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    Used to be bass fishing , flying RC planes, got the gold (frustrated) fever now
  1. claim jumping

    is LAND MATTERS up to date on recent claims? do not want to be on someone else's claim
  2. lynx creek

    is lynx an open place (no claim or club members) where anyone can pan?
  3. sluice box advice

    got my 1st box. its a 48 inch stansport. need to know if i should use the slightly v shaped riffles that come with it with fine classified material or just the expanded metal and the fine carpet that came with the box? i do have a courser miners moss and extra deep v mat. which one to use for what size of material? i am using the atwood pump sold by stansport also. thanks in advance
  4. flake gold

    they are so small for a hammer. I used my fingernail on most of them and they would not split into layers like mica. they would not even break into sand like material like fools gold. they would bend. the test solution dissolved it. gold paper leaf will not smear ? this "stuff" was found in washington in a known gold producing creek. thanks for the replies gents. back to the dry washes in az.
  5. flake gold

    my first post ever i said gold floats. i should have asked if gold suspends. i had what was flake gold and it would not sink under the black sand. i know it was gold because an experienced man was with me and it smeared gold in the bottom of the pan. i brought it home and used the 22 carat gold testing solution on it and was dissolved. it really was a pain to try to separate it from sand. is this the way gold flake usually acts in a pan? any suggestions on a better way to separate it?
  6. would like to buy a detector for gold hunting ONLY . I have never used one b4. do they make them so you can detect gold in rocks? If i buy a begginer model are they easy to resell? thanks in advance JOHNM
  7. recovering gold

    hi , new to all forms of gold digging etc. dumb question? if i put what i think is gold (?) in aqua regia and also sand , black sand , some dirt and other stuff will it ruin my solution ? i know it would be best not to have "other stuff " in there but i found some light flake gold and am having a hard time separating it without getting other stuff with it . will a lot of other stuff be in solution also? thanks in advance JOHNM