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  1. Great pictures, Gary. The rains were definitely a beautiful thing. Only downside is that usually night hunting comes to a stop soon after because of all the bugs that start breeding.
  2. Andyy

    Rawhide Nevada

    Well, I have never detected Nevada. Maybe someday. But I can tell you that if I did, I would check all the geologic maps I could find of the area and the mines in proximity. I know you have found gold, so you would know what geology to look for that is similar to where you found gold before. I have found a few new areas this way. When you find the areas yourself, it makes it soooo much sweeter. But yeah, if someone can give you a clue to the area, also, that is just one more piece of the puzzle. Sounds like you'll be having fun. Good luck out there, Dan! Andyy.
  3. Hi Wayne, a detector is like a 4x4. It looks good when dirty.
  4. Andyy

    Detecting hat

    If Tom is wearing it, it must be cool. I'm getting one!!
  5. Andyy

    Detecting hat

    I don't know, Tom. I kind of fancy you in that huge sombrero you showed us in one of your adventures. That was the bomb.
  6. Andyy

    GPZ7000 Strikes Again

    Very nice. It looks like it has your boot print on one side of it.
  7. Andyy

    "Dang, I forgot my camera !"

    Great story, Gary. And beautiful gold for sure. The GPZ will get some really small gold. Just be glad you're good at keeping it on the bigger stuff .. LOL
  8. Andyy

    Tiny wash, rough nuggets.

    Nice rough pieces, Bill!! It *is* getting hot out there.
  9. Andyy

    Dig, dig--miss, miss--Booyah!

    Oh my word. No wonder you are always smiling in your picture.
  10. Andyy

    Lead mining

    I have a frend who sells large lead sinkers with his findings.
  11. Andyy

    Lead mining

    I'm with Adam. You need to cover more ground. You should have 3-5 times that. Unless of course you're making the mistake I did when I first started, and all of those bullets were 2.5 feet deep. By the third bullet you're praying the detector stays silent. In that case you need shallower ground. Then you'll make double digits very quick. (hopefully some gold, too) Good luck out there, Edge!
  12. Mitchel, that is an impressive find!! The first thing that came to my mind was that it would look good sliced. But .then again, it looks good as is, too. Hope you find more
  13. Andyy


    Fish and Game .. 1) Can't get to the places I go to 2) Aren't out the time of night that I've started hitting the mountains Funny, work made me miss a lot of good weather detecting earlier in the year, but I always seem to make up for it with the summer midnight hunts. And guess what ... it is almost a full moon. 🌔 OOWWWWWUUUUUUU!!! Be safe out there!!! Andyy P.S. daaaang ... I almost lost my mind digging thru the new emojis .. lol
  14. Andyy

    Little Spring Wash - Revisited

    Nice ones, Adam. Looks like you got those tiny bits with a straw. Some sweet prospecting work, overall!
  15. Andyy

    12.6 gram gold specimen

    oh yeah. Now you have the have a key decision to make ... how you'll give her a golden shower. Umm... that came out wrong. I guess what I am trying to say is are you going to do any more cleaning to that beauty?