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  1. Weird $tuff

    Hope your feeling better...Big G , what did they take out?
  2. What I thinkI need

    Keep it simple, you're in the right area, you have the right tool and resources...the rest is up to you. Visualize one nugget by the end of the day's hunt..just one , dig all targets ..remember this is nothing but a numbers game. You dig enough targets and eventually one will turn up..its simple.
  3. Helping a newcomer, and getting gold nuggets

    Sounds like a great day out with Amigos.....and you all scored a bit of the good stuff....Thanks for sharing your day with us....
  4. Washing up for supper Antimony mine Slate creek AK

    Imagine the peace and solitude back than, no iphones, computers and google news.....
  5. An old patch

    While watching the video and listening to the target sound I was sure it was going to be a gram or above, actually I was thinking a multi grammer 2-3 grams easy . The target sound was broad and sounded deep, but never expected a nugget under a gram at that depth. Been using my 11" mono last few weeks...glad I put it on....just a great all around coil to have on a gpx 4500 or 5000. I also have observed detecting early morning when the temps are low...30-60 degrees with a extremely slow swing and highest gain you can get for ground conditions will pull more out in old patches. Good luck and thanks for sharing...video, keep them videos coming.
  6. An old patch

    Amazing depth for a half grammer....Commander 11 " Mono..nice video!
  7. Small nug awakening

    Yup, I always find it fascinating when I find a tiny piece..smaller than i would think possible for a 4500 to find. Like the 5000, its easy to miss those little ones..but the other day I found 2 , both weighed in at .06 of a gram or .93 grains !! Used a 4500 with a sadie coil and went slow over ground i been on with multiple coils sizes including the sadie I found them with a few days ago. Just goes to show you that their are so many factors involved when using a detector with so many setting options....and environmental conditions that have effect on detecting and finding that target. That sdc 2300 is one fine machine and definitely has the edge on the tiniest pieces of gold over the gpx machines.
  8. November 17th to 19th Nugget Shooter Outing

    Yup, we're all good now...our worst fires have past in the Southern Mother Lode. Shep and I still have homes....Thanks for asking. The fires now burning pretty bad up in Napa County....North of San Francisco.
  9. November 17th to 19th Nugget Shooter Outing

    You Arizona boys/gals have all the fun.....lonely up here in the Motherlode !! Just can't get away ....
  10. Small nug awakening

    Great detecting skills, I am finding when the ground is cleaned up...my skill get better!! The ears get tuned to the slightest threshold change...thanks for showing some gold.
  11. Best coil choice for GPX

    Use the 11" Mono and run it in enhanced mode....will eliminate most hot rocks..If you do happen to get a rock that sounds off...pick it up and run it across the coil. Most hot rocks will only sound off when in close contact with coil, I mean you have to be right on it. Pull it away and the sound goes away doesn't dissipate like a metallic object would gradually as you take it away from coil . I run my Monos in enhanced and don't seem to see much depth lose.
  12. A monster sucking day

    Nice pictures, and look at that gold !!
  13. Bill's Bees.... Honeybees that is.

    Kind of off topic and slightly on topic of human stupidity.....did you know public schools spray roundup in school playgrounds to keep vegetation down. After they mow the grass, the surrounding areas are sprayed. So its all interconnected, we kill /harm anything for the all mighty dollar including putting our small kids in harm's way. From now on, I am buying my honey from local organic certified producers.
  14. New Greenhorn here

    Welcome, a gold pan in hand is a great place to start with. Joining this forum will shorten our learning curve.
  15. Sumpin ain't right

    Congrats on the 4500......use the 11" Commander Mono supplied. This coil is underrated, don't know why..perhaps because all these new coils that claim of supersensitivity is getting all the attention and sales. Took my 11" out last few days and scored some deep ones....