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  1. Biggest Nugget You've Found In AZ

    Found this one with my smallest coil (Sadie). It is 4.5 oz (specific gravity test gave it 2oz gold on the nose) I still sit up late at night talking to it. My wife's just a little jealous. Until she sees the gold and the she starts talking to it
  2. Half gram today :)

    Great catch, Tom!! The picture shows some character in that find. As for coils, that was my goto coil on the 5000. Loved it.
  3. My uneducated guess was an iron ore, as well. Have you done a streak test? Hematite can come in some strange forms as well. If it doesn't streak red, it would rule out hematite.
  4. Google Earth Issues!

    Just an FYI for those who do run into issues reloading the PLSS to google earth. Usually, you could just click on the file and Google Earth would open the kml. Now I find you have to be in GE to do this. Use File/Open and it works fine. Strange how something so little can really send me for a spin sometimes.
  5. Second Hand Gold ... Found Again

    No fair, Bill. Your gold makes babies!! that is some special gold. That is, when you aren't playing catch and release.
  6. Still Searching

    What is that saying... "Luck favors the prepared mind" .... I'd say yeah it does.
  7. Taking the GM1000 for a walk

    Rick - it doesn't sound like you're doing anything wrong. If you're in an area with signs of past placering or other gold clues you are well aware of by now, then you're probably still doing everything right. One thing I will add however, is know your detector's capability and use it for the setting (place) it was designed for. This is a mistake I made initially (not that you are, but more for general info to others). I would go detecting down these washes with 2 feet of overburden where you will just hear the lead and nails. Mainly because the coils I had at the time weren't going to get me that deep. I now hunt with a much more specific plan knowing what depth range the detector shines in. Then I hit it low and slow just like you. And if I am still not finding anything, I just need to move on because I'm confident I've done all I could there. Good luck out there!! oh yeah, and show us that black crystal photo ..
  8. 2.7g nugget

    Nice work Sonny! Thank you for sharing. Love seeing more GPZ brothers & sisters. Just leave a few for the rest of us
  9. Taking the GM1000 for a walk

    Well, you can't have too many detectors, but you *can* have too many girlfriends .. Too much cross-talk .. lol
  10. Google Earth Issues!

    Well I have windows 10 but it just decided to upgrade itself with the google earth. I had to go into tools/options/graphics and select directx. Seems like when it installs the new version, it defaults to an older graphics version.
  11. Google Earth Issues!

    Eventually found the option to change graphics to DirectX and all seems to be working now. This'll take some getting used to.
  12. Google Earth Issues!

    GRRR... my google earth decided to change over all the sudden. maps are there but every name/waypoint on the map comes up with black boxes. Frustrating!
  13. Had to Get a Picture

    Luke - I switched from the red lights because they started to bother me after a while, as well. With the green, you don't get any of that. You basically see it as a white light after a few minutes. Never seen Black Widows out there ... thankfully. (I HATE SPIDERS) Scorpions ... oh yeah.. plenty of them.
  14. Had to Get a Picture

    Yep, that marker is the first one of the set, when you drive in from Mayer. Nobody gave me a hassle. Then again, not many out that late. Bill - the GM would be great to try in some of those areas. I will eventually get one. But not going to be able to afford one with the dinks I've been getting lately. LOL. Also, if you go to the claims, be sure to print out the letter on the RRPC website. You need it if stopped. Luke - yeah I got a one grainer in a different part of the wash I hadn't hit before. (too embarrassing to show) The areas I hit before didn't appear to get much flooding at all and still a lot of vegetation, unfortunately.
  15. I was out at night in the Goodwin Fire burn area. (RRPC members have been given approval to work the claims - with the proper documents, even before the end of September) I thought I would check out some RRPC claims and see how much had been cleared by the fire. Truth is, not much, in the #7 claims. The fire was really sporadic. Not even much flooding. In a couple areas you could see where some extra waters flowed through. But thankfully it did not come close to washing out the road. Anyways, I am detecting, enjoying the peacefulness and cooler temperatures for a change, when my green headlamp reflects off a strange white shape (maybe 60'' away). I stare at it for a minute to be sure I am not being stalked by another prospector and then forgot about if for some time. You laugh at this, but I swear at night, if you stare at something, your mind will play tricks on you and make you think it's moving. I can't tell you how many times I verbally interrogated trees and rock cairns in the midnight hours. Well after coming back to my vehicle, I saw what it was and why I did not recognize the shape. Looks like a couple claim markers did not make it.