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  1. Edge

    2003 Polaris Ranger

    500cc Great condition, 373 hours, new tires, front lift, dump bed, full roof. Asking $4800obo
  2. Edge

    So I get a Text from Tammy

    Scanned the porous surface of a quartz Boulder today only to get a screaming non-ferrous signal. Got pretty excited and after several minutes of chipping away at it, found a sliver of lead in it. Maybe someone had used the boulder as a target once? Later in a wash found an old, old bullet that looks to be a .45 Minie ball.
  3. Edge

    Which detector?

    That's a great savings thanks for honoring our vets! I have no ID, just good ol DD214
  4. Edge

    Which detector?

    I am a vet...
  5. Edge

    Which detector?

    Maybe you can give me an idea on price, new or used... Pm me if need be
  6. Edge

    Which detector?

    I'm pulling the trigger soon on a detector. Need one capable of finding those dinky chunks. I detect in central and southern AZ mostly. Not going to spend $4500 so let's not go there. At this point it's looking like Tesoro or Fisher. Gimme your opinions, gentleman
  7. When trying to read forums, page keeps scrolling down to add wtf? I can't keep doing this, how to fix?
  8. Edge

    12V puffers

    If you're not going to use it, you should sell it to me cheap!
  9. Edge

    12V puffers

    I've used puffers and a blower via a 110v and generator. I have a couple spots I can get to on horseback and pack equipment in but I won't be packing a generator or engine. Sounds like it's 12V or manual puffer, sure don't want to listen to a freaking leaf blower. And yes some PV panels should help immensely.
  10. Edge

    12V puffers

    Who has used them, what were the pros and cons?
  11. Edge

    Want Dry Washer

    Manual is fine, watcha got? Is the puffer still available?
  12. Found this specimen off Bloody Basin. Was night time and my headlamp illuminated this chrystalline vein going through a quartz outcropping.
  13. Edge

    Butterfield Trail

    The wire looks familiar and is bugging me. I believe it's a clip and not a tool, perhaps to hold a lens or cap in place. I also think it's more recent item than to be from the mid19th century. I just have trouble thinking a thin piece of iron wire would not have melted away over 160 years unless it was under cover from the weather. My grandparents lived on a Butterfield stage stop at Cow Springs, NM. It was the next stop west of the Hatch River stop. I've done as much research as I could years ago on the subject and though I'm no expert, never heard of mules being used on the stage runs. And runs they were, the mail was given only 25 days to travel the 2800 miles from St Louis to San Francisco. From memory I believe teams of six draft horses were used and were run the entire distance from stop to stop where fresh horses were hitched up and the previous team given a day off. These days I drive horses and mules for recreation and can't imagine running the mules more than a short distance. Mules just aren't built for running, they have straighter shoulders and walk on a shorter appendix than do horses. Mules along the route pulled freight wagons to supply the stops with everything from hay to hash browns. One of these may have lost that shoe? Working the animals every other day also fits and keeps them in good shape without breaking them down. https://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=25444
  14. Edge

    Old gold pan, classifier?

    That's interesting; old, cut nail used.