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  1. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    Check this out, www.Freemansupply.com . rough sawn pattern lumber, sugar pine, adhesives, and fiberglass cloth. Two pattern shops I worked at used their products.
  2. Meteors can cause fire

    Major meteorite labs state that most meteorites contain nickel/iron. Most does not mean all.
  3. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    Not a good idea to polish intake ports. Unpolished ports create more fuel and air turbinance, thus better fuel,air mixture.
  4. HEY YOU.... Yeah You

    What ever you want. Kids got me this smarter than I phone, took me last hour to sign in. Didn't know off. Thanks
  5. Sent you a PM. Moved to the desert in July 1974 from Michigan. No grass to mow no snow to shovel.
  6. Nevada Road Reports?

    In 1988 Mormon crickets were a mess in Brawley CA. Have also seen them in the Yuma Arizona area, but not so bad.
  7. Use only glass or stainless steel containers when out in the desert. Half teaspoon of raw vinegar and molasses with a couple drops of peppermint spirit, per quart. Do most my prospecting in the summer months in the southwest desert, black wool hat, dark color clothes and gloves for holding your moisture in which keeps one cool. My kids and I have spent months living in the desert in the summer months.
  8. Airmail Marker

    Came to the Glamis CA area July 1974. Doug was a foreman on the railroad repair crew at the time General Patton was doing desert training. They all hated him because he only let his troops have one quart of water each day. Many troops died because of heat exhaustion, and were hauled away on boxcars. Where I collect my meteorites there are two land mines ready to go off if one stepped on them. Only way to the area is by foot, so I don't worry about them. Many old tank tracks in that area.
  9. Happy Birthday Wet/Dry Washer

    Thanks everyone. Feel like a thirty year old trapped in an old timers body. Drink only good water mixed with molasses raw vinegar and couple drops of peppermint spirits. Organic food with ground-up tree nuts to replace meat. Bill's water is the best have found in thirty years living in the desert. Thanks Bill!!
  10. Spray epoxy for cracked coils?

    The best epoxy is graphite golf shaft epoxy, it's also the cheapest.
  11. Can anyone help identify this geode

    Can't say for sure what type it is, but for sure it's worth way more than 20lbs. It's the most beautiful one I have seen.
  12. Newbie.....Is this what I hope?

    What you should do is to search that area for more, but have a camera with white marker put a dot at the north end then pick it up. Don't use a magnet use a compass. Some meteorites have no poles. Wouldn't be worth spending the money unless you found a hundred or so. Check out oct 8 1871 great lakes meteorite shower.
  13. Strewnfield question

    The witness fall we found is around a mile wide and three miles long. The fire-ball was the size of a VW bug at about sixty degrees. It happened either spring or fall of 2005. While out prospecting in 2008 we located the burnt lumber and the strewn field. One you located must have come from a lower angle, and the largest ones usually travel further. Was in our case.
  14. Lorian swamp basin.

    Having no patience Mike, is admitting that you're a tyrant to natives seeking to do no harm require no government nor it's laws.
  15. Lorian swamp basin.

    Thomas Jefferson said, if you want a truthful answer to solve a problem, ask a simple native. Asking a professional, all you get is theories of tradition. This BS about iron meteorites must have at least three percent nickel is just that, BS.