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  1. cjadair3

    Bill Southern's Videos on YouTube

    Oh, gotcha. Hope you’re able to get back out there. I like your videos, always good information. 😉
  2. cjadair3

    IMPORTANT REMINDER from Administration

  3. cjadair3

    Bill Southern's Videos on YouTube

    Hey Adam, do you have anymore videos coming soon?
  4. cjadair3

    Storm Gold...

    Nice one’s Adam!
  5. cjadair3

    Small Gold , New Trend ?

    Good stuff Adam!
  6. cjadair3

    Today's 4

    Cool Adam! You have anymore videos in the works?
  7. cjadair3

    Today's 4

    Right on Bill!
  8. cjadair3

    My gold I worked my butt off for which ain't much

    Nice gold Tammy! Battling the heat’s payin off. 😉
  9. cjadair3

    Desert Gold !

    Right on Adam!
  10. cjadair3

    Today's little buggers

    Nice ones Bill! 😀
  11. cjadair3

    Hey, got prayers?

    You got it! 🙏🏼
  12. cjadair3

    Popped the Gold Monster Cherry

    I hope so! Definitely worth the trip out there.
  13. cjadair3

    Popped the Gold Monster Cherry

    Thanks Bill. Love the monster!
  14. cjadair3

    Popped the Gold Monster Cherry

    Thanks. Hopefully. Would be nice. But, I know learnin from all you guys and gals here. The streaks can turn to skunks really quick. Just gotta continue to keep the beeper to the ground.
  15. cjadair3

    Popped the Gold Monster Cherry

    Definitely seemed to keep givin. Didn’t score much in the first couple hours. Mike hit a couple, then seemed like an hour or so of trash. Then we hit a nice patch.