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  1. Meteor Over Michigan

    Bill, that would make sense, I also read an article saying that more meteorites will be found as the snow melts. The lakes will still be the best spots to hunt, hopefully they haven't been hit too hard these past few days. There's gotta be lots of little ones still waiting to be discovered...
  2. Meteor Over Michigan

    Does anyone know the conditions on some of the lakes out there? Checked the weather and it looked like it's going to warm up a bit, just wanted to find out if they're safe to walk on because I'm thinking about possibly driving out there this weekend!
  3. Meteor Over Michigan

    That's so cool! Decent sized meteorites too! There's gotta be more out there. Always cool to see fresh meteorites on the bright white snow.
  4. Meteor Over Michigan

    Add a few more zeroes to those numbers and then they start to make more sense 40,000 miles is nothing in terms of distance in our solar system.
  5. Coyote Dry Lake

    Nice find Mike! Just wondering, are these little ones difficult to spot? Or do they stick out pretty well?
  6. Arizona fireball!!

    If Doppler radar picked up any signatures around the same time as the fireball then it's likely that it dropped meteorites. But until then, we don't know if any meteorites are on the ground. Not all of these fireballs produce meteorites. I'm hoping this one does though!
  7. Just saw this, apparently they have found fragments of the fireball that occurred on September 4th in Canada. Scientists are saying that meteorites in the strewnfield will continue to be found for years to come! Link to the article: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/university-calgary-researchers-meteorite-found-kootenay-1.4395368
  8. Nice black stone!! Hopeful!

    Also, where was this found? You don't have to be exact. If it is indeed fresh fusion crust that will mean it's from a recent fireball. If there aren't any reports in your area then it is probably just a terrestrial rock. It also looks a little too angled to be a meteorite. But other people on this forum will give you a better analysis!
  9. Nice black stone!! Hopeful!

    File a window into that bad boy!
  10. Morlock, Love AMS Meteors, their website is great too. I always find myself checking it a few times a week to see if there are any big fireballs across the U.S. Just a couple days ago there was a bright daytime fireball in New York!
  11. Awesome meteorite Dave!
  12. Slag or possible meteorite

    Wow, as a Minnesotan, the Anoka Iron meteorite picture really intrigues me. Very similar features! I've never seen a rock like this posted on this forum. Good luck with the analysis. You mentioned you're in Milwaukee... Where did you find this rock?
  13. From the new articles being posted today, it looks like a lot of meteorite hunters are out there searching. It would be super exciting to see someone find something!!
  14. Saw this yesterday posted on the AMS meteor website. Lots of people heard sonic booms and it looks like radar may have picked up some of the meteor. The videos are also pretty amazing. Difficult terrain for hunting, however, one can always hope. https://www.amsmeteors.org/2017/09/british-columbia-fireball-september-4th-2017/
  15. Mars?

    Vladimir, The rock that you posted is clearly not a meteorite.