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  1. AZMark

    New from Iowa

    Greetings from Rock Rapids
  2. Yes I have. Spent our last day together with a friend I called my "big brother" on woods canyon lake. Out on a floating lightning rod in the middle of the "lake" (pond is more like it...). Strikes all around us. Exciting for sure.
  3. AZMark

    Gold Daze - Family coming

    i haven't done this yet with my nieces but when they come up we're gonna "shoot rubber bands at the stars" on a blanket and talk over hot cocoa. You've done a great job creating memories for a lifetime. Well done.
  4. AZMark

    Guessing Contest For Silver!

    52 quarters, 45 nickles, 75 dimes and 135 pennies. Enough to cross the river Styx and get a cup of Joe at Achilles Last Stand. Thanks for the fun...
  5. AZMark

    Scored a Few .....

    I see lady liberty's torch on the bottom right nugget. great finds.
  6. AZMark

    GPX 5000 reduced!

    Sent OBO to you directly Bill. Mark
  7. AZMark

    What I thinkI need

    It took me at least 5 years, probably more. DON'T let that send you into a pessimistic spiral. The right attitude must tip the scale in your favor because the wrong attitude definitely robs you of 'golden' opportunities. DIG EVERY SIGNAL. DIG EVERY SIGNAL. The only thing worse than thinking you walked away from a 1ounce nugget is knowing you walked away from one. Not trying to sound philosophical, detecting is a lesson in becoming a better person. Remove the trash talk from your mind and keep the lessons and advice you pick up here in focus. I'll be swearing and kicking rocks again soon, but hopefully a little less each time. And I will always DIG EVERY SIGNAL.
  8. AZMark

    A monster sucking day

    Aww man, you got cuzzed. "Why did you pull me over?, cuz..." Love getting the vac out. It's like a box of cracker jacks with the prize at the bottom. Nice pics!
  9. AZMark

    A monster sucking day

    I second that! Cheers!!
  10. AZMark

    Behold.... Some Goldmaster gold

    Luke, if I haven't said it already I'll say it again. You could find gold with a broom stick. It's definitely the operator using the tools he has and not the other way around. Nice job!
  11. AZMark

    2 coins and some cool stuff

    Which detector were you using? The Whites? Great treasure...
  12. AZMark

    Camp out

    Luke, you are a nugget Nagual. (A golden retriever perhaps.) Have you shared the washing machine story? If I can put you on the spot...
  13. Thanks for the link... I love stuff like that.
  14. AZMark

    Camp out

    Few things would keep me from your invitation. This year just didn't work out. Honestly Tom, that steak is almost as pretty as some of those nuggets...
  15. I feel like I have a team of bodyguards on my side. Thanks everybody. P.S. if I don't make it back some day, You guys and gals can have my stereo.