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  1. Yes, that's what it looked like to me, too. I always carry a test nugget with me, just to periodically verify that I haven't accidentally taught my monster to tune gold out when I'm on very hot ground. In those conditions the auto settings are awesome as long as you gb properly. Running in manual settings on hot ground (enough to quiet down the noise so you can hear targets) usually requires lowering sensitivity settings to the point where you lose way too much depth AND sensitivity. That was my problem in the beginning but now I know better.
  2. Unless they edited that part out, it appeared they simply turned it on & went for it. Also, I found that manual settings don't work well for me in hot ground at all. I got a lot of erroneous noise and signals on very highly mineralized soil when using manual mode and it drove me nuts until I realized that it works much better and quieter in the Auto and Auto+ mode. By letting the processor do it's thing, it's a lot easier to find and pinpoint targets even in iron-rich areas. The guys who made that video said they had only used their monster a few times. I understand where they are coming from because I experienced the same sort of problems myself until I tried switching modes... Then I started finding tiny quail shot 3" deep in in an area with a LOT of hot rocks and iron-stained quartz, so I know it will detect gold if it's being used properly.
  3. From what I've been taught and what I've learned with first-hand experience, the first thing I noticed about this video is that they didn't ground balance properly to start with. In very hot ground, with any type of interference in the area, that will cause erratic signals. They might not be impressed with the monster, but if they had used it properly they should have dug and would have found that target early on when it was bouncing back and forth between iron & gold in all metal mode & auto settings. Just

    Hey Rick, I have yet to find a nugget with my Monster yet but I did a bit more research on the settings and I found it runs a lot better for me using the Auto or Auto+ setting. I realized that I had been using far to high sensitivity settings in manual mode for the ground I'd been searching, which caused a lot of false signals and was driving me nuts. Either way, I'd find a LOT of lead, but that's actually a good sign. If it can find lead, it can find gold! The critical part to finding nuggets is looking in the right places and getting your coil over them. Having an experienced nugget hunter go out with you to more remote areas is what really made a huge difference for me in finding my first detector nugget with my Gold Bug Pro. I've only been out once with the Monster since I changed the sensitivity settings. I went to an area that I was told about and had an experienced nugget hunter go with me to check it out for the first time. We both found some shell casings and a LOT of lead but no gold after several hours of detecting. My friend and I agreed that the area geology showed all the right signs and there are plenty of placer gold mining claims just down the hill. I'm not going to give up on that area yet (or my Monster) just because I failed to get my coil over a nugget. That having been said... if you can find gold nuggets (not just tiny flakes and fines) with your drywasher and panning wheel, you should be able to find nuggets with a detector. It takes patience and determination, as well as time out in the field, looking in the right places. It takes a lot less time to detect an area for reasonably shallow nuggets than it does to shovel buckets of the same sand & gravel through a drywasher. You might want to consider keeping your detector and using it to detect over areas where you've been drywashing. Even if you vacuum the bedrock you've exposed, sometimes small nuggets get wedged into cracks too tightly for a vacuum to pull out. You won't know they are there unless you detect the area. Detectors are a great tool for the modern gold prospector and I think the Monster is a keeper even if you can't commit to detecting as your only method of finding gold. And that's Lisa
  5. Happy Birfday OLD TOM!

    Happy (belated) Birthday, Old Tom!! I'm so sorry I missed it yesterday and I hope you had a wonderful day. Lisa
  6. Confidence Gold

    Nice nuggets - looks like you're off to a great start! Lisa
  7. Christmas weekend Gold

    Great gold!!
  8. Christmas Gold

    Congrats on your golden Christmas! Very nice nuggets!
  9. Oregal 1976 has a Christmas Birthday

    Thank you all very much! Shortchanged? Never! You see, I was an "only child" and my parents went well above and beyond their duty when it came to making sure they spoiled me rotten! They even celebrated my 1/2-year birthday on June 25th each year just so I could have real birthday parties like any other kid. It was pretty awesome! My parents are gone now and my sons are the only immediate family I have left, so I do what I can to spoil them (when they'll let me) and occasionally I treat myself to something special if/when I can afford it. I've always felt I was in very good company, blessed, and humbled by sharing my birthday with Christ. That's the way I was raised - Christmas isn't about me. 'Tis the Season... of hope, love, sharing and giving. I wish each and every one of you a Blessed and Very Merry Christmas, and vials full of gold nuggets in the coming New Year, too! Cheers! Lisa

    Merry Christmas, Bill, Tammy, and all Nugget Shooter members! Lisa
  11. Happy Birthday LukeJ

    Hey! Have an awesome birthday, Luke!!
  12. Specimen from last week.

    That sure is a beautiful specimen, Tom!
  13. Tuesday hunt with TomH

    WTG guys! Definitely an impressive haul for 6 hours, Tom. Congrats!!! And Luke... You used to find nuggets within 50 ft from where you parked your truck. This time you hiked in a ways and eventually found your nugget around 10 ft from where you put your backpack. That's almost freaky... Maybe next time you should start at your pack and work your way out from there. Nice nugget! Lisa
  14. Lost A Chair At The Outing?

    Nope, not a dang thing! Calm yourself, Swamp! LOL I'm just holding this chair hostage, giving the rightful owner a full month to claim it before I claim it as my own. As far as I know, the World (as we know it) isn't coming to an end on Dec 20th or anything like that. We survived Dec 21st, 2012. Lisa
  15. I don't know if it was intentionally abandoned or accidentally left behind... Just send me a private message through the forum no later than December 19, 2017, and include a description of the type and color of chair you're missing. If the description matches the one I found and you want it back, let's figure out a way to make that happen. Thanks! Lisa