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  1. whoops

    i really don't like my computer !!!!
  2. i wonder how accurate this system is as far as what the individual minerals have been found at each mine. i was going to land matters which doesn't tell what mineral has been found. MRDS says it was a 2011 survey. Looking at some of the places these mines were at i can't believe a guy would stay for lead, gypsum etc. what do you experts think?
  3. looks like i snoozed too long. someone else got there and dug around trees etc. they must have found some . there were too many holes that were pretty deep. congrats to ?
  4. graded areas

    the push area is large enough for an army of tents and is really close to a fault. on the other side of the wash there is a vertical strip of gossan. this is in central az. iv'e read blogs on this site saying that it was worked lots of years ago but have not seen any detector dig holes in the graded area . just got a detector a few weeks ago. i'll check it out someday. thanks for comments as i am very green at this.
  5. graded areas

    what has happened in the past when you find a flat area that looks like its been graded ? found this spot( not lsd ) in a known gold are and am curious.
  6. colors of gold

    Adam, DP, thanks a bunch. I can use all the help I can get. i'm leery of jumping other claims so sometimes i go where there are no claims at all. i sure a claim owner would let me know if i was on their claim. also if i could find an area that hasn't been picked over as much ? most comments are go where gold has already been found and you have better chances. I will do that also and just see where it has not been picked over recently or go just after creeks have been flowing. . thanks again JOHNM
  7. gold fever / lynx creek

    thx chrisski, i appreciate the comment. timing is probably everything at lynx. water flow, run off etc. it would be nice to make a little money but at my experience level i'm just hoping to cover expenses.
  8. colors of gold

    LukeJ, one of the rock plants is approx. a quarter mile upstream and then it's in the town of queen valley. Turns into state land east of queen valley. thats a good idea to go upstream farther. also found some tailings and a hole on top of a hill near the creek. was 6ft. x 3 ft. and 7ft. deep. gold in the area? thx
  9. colors of gold

    that speck must have been newbie luck from lynx.
  10. colors of gold

    used my sluice yesterday to clean up dirt from queen creek. found one pin head sized bright yellow speck. lots of black sand in sluice but the spot i dug in really didn't look too promising. last ditch effort at sundown. i really don't know a thing about queen creek except there are lots of claims upstream and two rock plants nearby. the closest rock plant near me was working 24/7 when it was raining last winter. read on this website that rock plants process for gold. true or false? did the speck really come from queen creek or was it stuck in my bucket from lynx creek? i always check and rinse my tools and carpet well after each use. noticed boulder dash's gold (145 and 65 nugs. nice haul boulder) looks really brassy. are boulders nugs from a dry creek bed ? or was it just plain dumb newbie luck?
  11. gold fever / lynx creek

    adam, you hit the nail on the head. i still have a lot to learn
  12. gold fever / lynx creek

    Hey GDM/PV, apologies for posts (complaints) and not responding . I get very little computer time . I hope my posts don't sound like complaints because I was just joking around about "you might have gold fever" thing. I do appreciate all the input as I am completely new to this hobby. Just trying to learn from you guys. this site and responses have been very helpful. thanks JOHNM
  13. 145 nuggets detected

    was wondering why this gold looks so brassy? my uneducated guess is that it was not found in a creek and just needs a little water to wash it off? i'm totaly speechless boulder dash
  14. Lynx Creek

    WOW, nice pieces GDM/DV. You guys with the metal detectors have an easier time finding gold. One of these days I'm going to buy a metal detector (maybe I should learn to read the rivers and washes better before I buy a detector? ). Here's what I found in 54 hours of hunting by reading the creek. It's not a whole lot compared to you pros but it's the best I've done as a newbie. Thank you Bill Southern for your advice on looking in bedrock cracks. Most of this gold was found in cracks.
  15. i guess i should say that there are better areas in lynx creek than i have been finding. i know it does't give up huge nugs but i'm sure i could do better than a half a gram in 3 days.