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  1. Strapped


    Coworker was able to put it together in a few minutes. Guess I am not a puzzle guy.
  2. Strapped


    Went out on an adventure with Dolan Dave over the weekend. We ended up at Franconia on Sunday afternoon. Dave found this broken meteorite and left me in charge of trying to put it together. No success thus far.
  3. Strapped

    New Cold Find

    Nice find!
  4. Strapped

    Mohave Mountains Meteorite Hunt

    Great hunting with you guys! I am looking forward to the next one. Here is the 14.3 gram Franconia stone I found the day prior.
  5. Strapped

    Butterfield Trail

    Very Interesting Chuck....Thanks!
  6. Looking forward to watching it.
  7. Several months ago I saw some pictures of the recent pallasite find in Kenya...Sericho. A few of those pictures looked similar to yours. The chances are slim but it is worth checking out!
  8. Now that you have a window filed in it, you should take it to a pawn shop or jewelry store that has an XRF gun. Have them test the window you filed and if there is nickel present at roughly 7% it will most likely be a meteorite. Good luck!
  9. That was a great find Jason...The ride we took on Sunday was almost as exhilarating!
  10. Strapped

    Butterfield Trail

    I found several references that indicate that between Los Angeles and and Fort Smith, Arkansas they used Celebrity wagons instead of the Concord Stage coaches. Through the same area the used wild mustangs and mules to pull the wagons. https://butterfieldoverlandstage.com/2015/06/23/the-first-running-of-the-stage/ Found a bunch of old nails too...
  11. Strapped

    Butterfield Trail

    I had read that the Butterfield Company used mules to pull their coaches. When the Mormon Battalion marched through there in the 1840s they too used mules for their supplies.
  12. Strapped

    Butterfield Trail

    This was the only piece my detector picked up. Near where I found this there was an old and really worn broken horse shoe on the surface. I wonder if a farrier would have used it to clean up a hoof?
  13. Strapped

    Butterfield Trail

    darn OT...You might be right. That little notch would be perfect for grabbing cactus quills out of humans and animals. I think the Americans started using the the trail in the 1840s but the Spanish/Mexicans/Indians may have used this route even earlier.
  14. I went out metal detecting on the Butterfield Overland Trail near the Mormon Battalion Camp in Arizona. Found this old tool right on the trail about 6 inches below the surface. Anybody have an idea of what this may have been used for? The one end is hammered flat with a little slit cut in the middle.