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  1. Whatever you do... DON'T ANSWER!! It's a trap.
  2. cool beans. Gorgeous little specimen.
  3. Andyy

    Country Road

    Hey, Mark. Glad you finally decided on a detector. See you in the field!! Andyy
  4. Andyy

    So what do you do....

    Yeah, I think she's beautiful! I don't know that I would crush it. I'd save that piece for future stories.
  5. I think another good use for this would be texting your partner if you were on to a good find and wanted to share. (preferably if they had a spot-x, also) A lot of times I've found areas and yelled out for my partner so they could check out the area and they are just too far away to hear me. This is one thing that has almost pushed me to the Rhino GPS. But they are still a little too pricey.
  6. Great info, Doc. Is this something you can put in your backpack and use with the GPZ? Just curious as I know cell phones can mess things up. And I am usually over a mile from my truck. Thanks for the info!
  7. Andyy

    I ain't sure ,

    I would stick it in muriatic acid for a while to see if that cleans it up. Definitely doesn't look like any gold I have seen. But I am hopeful for ya!! Andyy
  8. Andyy

    Wild Arizona

    Adam -With with the way the toes point, it almost looks like a bear stepped and then stepped again making the track bigger. Good mystery. Thanks for sharing the pics!
  9. LOL. Yeah, I know. I'll have to catch up with you and your dad sometime soon. Hope all is well with you both.
  10. Dang, Tom. You and I should hit some washes with the GM1000's and kick some rocks. You do any night hunts?
  11. Andyy

    Yesterday tiny nuggets....

    Let's put it this way. I was out with a buddy detecting and I brought my GM 1000 to a spot his GPZ has hit numerous times. I even have my own GPZ. But I only brought the GM1000. Anyways, I found two pieces of gold in this patch area that was only about 10ft length of wash. (so it had DEFINITELY been hit many times) And the funny thing is, the pieces I found with it were smaller than the blow tube gold found earlier in the night. I had to scratch my head on that one. And that was with the larger coil. It gets gold plenty small. Not the smallest, but then it's not worth trying to get it in the scoop when it gets too small. No machine gets it all.
  12. Andyy

    Yesterday tiny nuggets....

    Good to see you doing more videos, Bill. You're a natural star
  13. Andyy

    Hand held GPS

    Hey there, watermain. Welcome to the forum. This subject has been covered many times and you can find some of the discussions using the search box (top right). Try this link for one. Hope it helps.
  14. Andyy

    Storm Gold...

    Adam - you just proved again that you are not human .. and.. we're gonna have to call you "Gold Finger" with all of that finger modeling you have going on there. Nice work!!
  15. Andyy

    Time for a nugget

    Hard part is definitely the waiting. I'd rather be looking, maybe not finding anything, but still checking areas off my list...... than the waiting.