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  1. Andyy

    12.6 gram gold specimen

    oh yeah. Now you have the have a key decision to make ... how you'll give her a golden shower. Umm... that came out wrong. I guess what I am trying to say is are you going to do any more cleaning to that beauty?
  2. Andyy

    Today's Butt Ugly Half Gram Nugget

    Dang, that looks nice, Bill. Also, I know you are experienced with HF and I hope you didn't think my comments were directed to you. My comments were only for those not familiar with the acid. As you've shown, many times, the risk of using HF is sometimes worth the reward.
  3. Andyy

    Today's Butt Ugly Half Gram Nugget

    I agree strongly with NvAuMiner, as well. HF is extremely dangerous. (not HCl bur HF) It is used in the Semiconductor Industry where I work and we were forced to attend safety classes on it each year (just on HF). We were always told that if you were covered/splashed with an area covering 6 inches in length, you would die. Not sure of the validity of this, but I personally know of one woman in our shipping dept. who mistakenly got a small amount on her finger. The hospital she was rushed to, pulled off her nail and gave her a shot where her nail was so that the acid would not keep eating the bone calcium in her finger. Let that settle in for a bit. As Bill has shown, HF has its uses, for sure. Just be extra extra careful with the stuff. I'd like to keep seeing people posting their gold on here
  4. Andyy

    Watch Your Step

    Dang, that sucker is gorgeous. I've found the black ones are meaner. I'm not racist or anything, but them black rattlesnakes have attitude. The lighter colored ones just lay back and smile up at you most of the time. .... Seriously .... And he is guarding that bedrock. Silly snake. No match for Adam and Boulder.
  5. Andyy

    Today's Butt Ugly Half Gram Nugget

    Ugly is the face of the person who finds out you spent the entire day swinging a pole in the wind and didn't find a scrap of gold. You sir get the smiley face instead. As for the "chirp" ... you let the cat out of the bag on that one. It took me a little bit to realize those chirps actually meant something. Thanks for sharing that beauty. Andyy
  6. Andyy

    Gold monster breaks the skunk

    Way to go, Tom. Glad to see you're still kicking but with the monster. Pretty cool you found some on the hillside. I think you might have to go back with your gpx and do a zig zag on that hillside.
  7. Very cool, Rod. Thanks for sharing all of your finds. Beautiful gold and I enjoy your take on the GM 1000. I also have problems putting my 7000 down and don't get much time to run my GM 1000. But as Bill mentioned, I am starting to get into hunting those mine dumps and the monster seems made for this. I will say that you definitely have to stay on the correct ground balance procedure or you will get bump sensitivity. I am not used to keeping it to the ground so I frequently have to corrrect it. But other than that, it seems to do what it was meant to...make hunting easy.
  8. Andyy

    A friend found this today

    Dang nice, speci. thanks for sharing. So much gold out there ... so little time
  9. Andyy

    Rough nuggets, how far can they travel??

    Yeah, I would hammer the heck out of that place. I sure hope you squeeze some more out of that area. Looks like you have to check the steeper areas, too, now or you will be haunted in your sleep.
  10. Andyy

    The Nugget Only Thread, Past finds and New

    Sweet job, Lisa. Glad to see you're making that Gold Monster shine.
  11. Andyy

    The Nugget Only Thread, Past finds and New

    Too funny, Bill. That's what my wife calls it when I'm doing all my gold research online.
  12. Andyy

    7 GM Micro Dinks

    Very cool, Mike. Those little guys are the bread crumbs to the momma and pappa nuggets! Besides, any day I can show my family that I liberated some poor gold from the earth, I feel like a hero! LOL.
  13. Andyy

    I Found Gold with My 800!

    Spiffy little ring stand you have there, Mitchel. Seems like a pretty versatile machine. Great finds all around!!
  14. Andyy

    Just Check'n

    Pfft... you work too hard, Tom. I just use the ebay picture that came with the gold
  15. Andyy

    14.9 Grams of Ugly

    I really like the character that the quartz adds. It gives it great contrast and protects the gold from rough handling. Whatever you decide to do, that is one fine piece of gold.