  8. Gold Bug Upgrades = Gold

    bet its sold already....
  9. GM 1000 Coil cover.

    lol i cant spell but was funny ...need serious descrimination
  10. White tanks prospecting

    lol looks like a no no thanks !!
  11. GM 1000 Coil cover.

    Great idea using flexsteel !!!
  12. Headed for Nugget Shooter store

    Good luck with the gold monster !!
  13. Gold Bug Upgrades = Gold

    I'm new to gold detecting been coin shooting for yrs back east with a Fisher cz5.
  14. Gold Bug Upgrades = Gold

    Im still torn on the ole gold bug 2 or the gold monster ??? Everyone says gold monster
  15. Water at lynx?

    Anyone know if there is water there now after all the rain?