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  1. Friday.... LSD

    Yeah, skunked this time, but I bet it doesn't happen much for you. I think my record was about 12 trips ... LOL But then again, I found some great stuff on my 13th trip. hee...hee...
  2. research

    I've been tempted to get a little Yamaha TW200 (with those Big Wheel tires) to truck around the washes. (4 wheelers are a little wide) I truly think that once you've gathered gold from a few different gold areas and developed good technique (as Luke discussed), then you've got to cover a lot of ground. Not just any ground but point of interest areas found through geological maps, google earth .. etc. I love finding gold others have missed, but I go FREAK'N NUTS when I find AREAS others have missed. That is truly the Gravy in my book.
  3. Gold Basin Today

    I love how Gold Basin has so little trash. Let's you cover a lot of ground. Still good gold up there. Wish I lived closer.
  4. Pin Pointers

    That's why you should just detect naked... you know... to be sure. (just don't invite me . LOL)
  5. Pin Pointers

    I agree, Jen. But with the Garrett, put a closed aluminum foil wrap inside the carrier sleeve you store it in. It will not affect your GPX or GPZ anymore. (trick other forum members passed on to me) But you still will have to carry it chest height, like any metal. Andy
  6. Pin Pointers

    I have the Garrett "Carrot". It is actually a really good pinpointer. My only complaint is that it reacts with the GPZ so I have to put it in an aluminum sheath. It's pretty sensitive and will allow you to ground balance the pointer to narrow the target in the hole.
  7. I Just Got No Words

    Errr... is that what they call the "Hanging Wall"?
  8. Newish Article...

    Great read, Bill. You sharing stories like that really lights a fire in me to do MORE research. (really inspiring) That is truly a treasure hunt at its finest. I sincerely hope you find the rest of it and can show us more pounds of gold you pull out of there someday!
  9. Desert Flooding Deaths

    Yep. No swimmin in that sludge. Good post.
  10. Muggy Morning Gold

    Nice work Luke. It isss muggy.
  11. Fluorite on Quartz

    Yeah, I had heard that you can find those with UV light. Of course, then you'll see all of the scorpions guarding it and never go out in the desert night again.
  12. If you *do* use the DD, I'll just state the obvious and say to make sure you approach the side of the wash perpendicular or you won't be detecting the edges. This took a conscious effort on my part when I used the DD.
  13. Hmmmmmm What ya think?

    It's a good article but I am not buying that you can tell that just from the Tungsten isotopes. There could be other processes caused by the pressure and temperature changes as the magma brings these precious metals back to the surface of the crust. Plus, why is the gold content of current meteorites so low? If it were higher, I would be out hunting the meteor strewn fields
  14. Like Green? I do....

    Very cool. When I was a kid I used to love buying this stuff at the Quartzsite rock shows. By the way, Bill, it's really great to see you on the forum more, again!! I know you are killer busy. Thanks for making the time to share stuff with us.
  15. Southern AZ Gold

    Quartzsite ... Quartzsite ... Quartzsite. Too close to the Mexico border and you have to worry about illegals breaking in to your car. There are signs warning of this. To me, the gold is not worth that. But the multiple placer areas of Quartzsite, should still do you well. I guess I should have asked .. how far south you live?