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  1. 2 coins and some cool stuff

    Which detector were you using? The Whites? Great treasure...
  2. Camp out

    Luke, you are a nugget Nagual. (A golden retriever perhaps.) Have you shared the washing machine story? If I can put you on the spot...
  3. Thanks for the link... I love stuff like that.
  4. Camp out

    Few things would keep me from your invitation. This year just didn't work out. Honestly Tom, that steak is almost as pretty as some of those nuggets...
  5. I feel like I have a team of bodyguards on my side. Thanks everybody. P.S. if I don't make it back some day, You guys and gals can have my stereo.
  6. Dang Uncle Ron, You're one tough hombre. Glad you made it out.
  7. There is going to be a lot of good advise on GPS, gear, food and water and letting others know where you're going and when you're coming home. I don't always venture out by myself. However, sometimes I do. In a Kia sedona mini van. I will always do my part to look ahead or walk the road before I venture too far. Then its all foot work. Inevitably, there will be a time to get out the shovel, put it in neutral and make anyone passing by wonder what kind of relationship I'm having with my car. If it's been discussed already, shame on me and I'll go digging through the forum. But if your bored and have a minute to humor me... Thanks, Mark
  8. Same here with the restless nights. Seems like I'm watching myself sleep all night. First thing I want to do when I get up is take a nap. And my hands are killing me. I thought it was from playing baseball without a glove...
  9. Hump Day Nuggets

    Alright Mitchel !
  10. Great info. Thanks everybody. P.S. Should I wear a tree stump or evergreen bush for that incognito look?
  11. Went back to Mulva Park today. I checked the banks next to the trees. Lots of trash and a few coins. 1981 is as ancient as it got today. Although for an instant, in a moment of dyslexia, it read 1891, The fun part started at the Snottsdale diving range, where I observed a carnival the week before. I found a nickle and several targets. I dont know how you "dig" in grass. Any suggestions?. Anyway, I was feeling pretty cool, dodging the sprinklers. Smooth Dude. Well, I got the feeling that maybe I was being targeted. The sprinklers seemed to follow me. I cruised behind a big old tree and casually flipped a bird. Then, BAM! right in the small of the back. A giant rush of water. Mad? For an instant. Then I realized I would have done it too. Mark.

    Good luck Garimpo!. I grew up in Okla. Many wild weather stories, hail the size of grapefruit etc...
  13. My 1st dink patch.

    Finding gold with your son, and soon your daughter too, has got to be one of those forever moments.
  14. Gold Basin Weekend

    You are a machine Mitchel. WTG
  15. My 1st dink patch.

    Great narrative Luke. Awesome gold...