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  1. wet/dry washer

    BLM Officer Shoots Woman After Pursuit

    Quit carrying a pistol when BLM started carrying pistols. Had one drive up to my cabin on private property and ordered me to tear it down and remove it. Told him to check county records. This happened in 1976. In October 2012 returned to my camp after visiting my daughter's family since February in Rhode island. Two BLM and two sheriff deputies confronted me, showed them my fee schedule, $120,000 per day or any part thereof for detaining me. They left, still use that camp. Now, say with a smile, native on native soil.
  2. wet/dry washer

    Bacon wood knife scales

    Great work. Have worked lot's of ironwood, used metalworking machines and tools at slow speeds. Beautiful
  3. wet/dry washer

    Happy Birthday wet/dry washer

    Thanks, wake up feeling younger each in my twenties now. Rest of the summer be out in the desert prospecting enjoying the heat and extra hours of sunshine.
  4. wet/dry washer

    MARCH 2018 NS Spring Outing

    Governments invented word land. BLM leaves me alone, native in/on native soil. Simple
  5. wet/dry washer

    Detecting hat

    Mother nature provides the best hearing aids. Last six years my hearing was 20 percent right ear 70 percent left ear. Got to my daughter's place in northern Minnesota. She mixed up 50/50 solution, olive/garlic oils 6 drops peppermint oil in a 4oz dropper bottle. Hearing is 100 percent now and hear the tiniest whisper. Four drops in each ear before detecting, no need for earphones.
  6. You only need to saw off a small corner. Polish with silicone carbide wet/dry sandpaper.
  7. Google, Phoenix X-ray spectrometer analysis. PGA
  8. Place called, desert valley in Phoenix. Get an analysis, then decide how to proceed. Will help you.
  9. where you located? take it to a floor & tile shop cut a small piece off with a diamond wheel. have a x-ray spectrometer analysis for the elements in it, list the one's one percent and higher. that will give you the class.
  10. wet/dry washer

    Tart Cherry Juice, Arthritis and medications....PSA

    VA has been sending me high blood pressure pills for over ten years, throw them in the trash. Started using dried tart cherries (8) and quarter teaspoon powdered Hawthorne in my oatmeal each morning over four years ago. Heart rate 120/60, feel younger each morning.
  11. pm me the name, address for the supervisor that is pushing these restrictions, will send him/her a courtesy post. worth a try, that way you good natives won't be harmed. if me successful, will post it on the forum.
  12. wet/dry washer

    Lead mining

    Optimum temperature for quenching is when a pencil magnet won't stick, works on air, oil and water tool steels. 1060 or higher cold-roll or hot rolled steel.
  13. wet/dry washer

    Lead mining

    Kept a lead pot full of lead for making leaf springs for guns. First heat the spring until a magnet won't stick, quench in oil, leave in oil until you can pick it up with your fingers, hold it in the molten lead for a minute to anneal it. Have made hundreds without having one break.
  14. They did, but me made a mistake on the plate. no name native coach. name means thing, governments have con-cept that they own and con-trol all things. court's can only rule over artificial or fictitious things, people, person, I, he, she, man, woman etc. me native male or female they have no authority or jurisdiction. new plate reads- red lake nation, native, 836186003, no expire, red letters on white, centered. red lake nation never signed a treaty, therefore they Iran and north Korea are the only nations not controlled by the Vatican. Verona treaty history. Put on over 9,000 miles since March, carry copies, official change of address form, president-native ryder estate, chev Tahoe serial number as estate possession. Your birth certificate is proof for insurance, but the governments hides that from us.
  15. used native twice, so didn't count it, sorry. in tucson now, meeting got changed to tomorrow. truth is hidden in plain sight. have original copy, 1828 noah webster dictionary, later dictionaries are all corrupted. (1780-1820) around 280-300 laws-80,000 words. today around 100 million laws-280,000 words. severe mental illness and stupidity by governments. capital punishment - death sentence - beheading. using capital letters keeps one in the federal corporate world. word, name - thing. birth-death certificate list natives as decedent's - deceased, not from mother earth, but in the artificial or fictitious corporate world. verona treaty history, attorneys as foreign agents as privateer's free to plunder natives wealth. phone will not let me use red ink, also keeps changing small letters to caps, so have to back click, takes longer. red is life, black is Roman death cult. thanks for your patience.