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  1. wet/dry washer

    Stinky rock

    Steel mill slag. Stinks
  2. wet/dry washer

    Whites Detectors

    May I ask how much was the total sale was? Sixty percent is a lot.
  3. wet/dry washer

    Do not use magnet on meteorites

    Have no magnet, when up there again with the camera, will take pictures of the place with the compass in place.
  4. wet/dry washer

    Do not use magnet on meteorites

    Next time out there will take my camera with me, it's a four to five hours in and out to that spot. Spend four, five days each time out, so definitely will get some pictures of that spot. Never thought about it, until recently, when many of the fall rocks have olivine in them. Thanks for your interest.
  5. wet/dry washer

    Do not use magnet on meteorites

    2012 followed one of the main washes that runs through the fall rocks to it's head. Hundred yards from the head it narrowed to about 7-8 feet wide, and deepened to ten foot for about twenty feet. Sat down to rest and drink. The walls were black with green olivine streaks running through it. Took the compass out, pointed the north pole straight down the wash, moved it to the west side, it pointed to the west pole, moved it to the east side it pointed to the east pole. Could me been sitting in a giant split meteorite, like the fall rock picture? So many poles. Olivine(chrysolite) (Mg, Fe2) SiO4.
  6. wet/dry washer

    eye problemssssss

    Five years ago had cardiacs, started using tablespoon of cold pressed virgin coconut oil in my oatmeal each morning they are gone now. There is an organic eye drops you can make yourself maybe that will work. At the same time started drinking good water with teaspoon each raw cider vinegar and molasses with couple drops of peppermint oil in a quart of water. Within a couple weeks started waking up in the morning feeling younger each day. Feel like a twenty year old now. Mother nature has a cure for any illness. Only eat meat, fish once a week.
  7. wet/dry washer

    Good Hunt Today

    Should never pick up a desert tortoise. Their only water supply is their urine, picking them excites them, and they'll drain their urine. Saw a one in a pocket in a wash, coming through the next day it was still there, it couldn't get out, got behind it and pick it up, took it up the wash and put down in green grass area. Still there few days later. Smallest one have ever seen, less than three inches. Nice gold.
  8. wet/dry washer

    TV show Meteorite Men

    My brother returned to mother earth March 23rd 1998 at the age of 43, had a drinking problem. About three weeks before he passed he told Dad and myself, that life should not be this way. He was right, hope hopefully to make better for all. Letting negative thoughts into your mind kill's your dreams, life is a dream, follow your dreams you'll forever be young and happy. Made peace with myself, now happy.
  9. wet/dry washer

    TV show Meteorite Men

    Have read many analysis reports and have never found any that claim that there had to be three percent or more nickel, just from I.M.C.A. members. Nickel melts at 2651 degrees, lower than iron or titanium. When melting steel in a blast furnace, .5 to 1.5 percent titanium is fed in to the crucible to coat the side and bottom to protect the crucible from burnout. At steel melting temperature, titanium is like jelly. Just assumed that the lab crushed the samples, it small fragments sent to them. Writing a red ink document, will post it in lounge in a day or two. Thanks for your patience.
  10. wet/dry washer

    TV show Meteorite Men

    1994, worked with a pole from Boston but he returned to mother earth, and now exploring the universe, he always did like the southwest. Maybe should put him in a safe place separate from the fall rocks, he never liked crowd's. He was always allergic to nickel but liked titanium. What would you do Bob?
  11. wet/dry washer

    TV show Meteorite Men

    The one from Aerolite or the one from Warsaw?
  12. wet/dry washer

    TV show Meteorite Men

    Subject about Curry should be discussed in the lounge. Only mentioned here referring to the meteorites and the international meteorite collector association. Going to watch golf, a sport played against mother nature. Thanks, bob
  13. wet/dry washer

    TV show Meteorite Men

    Yes, overall forty specimens for ten x-ray spectrometer tests.
  14. wet/dry washer

    TV show Meteorite Men

    First like to apologize to Fred and Mikestang for taking so long to thank them for calling me dude, means city slicker. Long time friends in Michigan nicknamed me ryder dude in 2006, while visiting them. Bob, A picture is worth a thousand words, each one of these fall rocks gives me a trill like finding a gold nugget. As for Curry, a fellow vet who caused no harm, losing all he has to a evil corporate sewage system.
  15. wet/dry washer

    TV show Meteorite Men

    It lists percentage of each element in the sample.