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  1. Idaho Jim

    Near UV Flash Light

    Homey, for my use an LED would have worked well enough. Especially one of the Way Too Cool LED's. But, they didn't have them when I bought mine. Most gemstones fluoresce under LW, so the LED works good for that. For general mineral fluorescence, the SW is better. It's like detectors...depends on the ground, and what you're trying to find. Jim
  2. Idaho Jim

    Near UV Flash Light

  3. Idaho Jim

    Near UV Flash Light

    I've got one of the Way Too Cool dual 18watt units. Much like yours. At one point I even mounted it on a long handle like a detector, but it wears me out using it that way, even with a support cord. I run it with a pair of NICAD battery packs. Each one uses 10 'D' cells. With both the LW & SW bulbs on, it will run about 2 hours on each pack.
  4. Idaho Jim

    Near UV Flash Light

    I don't think they can do true SW with LED's. I've been waiting for that to replace my 18W SW/LW light. Jim
  5. Idaho Jim

    Howdy friends

    Nice pics, Jack, and welcome. Looking forward to your detecting stories. Jim
  6. Idaho Jim


    They look like a pair to draw to...LOL I've seen that "head in the sagebrush" scene a few times myself! Jim
  7. Idaho Jim

    Want Dry Washer

    LOL...I didn't even know what model it is. Nobody in my area wants a drywasher, so it just sits around plugging up the shop. Probably walked around it 10,000 times. jim
  8. Idaho Jim

    Want Dry Washer

    I've got an old, but hardly used, Keene with a 3 1/2 hp motor. Needs a new hose (died of old age). I bought it new about 35 years ago, and we used it about 3 hours, and realized Idaho is way too wet for a drywasher. It's been sitting in my shop ever since. I cleaned it up last year, and changed the oil, cleaned the carb, and it fired right up. I'd take $550 + shipping. Jim
  9. Idaho Jim


    LOL...that's the truth AU. I've got a big brushpile in the back, and the rabbits live in it. She's got a racetrack worn in the ground where she runs around the pile. So far, she's only caught 2 on the place. Sure keeps her busy though. She digs gophers, too. We had a big gopher problem in the area a couple of years ago. I kept track, and she either caught, or dug out of the ground, over 300 hundred gophers that year. Ate every one of them, too. We have a fenced yard and the only time she could catch them was on our walks twice a day. She's relentless...LOL jim
  10. Idaho Jim


    She's a heeler cross, Jim. Not sure what she's crossed with. Doubtful it's Chow, as whatever it was gave her much longer legs than the typical heeler. I adopted her because of those long legs, and large feet. Makes for a great rough country dog. I've had 13 other dogs, including 7 German Shepards, and Heidi is the smartest, and best behaved of the entire bunch. The only negative thing about her is her ranging. Out in the wilds she disappears for 30 minutes at a time, and I have no idea what she's doing...LOL Hard to imagine that when I adopted her it took 3 weeks to get her to move more than 3 feet from me. Jim
  11. Idaho Jim


    Heidi in Wyoming prospecting for rabbits while I prospected for diamonds. She had better luck than I did....LOL She's the only dog, of the fourteen I've owned, that can feed herself by hunting. She'll probably be my last dog, assuming she lives a normal lifespan
  12. Idaho Jim

    Metal Detecting NAKED !

    Aah boy, Doc, I got a chuckle out of that this morning, and some great advice..."watch those cactus"....Hahahahaha Jim
  13. Idaho Jim

    No more NFL

    I agree they have the complete right to act as they please. I served 4 years in the Air Force to help protect that right. They don't have the right to do so on the job, unless their employer is OK with it, which in this case they are. But, and it's a big but, we, as the corporation's customers, have the right o complain about it, and to stop being their customers. Not a big deal. Most of us on here have made that decision. We'll see if we all have the determination to follow through. As for Trump...he has the right o his own opinion on the subject, and stated it. If they don't like it....tough! They used their celebrity to boost the impact of their actions. Trump did the same. Jim
  14. Idaho Jim

    No more NFL

    LOL...I remember in 1976 when the government's new TETON dam failed, and we all got wiped out in the flood. That was a big help. No government entities to be found. We Idahoans just went to work, picked up the pieces, and cleaned it all up. As I recall the government sent me a check for $1,200 for my flooded 14 x 70. In a year or two, you could hardly tell there'd been a flood. The government did pay for the damages, but we handled the labor part of it, mostly ourselves. Jim