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  1. More from the Pavement Patch

    This is along the lines of what Adam was saying on another thread. You just can't always look at the ground and know. I've passed up areas that I thought were not good gold geology and then low and behold, others found gold there later in the exact wash. So now I'll use the geology to get me in the ballpark and then hunt the sweet spots and cover as much area as I can until I prove if there is gold there to myself. Also when I do find gold in areas that I wasn't sure about, I will take pictures just to kind of take notes. Was there a quartz float, iron stained, iron stones, ... etc.? You're just never sure exactly what happened 30+ million years ago that could be buried in the sands. My .02
  2. March outing at Q?

    Yep. I'll be heading down there this Saturday. I love talking to the other rock hounds out there. Probably won't nugget shoot, but I can dream ...
  3. New year and the skunk is outta here!

    Nice one, Dave! As others said, that gold has some character just waiting for the macro lens. And I also agree that the gold is SO sweet when it is found in an area not known for gold. Probably why you had the skunk for a while ... but now it is paying off!!
  4. Sunday Gold

    Nice pics, Adam. A friend of mine calls those "action shots" when you find the nugget still in place. Me... I usually get too excited and just want that little baby in my scoop. Sweet work out there in lala-Land.
  5. 16 to 1 wash

    Beautiful, Tom. x2 on thinking that is malachite.
  6. Christmas weekend Gold

    Beautiful finds Adam. That is some nice hillside hunting.
  7. Doc - I also am very thankful that you take the time to make good posts such as this on this forum. Some things I think I know, but then another perspective is given. All of these clues add up.
  8. GPS recommendations

    Garmin Montana 680t. I can download the kml file directly from the club websites. Claims show up as nice little corner boundaries. If I want, I can draw in the rough shape on google earth and save it as .kml to drop in on my gps from there. I can also download pictoral maps that look like google earth onto the big screen. What is really cool is I can put it up to my buddies Montana and it will send him the boundary areas as well. Do I need any of it? No. But it makes my life easy.
  9. GPZ Observations

    I have a gpz and would love to have an sdc for the tight areas. I dont believe it is redundant at all. The sdc will find gold the gpz misses. It misses the gold more cecause of the size and shape than because of the technology. I bought a gold monster for these area just because it was cheaper. But I will say there is a bit more of a learning curve with the gpz. Get past that though and you're golden.
  10. 24 hour Gold

    That's why I always travel with my buddy Glock. Best friend a day or night nugget shooter can have. It's not for the animals ....
  11. That is some good chit, Tom ;) Can't wait to see if the GM1000 squeezes some flakes out of that vein.
  12. 24 hour Gold

    I love the night hunts. And if you get tired then you can take a nap under the stars without waking up fried to a crisp! Then again, it's pretty obvious neither of you took any naps. As the others have already said, nice work and thank you for sharing. It keeps the fire burning.
  13. A very worthy find to bring up at least once a year. I might even bring it up for its half birthdays as well. Absolutely stunning find. Thanks for sharing. I wasn't even detecting when you first found it. LOL.
  14. GADGET

    Just to be clear, I used the Forstner bit to modify the pvc elbow. Irwin 1966899 7/8" Forstner Wood Boring Bit. Worked like a charm.
  15. GADGET

    Patrick - that is pretty much what I did.... drilled the elbow to 7/8" and then connected it to a tee. I didn't use 45s as the straight tee (8" ea. side) works better for me propping it up on things. Tom - it doesn't flip and the tee goes back far enough not to hit the body on the swing. When I pack it up I just leave the elbow in place and remove the stand. I was going to glue it but haven't found the need, yet.