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  1. Well that explains how you're able to find so much gold !!
  2. LukeJ

    Big Silver...

    Just watched the video. Congrats on the silver Bill !!
  3. LukeJ

    "One for Wednesday"

    ….and that's how you do it. Congrats Gary !! Was that with the expensive detector, or your favorite? Luke
  4. LukeJ

    Hillside fine gold

    Don't feel too bad. At least you're honest. You still might be onto something. Keep sampling. ….and don't describe the location too much more. I might have to take a look for myself. Luke
  5. LukeJ

    Newcomers beware

    Some notable quotes from this thread: After detecting for 5 years with more detectors than I can remember I don't need anyone telling me I don't know what I am doing or I need a better detector I would challenge this guy Well, all I can say is have patience. Hope your luck changes. I have not yet found a nugget, but haven not given up. No more easy to find gold left on those claims You have to learn your detector. focus on finding the small stuff Nugget hunting with a detector is certainly not for everyone This is not a get rich quick hobby that's a bonus on top of the family and friends time together Not only is a research guru but he looks smashing in a pair of Wranglers. if it were easy, everyone would be doing it it is NOT the detector that finds the gold, YOU DO his response was "you are not doing it right" So I learned how to do it right mindset is also key... if you think, you will there is gold in them hills and I intend to find more Try swinging with the other hand you are working hard but you are not working smart Change your attitude and change your latitude I figured out a long time ago that finding gold isn't really why I'm out there training will reveal that your techniques need improving Detecting Gold nuggets is "the" hardest form of prospecting You either love it, or you don't the self-proclaimed metal detecting gloom and doom-dude I look for meteorites now Stay positive, its all a mind game I still have my first nugget, found in 1983, while being mentored I was swinging my detector like a beach detector. Pretty darn fast! So far no one interested in taking up the challenge fortunate to find the smallest Silver Spanish Cob Why would I feel the need to prove? I'm going to take up basket weaving or knot tying. Of course it sounds off well on my .35gr nugget. Prove to yourself you can do it. I would gladly at least give up the location. For those who work hard enough to find it We may have a Troll my friends Leave if you want or open up and learn THE TRUTH ABOUT YOURSELF IS HARD TO STOMACH swinging that detector as if they're in a trance you have had no success...so you have no confidence some free advice... sell all your vlf's and buy a Minelab SDC temper your expectations like that, then you will have a great time we should all join Tom and start a knitting club it is within all of us to do it if we REALLY WANT it bad enough forget you ever went there. I’ll just go out there to camp I’d believe maybe 396, but certainly not 397 They have to be divined It is indeed the search. The gold is just an excuse to indulge in the addiction he's known only as, The Stranger.... you are like a big hairy insect something other than just a sack of slowly decaying flesh with boots the gold is really not the objective any more when we feel the "thud" of the nugget Little Jimmy is back in the game... Tommy J. and his fellow revolutionaries the decent guys greatly outnumber the nasty He is feeling the thud of our nuggets The volumes of info bestowed upon ignorant me remain the nugget-less expert who needs no advice or help when I had good places to detect, I've taken many people a good detectorist can sure find it Just cant help some folks having just recovered a frosty "Mojave Midget" that ravine is still producing... gotta do more digging not exactly the Huffpost of prospecting Lick off the salt.
  6. LukeJ

    Newcomers beware

    Dude... If you sold all those other detectors, you could buy a used SDC. That's what I did. I also didn't make excuses. I went out and made it happen. Where there is a will, there is a way. How much do you think you spent over the course of 5 years to fail?
  7. LukeJ


    WTG Gary Luke
  8. LukeJ

    Newcomers beware

    Nothing wrong with a GoldMaster. Lack of success is always operator error. The GMT can track black sand, but once you have done that, you'll need a detector that can see through it. As someone who as actually found gold with an SPP, with the stock 6" coil, not the Miner John's. My SDC destroys the SPP in performance. Sad to say. I've found tiny, tiny pieces of gold that the SPP can't even hear while rubbing it on the coil. If all the nuggets you're looking for are 1g and larger, then maybe, the SPP could hang. But that's not the real world, and I haven't even brought up mineralization. I get it. Believe me I do. I was stubborn like you, (but not dumb enough to insult people on here) and wanted my White's to find stuff like the Minelab guys, but it didn't turn out that way. The SPP collects dust now and my Minelabs go out regularly and get dirty. You may as well go back to lurking. Doesn't seem like you're making many friends here.
  9. LukeJ

    Newcomers beware

    Hey Martin, That's a nice collection of nuggets. Did you find the big one first ??? Or was it 'at the bottom' ??? Luke
  10. LukeJ

    Newcomers beware

    Yeah, where do I start? Maybe you should just give up? Five years is a long time to not find any gold. Ask my friend AzMark. He is still searching though. Changing detectors so often that you can't remember them all is something. You have to learn your detector. If you're always changing then it's even more difficult to learn. Plus, I venture to say that many of those detectors may have not been suited for the task. Get a good quality gold only detector and learn to find small bits of oxidized lead. If you can do that, then it's just a matter of getting the coil over the gold. Which is still very difficult. Not everyone has the capacity for it. Sorry to say. Not all GPAA claims have detectable gold. Spending some time at one claim instead of a bunch of claims is probably a better way to go. Of course there has to be detectable gold on that claim. Making some friends at the local chapter could help to get you on the right kind of ground. Hunt around the places where the other prospectors are digging and make sure you detect in the bottom of the holes they leave behind. I've scored several nuggets this way and I always get excited when I walk up on a freshly dug hole. The idea of 'getting rich' while hunting for gold with a metal detector is a joke. When you let go of the idea of trying to make money and just do it for fun then the pressure to succeed is reduced and the other aspects of the activity become more apparent. Some people have done well, but most just find enough to keep the interest going. When I find a nugget or two, it rarely even covers the cost of the gas to get there, and that's if I even planned to sell the gold in the first place. With regards to the finding of the trash. Keep in mind that trash is usually the closest to the surface and the larger bits often sound the loudest. Once you get past the trash, there might still be fainter target signals that are not recognized because you just had your ears blown off by that .22 caliber bullet. Furthermore, on my very first post to this forum, Adam gave some good advice that I still think about today. He said: "Gold is the element that is the most difficult for a detector to hear". It's true. When you're frustrated from digging up trash target after trash target then it becomes even more difficult to continue to focus and really listen for a brief, faint target signal. Finding gold on a club claim is very difficult. For the most part they are public places and who knows how many people were there before you. It may sound unbelievable, but most of the gold I've found was on club claims. Places, I was told, that had been hammered to death and I was wasting my time. Well.... I've got that 397 number beat. And no, it didn't happen all in one day. There have been many 5-10 nugget days and there will be more if I persist. Also keep in mind that most of those nuggets were .2g or less. People of the past with older technology were finding the bigger, 'easier' nuggets. ( No disrespect to the 'Founding Fathers' ) If you're hunting ground that's been hunted for years, you have to focus on finding the small stuff and there's some technique to it, as well as having the right detector. There is so much more that can be said and I assume someone else will fill in what I may have left out. Good luck. Luke
  11. LukeJ

    Come and get it!

    Maybe I should 'offer up' some of my iron stones?
  12. When I was younger, I had many experiences where I ate trout for breakfast within minutes of reeling them in. Since then, other 'fresh trout' isn't as appealing. I don't fly fish in the sense I use a fly rod and reel and wear waders. I have caught fish on flies in the right circumstance though. If I lived in a more northern, western state, then I would probably be more into fly fishing. Here's a great book I got when I was a kid.
  13. I posted the rifle in the other thread. No, I really did throw it back. We don't keep any of the fish we catch here. Partly for the reason I stated earlier. Preservation of the population. The other reason is we are hiking for the better part of the day. Fresh trout carried around all day doesn't turn out to be very fresh. This place is a 'one or two cast per hole' kind of spot. You sneak up, make a cast into the upper pool and once the lure is pulled into the lower pool. BAM !! Sometimes everything is biting, like the day of the three incher. It's fun, but also sucks when you know there is a larger guy sitting deeper there, but all the little guys are so aggressive you're catching them instead. I'm going back there next month so maybe I'll have another picture or two. Luke
  14. LukeJ

    Hunting rifles!

    Here's summary... http://www.smallarmsreview.com/display.article.cfm?idarticles=2273 I bought this gun more for the history and what it represents than for shooting food. Plus you never know what might happen in the future, right? If I was going to get back into hunting animals, I would certainly go with a smaller caliber like .243.
  15. LukeJ

    Hunting rifles!

    In keeping with the original topic.... Here's some pics of my Smith Corona 1903-A3 in 30-06. I'd like to say that I've taken big game with this rifle, but I haven't done much hunting of that kind since I purchased it. Perhaps it 'took some game' when it was originally out in 'the field'?
  16. We almost always use Panther Martin spinners. It was a 'holographic' Panther Martin I was using that day. The slime green roostertails work pretty good here too. Should I post my rifle here or there? Luke
  17. LukeJ

    Hunting rifles!

    In this creek, we release them all. Then we can catch them again the next year. That little dude hopefully grew up to be like the 'big' guy. It was funny at the time how he even got his mouth around the treble hook. I guess I'll go take a pic of my rifle now....
  18. LukeJ

    Hunting rifles!

    Here's a couple.....
  19. LukeJ

    S&W Revolvers

    Nice revolvers Bob. Here's a slightly newer model 19-3 in .357 Magnum. It is my father's service weapon from the late 70's. It could use some bluing, but that certainly doesn't affect the way it shoots. This is my 'go-to' if 'home defense' is required. My wife also shoots this gun proficiently. Enjoy.....
  20. LukeJ

    Morning hunt at LSD

    You're going to have quite a collection in no time at all. Nice work !! Luke
  21. LukeJ

    Need help with choosing a detector

    Either a Monster or an SDC. Save yourself some time, spend the money and enjoy yourself. Good Luck !!
  22. I've never seen one like that.... Nice Job !!
  23. LukeJ

    Whites Detectors

    The cost of using EBAY is roughly 20% of the sale price. 10% for EBAY, 5% for PayPal, and then you're left with the shipping if you decide to offer it. The convenience and speed at which items may sell is often times worth the 'loss'. IMO.
  24. LukeJ

    Equinox gold

    Yes, Very nice indeed !! About how far south did you say.... ??? Congrats !! Luke