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  1. Butterfield Trail

    The wire looks familiar and is bugging me. I believe it's a clip and not a tool, perhaps to hold a lens or cap in place. I also think it's more recent item than to be from the mid19th century. I just have trouble thinking a thin piece of iron wire would not have melted away over 160 years unless it was under cover from the weather. My grandparents lived on a Butterfield stage stop at Cow Springs, NM. It was the next stop west of the Hatch River stop. I've done as much research as I could years ago on the subject and though I'm no expert, never heard of mules being used on the stage runs. And runs they were, the mail was given only 25 days to travel the 2800 miles from St Louis to San Francisco. From memory I believe teams of six draft horses were used and were run the entire distance from stop to stop where fresh horses were hitched up and the previous team given a day off. These days I drive horses and mules for recreation and can't imagine running the mules more than a short distance. Mules just aren't built for running, they have straighter shoulders and walk on a shorter appendix than do horses. Mules along the route pulled freight wagons to supply the stops with everything from hay to hash browns. One of these may have lost that shoe? Working the animals every other day also fits and keeps them in good shape without breaking them down. https://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=25444
  2. Old gold pan, classifier?

    That's interesting; old, cut nail used.
  3. Butterfield Trail

    That is a mule shoe. A mule used for riding probably rather than driving depending on it's size, I have no reference for scale but doesn't look draft size and it's flat and no cleats, clips or caulks.
  4. Need to get water or equipment into your camp or claim? Need to haul one or concentrates out? Have mules, will pack. Available Yuma to Tucson and north of the valley. Great rates, pm me. Tim
  5. HEY YOU.... Yeah You

    My pic is a pic I took of a buddy while on a pack trip in the Superstitions. I show friends and family pics of my adventures and I'm never in them because I'm the only one taking pictures.
  6. Help is this Turquoise?

    See if your tongue sticks to it
  7. Not too new, New guy

    excellent link, I'll be doing it asap, thanks
  8. Lime Creek

    was there a cabin or lineman's shack back there.I've been up Spur Cross to Hondo Springs, friend of mine installed that hand pump at the Trough up there.
  9. Not too new, New guy

    what Sqdn/aircraft? Know Ron Anderson?
  10. Here kitty kitty

    40 years ago there were jaguar sightings in the Rincons, too
  11. Not too new, New guy

    where did you work at Luke. I was in the Weather Station 10/80-4/87.Only fellow I met was running the dry washer along west side of Castle Hot Spring Rd, assaying the placers on the east side mostly for the state. Got a look at the operation and what he found but can't recall his name. The crew was staying in Camp trailers. 'Rattlesnake Lil? Gotta be her. I've heard similar legends about her too, lol. At least we got her first name right.
  12. Not too new, New guy

    saw two lions together last week in gmu23. Unfortunately, I had only a bow and they was haulin the mail.
  13. Here kitty kitty

    I certainly hope so. Did anything happen to the AZGFD contractor that did in Macho B?
  14. Here kitty kitty

    AZGFD 1 Jaguar's 0
  15. Not too new, New guy

    Currently I'm just a couple miles east of downtown Morristown proper lol, been there since 2002. Started prowling the LSD around '81. Didn't know how to pan so I asked my ex wife's boss, then the owner/founder of Soutwest Salt Co. to look through some concentrates I'd drywashed in the LSD... That was 35 years ago and when he pointed out the little flakes in the pan, I was hooked good. I have a good eye for artifacts, my heads always down. I try and get out several days a week on foot or horseback and cover ground. It's just occurred to me recently just how many spots I've found crystals, geodes, nodules etc. Riding into a western wilderness area tomorrow for a couple days to look over some interesting crystal clusters there. Got my lion tag too. Caught this guy on a trail camera there a couple years ago...ever get that feeling something is watching you?