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  1. 4meter

    Green radials

    I'm with d-day, Wavellite. Nice find! Did you collect it in Pennsylvania or New Jersey?
  2. 4meter

    Easily amused

    " Not magnetic, has a reddish brown streak." sounds like Illmanite; would need to do a chemical test for titanium & iron to know for sure. The observed Pyrite would account for the yellow staining of the sample.
  3. 4meter

    Easily amused

    Very nice specimen you collected, well done! My guess is that you have Quartz with Rutile, or Illmenite or maybe Magnetite. See if it is attracted to a magnet; if not, then it could be one of the first two choices.
  4. 4meter


    Whatever it is, it looks to be heavily iron stained. A bath in Iron-Out might help reveal what mineral(s) make up the sample. Very interesting piece.
  5. 4meter


    Very nice specimen! Might be the mineral Marcasite which looks has the same chemical make-up as Pyrite, but Marcasite unstable and crumbles into a powder with time.
  6. 4meter


    Warm the vinegar in the microwave then place a drop on the sample. Warm vinegar will react when in contact with Calcite.
  7. 4meter


    Place a drop of weak acid on a sample of the brown mineral. Calcite will fizz, Siderite will not fizz with the addition of a weak acid.
  8. Just from the video the mineral could also be Hornblend, Chloride, Augite or a host of other "black" colored minerals. If Rocky could supply a close up photo, that is in-focus, of the sample and supply some more info such as the results of a hardness & streak tests that would be very helpful.
  9. 4meter

    Fossil find

    Very nice find jc!
  10. Nooo way it Molybdenite. If it was, it would have a "greasy" feel to it and the fingers in the photo would be colored "steel gray" as Molybdenite is very soft. Molybdenite is always a metallic to sub-metallic gray color.
  11. 4meter


    Looks like a pretty Chert to me. I see some banding in it so you could sub classify it as Agate.
  12. What is the streak color and hardness of the "Yellowish" part of the sample? Can you get us a better picture of the side show in photo # 3?
  13. 4meter

    Chalcopyrite and...?

    Based on the mineral cleavage visible in the sample; you have an ore of Pyrite & Galena with some iron stained quartz and feldspar. Its a very colorful and attractive sample JC. Be sure to display it in a well lighted area to make it a show piece.
  14. 4meter

    Crystal from an estate

    Yes, Kyanite and Beryl both can be the sades of the color "blue" but they are in different mineral systems which dictates the shape of the minerals. Kyanite is in the triaclinic system, a four sided crystal family (square shapped). As such Kyanite will never have 6 sides. Beryl is in the hexagonal system, a six sided crystal family, it will always have 6 sides, never 4. Thus the sample in question is defiantly not Kyanite. The sample in question has 6 sides and the tops, where you can see them in the photo, tapper inward. A crystal habit of Beryl not Kyanite. The devil is in the details, not just color, when it comes to minerals.