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  1. Unexpected Locations

    Not nuggets but one time I went hunting with my MXT for some gold nuggets on a tailing pile and got a very loud signal, ended up being a heavy mens gold wedding band. Weighed in at 12 grams..
  2. Whites GM coil for sale

    ahh yeah. good price.....
  3. How to look for and find Gold

    Keep em coming Bob....thanks!
  4. For the Inqusitive Minds.

    hahahahahahahahahahaaa......sorry , but that is FUNNY !!!!
  5. Do Better Headphones Mean More Gold?

    Yup, my headphones were going intermittent on me and it was just a broken wire connected to the speaker, its an easy fix..... a little dab of solder and your back beepin.
  6. Do Better Headphones Mean More Gold?

    Love my SunRays!! They take a beaten and keep on beeping. Never tried Koss, but now you got me curious. Had the Nuggetbusters , Grey Ghosts.....all seemed fine and capable. I personally would never spend that kind of money on headphones.

    Nuggethunting is not for everyone. Nothing wrong with panning, sluicing and drywashing for gold.
  8. Placer operation in southern Oregon

    Great video , thanks for sharing it with us.....
  9. Happy Birfday OLD TOM!

    Happy Belated Birthday Old Tom...hope you have a healthy and full of adventure in the new year!! May the gold gods shine on you....with great times in the outdoors.
  10. GPZ Observations

    Christmas is near..if anyone wants to gift me a sdc 2300 just p.m. me.....for that I will generously share 50/50 of the gold found for 6 months . Personally, I have not had a detector that did't pay for itself, same goes with a gpz....... Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah & Kwanzaa...
  11. Gold is NOT where you find it!

    Batter Up! Who's next.....
  12. Gold is NOT where you find it!

    Great post Doc.
  13. Happy Birthday Garimpo

    Happy Birthday Garimpo....wishing you good health and lots of time out hunting gold.
  14. Rocky....pretty cool looks like you will be busy this winter..
  15. This is a MUST get...

    Sweet !!