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    Where does gold come from? with AZ Nugget Bob...

    Watched a documentary on De Beers ....basically De Beers marketing in the U.S. turn of the century..." A diamond is forever" De Beers slogan....it caught on.
  2. Relichunter2016

    Your opinion welcomed

    Can't get away for this Russia hysteria.....lol.
  3. Relichunter2016

    Here ya go,..."OMG!!"

    I have often wondered about marks on some of the nuggets I have found over the years....Knowing any marks on specimens and nuggets devalue the nugget or specimens to collectors. But....some of the marks actually look as if they were done long ago as they lack that bright shine of a fresh hit..scrape from the pick. Regardless....those old marks on the nuggets make them pretty cool ...and many probably were just missed and tossed by way of the end of the shovel !!
  4. Relichunter2016

    Offering 10 .30 Grams Caligold.

    Offering 10.30 grams of gold found in the Sierra foothills. 450.00 includes shipping with signature verification. P.m. if you have any questions....
  5. Relichunter2016

    Offering 10 .30 Grams Caligold.

    415.00 final offer...
  6. Relichunter2016

    Offering 10 .30 Grams Caligold.

    Mellow yellow....
  7. Relichunter2016

    1.7 oz Nevada Nugget!!

    Very nice.....
  8. Relichunter2016

    "THAT'S IT,....WE ALL AGREE!!!!!"

    I prefer it hot 95 and above...keeps most people indoors.
  9. Relichunter2016

    Virginia City...Marshall Mint

    Just got back form a trip to Tahoe and Virginia City ...and discovered a place I am glad I didn't miss called Marshall Mint & Jewelry Store in Virginia City. If you want to see some incredible gold nuggets and silver specimens visit this shop. Marshall Mint also stikes custom 1 ounce silver bars, bring them your silver or purchase and they will customize any logo you choose on your 1 ounce rounds or bars. The mineral & gold specimens exhibit is second to none.
  10. Relichunter2016

    My gold I worked my butt off for which ain't much

    Keep it up....l...women make better detectorists.....they go slow and low....guys tend to speed up when they find their first piece. The more time behind the coil the better odds.
  11. Relichunter2016

    I found a thing in the dirt?

    Lead ball shot.....found hundreds of them...looks just like that one...I am sure i am not the only one on this forum that has. Lots of hunting back then....
  12. Chinese miner working a Rocker Box in the Motherlode....these people are truly inspiring, brave, to leave their homeland and cross the Pacific to find their fortune, and one day return back to China. Considering the discrimination they endured it took some courage to do it, read that some even melted their gold and made simple kitchenware items like small pans and other items to hide the gold, painted them black so they were not robbed for their gold.
  13. Relichunter2016

    Don't disregard the old coils

    I'll give you 50 .00 for it.....and shipping!
  14. Relichunter2016

    Don't disregard the old coils

    I've been detecting daily for some time now...and I have observed a few things I would like to share regarding older coils made by Coiltek and Minelab commander .I am beginning to realize that those so called older coils work very well indeed. Today I used the 15" Coiltek orange mono coil in a pounded patch that i hit probably 40 times with a variety of coils including the 12" round and the elliptical 17 Evo coils. I noticed a slight threshold drop as I passed, now you have to realize when a patch is what i call dead...you need to listen and listen carefully to the slightest change in threshold. So digging down about 14" thinking a nugget for sure, I even took out the cell to video it...but alas a boot tack! This was deep...another hole I dug produced a lead old flattened lead ball, third hole was a nugget and real deep!! All these areas I hit with Evos...so the point of all this is , if you have some old coils you wanna get rid of, give me a buzz, I like them. I have found regardless of the coil you're using, the key is..to swing slow, very slow and listen like you never listened before, get in the habit of doing that. Another thing I've changed is my gain...I max it out ...if the ground can handle it...I think sometimes we get in the habit of running the same gain settings. If anyone has a 16" Round Mono coil they want to get rid of....let me know. Remember don't walk over gold, go slow..slow..low,low and listen very carefully for the slightest change in threshold and dig it all. For what it's worth...
  15. Relichunter2016

    Don't disregard the old coils

    Coiltek 14 mono KILLER COIL !
  16. Relichunter2016

    Happy Birthday Bill

    Happy Birthday Bill....hope you have something good planned today.......
  17. Relichunter2016

    California Crystalline Specimen

    P.M. me if your serious.....this is an exceptional piece of gold...found many years ago by yours truly ... Has some incredible striations , modified octahedrons....and skeletal structures. This piece would be a great addition to any collection, museum or private. 23mm x 10mm x 8mm weight 1.27 grams.
  18. Relichunter2016

    California Crystalline Specimen

    Hey Jack....I think you were walking to your white pickup truck if I remember correctly..it's been a while...I think your wife was in the passenger seat...I should have said hi, but i was on the run to the next nugget patch... :)
  19. Relichunter2016

    California Crystalline Specimen

    Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh ☺️
  20. Relichunter2016

    California Crystalline Specimen

    Hey Jack, Saw you in Rite Aid a while back....yup Mariposa...
  21. Relichunter2016

    California Crystalline Specimen

    SOLD !!
  22. Relichunter2016

    12.6 gram gold specimen

    That's a great find any day !
  23. Relichunter2016

    Vintage Goldwire Specimen Stickpin F/S

    SOLD !!!
  24. Offering an incredible example of wire gold made into a stickpin sometime between 1850's to late 1800's. Wiregold specimens rarely come this size these days....a great collectible piece for any collection. All reasonable offers will be considered....p.m. for more information.
  25. Relichunter2016

    Hello, all

    Hi Saul........