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  1. Happy Birthday Chrisski

    Happy Birthday, Chrisski!
  2. Spring Outing Head Count

    Hey Swamp! I think he fully qualified for EPIC status!!! Probably the first time anyone has driven anything like that truck and fully loaded flatbed trailer at Jackass Flats ever!!! He managed to pull that rig in, back it around & park it like the pro driver he is - giving us lots of extra shade to sit in during Saturday's big meal. And then, to see him navigate the washed-out dirt dirt roads even farther out on that Indian was really something. For the most part, that bike made it around extremely well & the kids on dirt bikes slowed & did a double take. That may well have been a "first" too! Lisa
  3. Beeped a couple .....

    You were missed at the outing but congrats on a couple of nice nugglets!!!
  4. Spring Outing Head Count

    Hmm... There's not a "Me and Him" (2) option on the poll, so I voted "Just Me" because I don't know if my son will be making an appearance or not. He works 12-hour night shifts and usually sleeps days. Just to be safe, count us as 1-1/2 and that should cover it! I'm bringing spud salad, for lack of a better idea. If somebody has enough free space in their RV fridge to store my salad in for 2 days, that would be awesome. If not, I guess I'll be making an ice run :p

    That pretty much sums up my communication style and thought process! Heck, I caught myself writing a dissertation on aluminum toxicity in my last post and edited that part out. If you're making a COSTCO run again anytime between now and the outing, would you mind grabbing a bag of that jerky you mentioned and bringing it along? I'd love to try it and I'll reimburse you! Lisa Uh... maybe to start the fire in the grill? If you're BBQ'ing something like "baked" beans and don't want them to fall through the grill (hahaha) cast iron cookware is still a good option.

    Sorry to disappoint ya'll, but I ain't no Martha Stewart! lol (I've tried a couple of her recipes & I wasn't all that impressed.) However, Martha Stewart is a big fan of using parchment paper, so I'll give her credit for that. Doc, you get an A+ for your explanation of the difference! Kudos! Baker's parchment is wonderful stuff! I first learned about it while working at a Danish Bakery (owned & operated by a Danish couple who had recently immigrated to the U.S.), back when I was a teenager. Cookies, breads, rolls and pastries slide right off. Food will stick to plain aluminum foil, but not to parchment. (Don't get me started on the subject of "non-stick" foil or aluminum toxins in general... !) Waxed paper should never be used in the oven because the wax will melt and the whole mess can catch on fire. Parchment is heat-resistant, non-permeable as far as greasy or gooey stuff goes, and will keep your baking pans clean. I still haven't figured out what the heck to make for the Saturday feeding frenzy this time, but I need to come up with something quick & get the grocery shopping done! I hate shopping... :( Lisa

    I can't say that I've ever tried those, Doc, but they sure do sound yummy! Since I haven't had or had much use for a Costco membership (living on my own in a small apartment), I've mostly made due with Jack Links brand. :( I used to make my own out of venison (no recipe) by soaking in brine, rinse & dry thoroughly, usually basted with my homemade teriyaki sauce blend, then put into a smoker until cured. Jerky is a great source of protein & carbs when you're on the trail, on a road trip, or when cooking isn't an option. I love the stuff! Lisa

    I'm still LOL'ing over that one! Cooking by trial & error... My failed culinary experiments usually end up in the garbage disposal, right along with the fail recipe! Being a HUGE fan of beef jerky & knowing that it was also a major source of dietary protein for both miners and cowpokes alike, jerky would be another idea along those same lines. My contribution will most likely be a more modern side dish or something... But kudos to you, Crisski, for trying something unique!!
  9. Lightest VLF

    Yes sir, you can! That's about the size of the last little piece I found. It was so tiny I didn't even attempt to take a picture of it. lol
  10. Lightest VLF

    As a first-year desert nugget-shooter newbie, I asked a million questions and I ended up taking Old Tom's advice regarding the Gold Bug Pro. I have also detected a little bit with a GB 2. I have to say the Gold Bug Pro is a great light-weight, user-friendly machine. I'd metal detected for coins and relics for many years (with a cheaper general metal detector) but I decided on the GBP for my first VLF nugget detector. Zero regrets! It's pretty much the lightest gold detector out there, not counting pin-pointers. The computerized automatic ground-balancing makes it much easier to learn. I'd only taken mine out in the field a handful of times since I bought it last Summer and I've already found 4 tiny nuggets with it so far, so yeah... I'm a huge fan, albeit a little bit biased. ;) In my humble opinion, the GB2 is a bit more complex with a more gradual learning curve - especially for a beginner. It's a great machine and it will sense tiny gold at greater depth than the GBP but, until one really learns how to keep it ground balanced and how to interpret the tones it makes, it could be a while before you're digging up nuggets. My 2 cents worth... Lisa

    OUTSTANDING!!! I can't wait to spoil Max again. He's sure got a nose for the smoked bacon I make for breakfast!. BUT... if we're going to be using that low fire grill setup again (like the one used at the last Spring outing), we're going to need to keep a close eye on it. It's the perfect height for Max to do a snatch & run! LOL Lisa
  12. 1.5 Oz. Day!!!

    Wow!!! You hit the jackpot, Dean ~~~ CONGRATS!! Lisa
  13. Cold Gold update

    WTG guys! There's bound to be more where those came from

    Count me in! March 17th is St Patty's Day - could be a sign of good luck! ;-)
  15. Happy Birthday Mike Furness!

    Have a wonderful Birthday, Mike!!