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  1. Relichunter2016

    California Crystalline Specimen

    Hey Jack....I think you were walking to your white pickup truck if I remember correctly..it's been a while...I think your wife was in the passenger seat...I should have said hi, but i was on the run to the next nugget patch... :)
  2. Relichunter2016

    California Crystalline Specimen

    P.M. me if your serious.....this is an exceptional piece of gold...found many years ago by yours truly ... Has some incredible striations , modified octahedrons....and skeletal structures. This piece would be a great addition to any collection, museum or private. 23mm x 10mm x 8mm weight 1.27 grams.
  3. Relichunter2016

    California Crystalline Specimen

    Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh ☺️
  4. Relichunter2016

    California Crystalline Specimen

    Hey Jack, Saw you in Rite Aid a while back....yup Mariposa...
  5. Relichunter2016

    California Crystalline Specimen

    SOLD !!
  6. Relichunter2016

    12.6 gram gold specimen

    That's a great find any day !
  7. Offering an incredible example of wire gold made into a stickpin sometime between 1850's to late 1800's. Wiregold specimens rarely come this size these days....a great collectible piece for any collection. All reasonable offers will be considered....p.m. for more information.
  8. Relichunter2016

    Vintage Goldwire Specimen Stickpin F/S

    SOLD !!!
  9. Relichunter2016

    Hello, all

    Hi Saul........
  10. Relichunter2016

    Vintage Goldwire Specimen Stickpin F/S

    Morlock it did not reach the reserve price..its still available....FleaBay Peeps want chit for nothing....not selling unless it's a fair deal. If you know of anyone whos interested give p.m. me. I called Kristalle about a year ago, just don't have time to drive down to Laguna..you would be hard pressed to find anything online like this one....it is a one of a kind piece...1/3 ounce of birds nest gold wire intricately wound together...
  11. Relichunter2016

    Azusa Gold

    No its correct, just my mind ...going Koo Koo ... yes he passed on this year.....Bernie was always helpful to new folks getting into prospecting...he loved the mountains...and safer environment than his early days as a member of a notorious Florida motorcycle club..
  12. Relichunter2016

    Azusa Gold

    Go up Shoemaker Canyon Rd.....and detect gullies feeding the East Fork, one in particular we named "Nugget Gulch" for obvious reasons....10 ounces came out of this gulch not far below the road. The thing to do is hike down to the small falls which is just past the halfway mark of the gully and work your way up..digging down to bedrock...pretty shallow at some spots, deeper in others...gold nuggets in cracks in bedrock. Once found 6 nice pickers in one small crack..with my Gold Master 2. Not to many people go up the road..this was in the early 90's. Camp Williams is on the other side of the river ...Follows Camp is a ghost town these days....only memories left . Joe Davison once owned the Camp, he welcomed all including us prosepctors and local misfits who lived in the nearby mobile park . Best way to start the morning was having breakfast and coffee at the Follows Camp restaurant before hitting the river and hills. These days, another generation of prosepctors still hike up the canyon searching for gold..among them one Kevin Brown has found some amazing pieces ....sniping the river and working old tertiary deposits. Bernie McGrath known to some as the unofficial mayor of Azusa Canyon passed away a few years ago...Some may remember him sniping and dredging the river ...great story teller....R.I.P. Bernie.
  13. Relichunter2016

    Azusa Gold

    It was an 8" dredge and had to jigs ...done by Keene....Just watch your fingers..
  14. Relichunter2016

    L/F Keene 151 blower box Only

    Looking to buy a Keene 151 Box with riffle tray only. Thanks
  15. Relichunter2016

    Vintage Goldwire Specimen Stickpin F/S

    This specimen was passed down to a friend of mine whose grandpa gave it to his father and so on.....that's all I know. According to him one of his relatives did some prospecting back in the day. What's amazing is the weight of this wire gold specimen, thankfully it survived, imagine what was melted down....
  16. Relichunter2016

    UFO Over Arizona.. Again!

    Yes I hear the aliens are on this forum, search for the best miners... Anunnaki ...to steal their Gold....
  17. Relichunter2016

    Vintage Goldwire Specimen Stickpin F/S

    Sorry, missed this one important detail, the total gold weight is 11 grams. The pin is gold and I would estimate the nugget at an easy 10 grams.
  18. Relichunter2016

    Azusa Gold

    Yup. I knew Jerry backin the 90's...we used to dredge the East Fork ...and shoot the chit at the Follows Camp restaurant. Jerry owned Azusa Gold, myself and I few friends from Burbank would go over to his shop and talk well shop...lol. Jerry new his stuff and was quiet but tough as a nail...he represented the prospecting community by going to Sacramento many times to fight for our rights. Here are two photos of me on Jerrys 8 inch dredge on the East Fork of the San Gabriel River , Azusa. The rig ended up in Marysville, California.
  19. Relichunter2016

    UFO Over Arizona.. Again!

    I just want to know if they are documented or undocumented ALIENS.
  20. Relichunter2016

    The Nugget Only Thread, Past finds and New

    Gnaly gob of a nugget!!!
  21. Relichunter2016

    California Gold 5.92 Grams F/S

    SOLD !!
  22. Relichunter2016

    California Gold 5.92 Grams F/S

    Offering 5.92 grams of California gold .....280.00 @ Free Shipping
  23. Relichunter2016

    What type of nugget is this?

    It's called Leaverrite .......
  24. Relichunter2016

    Howdy friends

    Welcome Jack....nice pics....
  25. Relichunter2016

    Used Detech 15 x 8 DD search coil

    Item SOLD !!!