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  1. Now I have seen everything

    nice.....I like it !
  2. Tourmaline of a Blue Sort

    Amazes me what some of these minerals go for ....$$$$ BIG MONEY !!
  3. Mariposa Evacuated

    GeoJack, I live close to Yaqui Gulch....went for a spin a few days ago and notice 3 homes have burned in the area 2 on Yaqui and one on Liveoak. Hope Bill's house is ok and not one of the 2 I saw. Today we finally have our power back and roads on Yaqui open to traffic. These areas were all under mandatory evacuation orders...a few stayed on like myself most left. No one wants looter in their home .... fire came to my neighbors back yard and firefighting crews saved it....I felt confident in the fire crews and if it jumped my street and went on my property I already had an evacuation route in mind to take me to safety. Gotta say having a pool to cool off in was nice. Luckily no lives lost to residents and fire crews and all others involved in this crazy fire. I have to say our town pulled together and helped everyone in need including providing free bags of food for cats and dogs....all livestock was transported to the local fairgrounds by volunteers ....water was available and shelters put up for those in need. I am pretty proud of our emergency personnel including our utilities companies..who worked day and night to make sure we were all safe. I have learned a lot going thru this, and one thing comes to mind......what's most important when chit hits the fan is our local government and emergency services...those are the ones who will come to your aide it's your community, .not those in Washington. or Fake Media. On my shopping list...... # 1 a generator ! Life would have been so much better with power to the refrigerator....
  4. 4500 or 5000 ?

    Adam you have issues.....get some help....all those responses including mine were on point. Take what you can from each one and disregard the off topic points. You surely don't have to be rude about it. Perhaps its been a bad year for gold for you......I get it.....You have been on this forum for years and you know what to expect from our motley crew....when you ask questions. Chill out.....
  5. 4500 or 5000 ?

    I've been using the 4500 I purchased second hand from a fellow forum member....Grubstake... I believe it s one of the older low serial numbered ones. I like it because I understand how she speaks to me when she's over targets. I have never used a 5000 so I can't say much about which is best as I am sure they have their pros and cons. I have multiple coils from the n.f. sadie to a couple Detech ones. I have found some small nuggets...range of .12 grams and higher...this satisfies my needs. Off the subject, I was out with a friends sdc 2300 and I was impressed with its ability to sniff out tiny, tiny gold in patches that have been cleaned up....pretty impressive detector and definitely has a place for certain type of hunting. Back to the 4500 , a few years back dug out a 15 grammer 24 inches down using a 20 n.f. coil....now that's impressive.
  6. Should we allow ads?

  7. No Skunky Monkey at Rye Patch

    darn, I am glad I never jumped on that one.........until Minelab makes a user friendly well behaved advanced machine they won't get my money.....my 4500 still gets the gold.....and one hell of assortment of coils to boot....Although, wish Minelab gets all the nuts/bolts squared away before they sell these things. We're no engineers ...just diggers who want a simple effective tool to do the job.
  8. Happy Birthday jjbond

    This is weird, had a dream of Jennifer last night she sent me back the coil I sold her and that she was a Fed Ex driver...........Happy Birthday !!! Pretty weird..............have a great day.....
  9. I run my monos in enhanced mode, really helps with those pesky hot rocks. Double D coil in Normal mode for depth....and 6 on disc....in extreme trash washes like yours.....both coils are great , just depends on the soil, and how trashy it is....after a while trashy areas with a mono will get to you....hope it helps. I find the 11" Commander coil extremely capable coil....if you set the coil to the ground yoru hunting.
  10. GOLDMONSTER 1st walk=1st blood from a newbee

    That's why I don't jump and buy the ' Next " new detector claiming to be the best....I Mean sure if you have a money tree..go for it . I just don't see the point to waste money when you already have a good functioning and well capable machine. I tend to sit on the fence for a long ass time before I decide and that's after I truly feel this "new next" and greatest actually offers something special. I have to admit the GPZ has my interest...perhaps one day I will jump off the fence with one in hand and hit all my old patches..but not just yet. Let's wait and see if they come out with a smaller coil for it... a 11" would be nice. I do like the design of the Monster...and see markets for it...especially for new novice users who want a simple and very effective nugget machine...the price is right and backed by Minelab, hands down the world's best detecting manufacturer. Mike C has a good point....you can try sugar coating some of these detectors until it gets into the hands of a seasoned user...the truth comes out. And when it comes to detecting for gold, 90 % of it is covering the ground properly and slowly and learning your machine so you have confidence, and persistence will pay off.
  11. Slackers !

    Pontoons.......... lol.........suppose to be cooling down next week.
  12. Slackers !

    105 in the Sierras, still hunting....what else is there to do? scored gold.....life is good. Think of it as exercise and a sauna bath....drink plenty of liquids and use sunblock.....and you'll be just fine.
  13. GPZ - First Impressions

    Glad you're happy with the gpz................good luck with the learning curve.
  14. Even Slimmer Pickins

    Sun gods rewarded your effort....great clear pictures...by end of the year you'll have a pound.
  15. GOLDMONSTER 1st walk=1st blood from a newbee

    Minelab P.I.'s are super duper....nothing new in VLF's.............just more bells and whistles..packaged in a different way.