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  1. Lanny in AB

    IMG 6256

    Gorgeous nature-made beautiful!
  2. Lanny in AB


    That's a keeper for sure!
  3. Lanny in AB

    Miners Pick pendant

    Great lookin' piece!
  4. Lanny in AB


    Great lookin' cold break room!
  5. Lanny in AB

    Dog Paw Ring.jpg

    Nice work with a cool nugget image!
  6. Lanny in AB

    The Palm Nugget

    That is a great looking screamer you've got there!!
  7. Lanny in AB

    17.5 gram nugget

    What a great looking meaty piece of gold!
  8. Lanny in AB

    Old Stamp Mill

    That is such a cool find!
  9. Lanny in AB

    Happy Gully Nugget

    Sure enjoyed the videos. Those sure are some sweet finds! Nicely done, and all the best,Lanny
  10. Lanny in AB

    Watch Your Step

    Sure glad snakes aren't one of my worries while I'm out chasing the nuggets. Those of you that have to dodge them, be careful out there! All the best, Lanny
  11. Lanny in AB


    Glad to hear your gold-level exercise membership is paying some nuggety dividends!! Nicely done, and all the best,Lanny
  12. Lanny in AB

    A Quarter Troy Ounce Of Dinks

    Those are sweet, small finds from such a big machine! Nicely done, and all the best,Lanny
  13. Lanny in AB

    12.6 gram gold specimen

    That is a great find! Nicely done, and all the best,Lanny