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  1. Nov outing with pictures!

    Great pictures, Tom. I guess I *should* have worn my snake gators. I didn't think there were any out this time of year.
  2. Well... Who Found What?

    I can vouch for Cowkiller on that one. He tore it up, Saturday.
  3. Minelab Rep....

    Yeah, well you're just nuts, Jen. LOL. But it would be funny to see a boat load of prospectors get out of a minivan for Bill's outing. Rick - Makes sense. I like the Garrett carrot, myself. It allows you to reground balance on the fly to narrow down your target.
  4. Minelab Rep....

    Hey Rick ... don't take this the wrong way, but why do you need a pin pointer? Besides, you could put the GM1000 on a broomstick and shorten it to a beast of a pin pointer.
  5. Achmed looks like he's been out looking for gold a little bit too long in the Arizona sun. If he could find his first gold he'd change his tune to " I LOOOVE YOU"
  6. Found first gold with Gold Monster 1000

    ....and you found your first nugget on a friggin hillside. That is usually harder than in the gullies. And to top it off you were using the hokey puck!! holy smokes! Sweet gold radar you have there.
  7. Where to move overburden

    And be sure you're wearing a cool hat. Tom always has cool hats.
  8. LSD Short Trip

    RRPC has been letting a lot of claims go. Glad they are doing some replacements. Hopefully there are some nuggets there
  9. LSD Short Trip

    OOHHH, I have to go with Jen on this. Here... let me work on MY donut face ... Ok ... not as good as Jen's but I am working on it.
  10. LSD Short Trip

    Nice going, Mike. Don't you have a GPZ? Curious at what point you decide to jump from your GPZ over to your GM1000 (and the 5" coil at that)? I know each has their place. I'd just like to hear your thoughts. Thanks!
  11. Another metal detecting question

    I carry mine in case I run into, Jen Ha..ha...
  12. Got to get back with detector

    I like at 4:05 where the woman who is guiding him puts her hands on her head. LOL. Many times when I am 4Wheeling my wife, she will want to get out of the truck .. thinking we're going roll or something. That's how I know we picked a good route :p As for the gold ... I am learning that everywhere can have big gold. I used to think of the east bradshaws as only having small gold. Not true.
  13. Got to get back with detector

    I run into more snakes during the day than on my night hikes. I totally would have thought the opposite. Just not the case. At least for me. (knock on wood)
  14. Got to get back with detector

    Yeah, I did that for the next person, because that's just the kind of guy I am. Well, I was hoping the reflector tape would help me if I did lose it. I spent an hour looking for that sucker. My new one has reflector tape AND a phone number ... :P (not that it really matters...)
  15. Got to get back with detector

    Hey Jen, if you find a pick out there with reflector tape on it... it's mine ... LOL. Well it was mine I lost it the first week I got it. Set it down a bit too long. I hate getting old and forgetful.