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  1. Edge

    Good Hunt Today

  2. I have one of those. Makes a great drift
  3. Edge

    Where In Arizona?

    Morgan City? Found it on Google Earth, nevermind.
  4. Edge

    Do not use magnet on meteorites

    Plagiarism! I saw this very episode on, CSI: Blythe
  5. Edge

    El Gancho

    Guess the nutcracker extra thought he was at Los Pollos Hermanos, lol. Yup I had a half section on the north face of Horse Mtn, part of the old Thomas Ranch. I've been planning a visit to Cooke's Canyon when it cools off.
  6. Edge

    El Gancho

    Here's a couple other links I had with NM: https://jeffspeakmankenponm.com/ I moved to the nw heights for a couple years just to find out gang bangers spent as much time in my nice neighborhood while I was at work as I did at work. Had a ranch near Datil for a spell, sure wish I had stayed there.
  7. Edge

    El Gancho

    Boats rock, if you're doing it right. A 9.9 is plenty of out board, had one on my 16' runabout on Elliot Bay. Got me to the crabberies just fine. Isleta? I lived off Malpais and Coors. Can't tell you how often I gave the isleta chief a ride home from Tito's.
  8. Edge

    Etching with salt?

    I've been etching with hcl and peroxide onto knives and it's certainly easier to do between annealing and hardening the steel. And like Homefire mentioned above, toughest part for me is the etching.
  9. Edge


    Sun dogs and halos, I have some recall but hate to disappoint but not much of a college guy, trained in meteorology by the USAF for the daily humdrum of wx records keeping like radar, upper air, surface obs and forecasts. 2nd phase of the mission was aviation meteorology; fighters, refuelers, bombing range stuff. Even some space shuttle mission weather and thirdly, aided in the planning of breaking our non-friend's toys and will. Only independant climate study i completed was in evaporation trends in the SW. The salt companies loved that. But once a meteorologist, always a meteorologist. Heading out in the morning for a little gold digging, can't help but look up and get excited at the prospect of those altocumulus castellanus clouds and knowing when it's time to leave the hill for home. There I go, again...
  10. Edge


    Thanks gents. You'd think someone like myself that worked in the Earth sciences (meteorology) might know a little about geology? Sadly no, in my case. But learning more everyday. This forum has been an indispensisible source of education and entertainment, with countless ooohs and aaahs along the way. Tim 🤔
  11. Having been a rockhound and amateur archeologist most my life, I gravitate to any unusual stones I encounter. While out detecting in central AZ, I came across this stone that looked very out of place. It didn't match any of the surrounding stones and when I picked it up, felt rather dense for it's size, 60gr. It's unusually shiny almost polished looking on one side similar to chert but dark and crusty on the other. Has no Attraction to a magnet nor does it leave any streak on unglazed porcelain. Does it share enough characteristics with a meteorite to take the next step? Be gentle, friends kind of like you were with the recent youngster whom presented a stone for observation.
  12. Edge

    ID help please

    Anyone ever polish chalcedony?
  13. Edge

    ID help please

    My dad says he found it in a cave in Sonora, MX many moons ago.
  14. Edge

    ID help please

    After looking at pics, I believe you are correct, sir. Thank you
  15. Edge

    ID help please

    It's soooo incredibly fragile I hate to handle