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  1. Edge

    Got 4 lost one.....

    Yeah, that.
  2. Edge

    Got 4 lost one.....

    A quick probe with the GPX 1000 will tell. Let's see how sensitive that Gold Monster can be.
  3. Edge

    Got 4 lost one.....

    Maybe it was digested sublingually?
  4. Edge

    2003 Polaris Ranger

    $4600 Licensed and street legal
  5. Edge

    Going to try something dangerous

    My former brother in law is pretty good... http://www.jeffscrogginsandcolorado.com/musicvideo.html
  6. Edge

    Turn That Phone OFF

    Great video. I'll be going airplane mode from now on. Saves battery and can still use the GPS function.
  7. Edge

    Detecting hat

    I like it. Practical, sensible but not too sassy.
  8. Edge

    Jackass Flats History

    I believe so. There's been about a 30 year gap in my trips out there.
  9. Edge

    Jackass Flats History

    Maybe you can find the flats referenced looking into the Owl Mine or Anderson Mill.
  10. Edge

    Lead mining

    I mostly work with 5160, must have 200# here. Occasionally the Nickelson file for blades.
  11. Edge

    Jackass Flats History

    I thought her name was rattlesnake Annie? Was warned to keep distance from her. Saw her outside once beating rugs (35 years ago), we had got turned around and paused the truck to approach her but she saw us and strode into the cabin. We figured she was retrieving her shotgun and we got out of there. Don't remember the jackass silhouette being there then.. Folks, a mule is half a jackass.
  12. Did you do a streak test? Where are you located? Meteorite or not, you're both doing it right!
  13. Edge

    Lead mining

    Haha, now I don't feel so bad. But I bet the jacketed, gold colored ones got your heart going.
  14. Edge

    Lead mining

    Thanks for the perspective! 😎
  15. Edge

    Lead mining

    That's interesting. I also forge.