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  1. Unexpected Locations

    I had a similar experience when I found my 'first gold' with a detector.... I was out in a place northwest of town, and had driven my truck pretty far up a well known wash. I was very green and didn't know much at all when I came to nuggetshooting. I parked the truck and walked upstream and started detecting a large inside bend where a few feet of overburden had collected over the years. I was finding large pieces of trash with my GMT. After walking around in circles for an hour or so, I got a loud signal, and the "probability meter" was showing a favorable target. Within the first inch of sand, out pops a men's gold wedding band. 5 grams of 14k gold. All I can think is someone was having marital problems, and in an impulse move, took the ring off and chucked it out the window as they drove up the wash. It wasn't a nugget, but I was happy to end up with the ring. Luke
  2. Very nice finds.... Dan and family. You're going to have a couple of skilled detectorists here soon. Congrats !! Luke
  3. For the Inqusitive Minds.

    One way to find out....
  4. High Quality Hydropacks - Cheap!

    Those are some GOOD deals !! Thanks for the heads up....
  5. Apple pie patch gold

    No Lemon Merengue or Key Lime? How about Coconut Cream? Good Blueberry is hard to find...
  6. For the Inqusitive Minds.

    .....or if you ever want to clear everyone away from the campfire.
  7. Gold Bug 2 Head Phones

    I might have a couple pairs that will never get used. I could make you a deal.....
  8. Gold Bug 2 Head Phones

    I do.... and I couldn't say enough about them. I tried a few others, but the 'sound quality' and the feel of the leather ear cups quickly convinced me that I wouldn't have to look any further. After a few months or several dozen uses, the ear cups start to get a bit stinky. So a quick call, and $24 later, I have a new set and that factory fresh feeling once again. On a recent hunt, I was digging a target and I called my buddy over to see if he could hear what I was hearing using the SDC. We switched headphones and he plugged his (name withheld to protect the innocent) headphones in and started to listen. After a bit, he handed the headphones back and without thinking, I put them on and continued to dig. I was shocked at how different everything sounded and really felt like there was quite a bit 'missing'. I'm not sure if I mentioned anything to him at the time, but I remember thinking about it later and couldn't help but feel that I may somehow have a small advantage in hearing the faintest of signals. He's an accomplished detectorist and has found 'his share' along the way, but I won't be switching to the brand he uses. If you like what you got, don't change. If you're still looking, you might consider the Killer B's. ( I think Sun-Ray Pros are pretty much the same thing.) Luke
  9. More from the Pavement Patch

    You're already there..... Why not spend an hour and see? Then you'll know, one way or the other. Nice nugs Rod !!
  10. Bill Gates City near Phoenix?

    I hope he's bringing his own water.
  11. PI vs VLF

    I sold my GMT and held onto my GoldMaster V/sat. I'm not saying that one is necessarily better than the other. Except that I found the display on the GMT to be distracting and not very helpful. I sold the GMT after not ever finding any gold with it. But, I can also say, I was still very green when it came to finding gold at that time. Once I learned how to find gold, I went back to my V/sat and began to find gold with it. Now, I take the V/sat out from time to time, and for the novelty of it, I find a few dinks in places I've been over with the Minelabs. Just to 'switch gears' and change it up. I have little trouble finding 'fly poop' sized gold with the V/sat. If you are ground balanced properly and manage to get the coil over one, it will be a fairly obvious change in the threshold. Maybe the Gold Bug 2 can find gold even smaller.... But at what point do you put down the detector and pick up a pan? Luke
  12. New year and the skunk is outta here!

    It's interesting that the 'mystery' piece is shaped like a question mark.
  13. PI vs VLF

    A place where the gold is generally found as small, 'chunky' dinks that weigh in the .1g range or less, and are more rounded than flat. Similar to birdshot. ....and like Adam said, shallow ground. There is no 'best' detector. Only the one that suits the area you are detecting the best. Good Luck !!
  14. New year and the skunk is outta here!

    Congrats Dave !! While it might be small, the character of that nugget is nice. Like Tom said, a few macro shots would probably look pretty cool. First of the year and hopefully not your last.... Luke
  15. RUN Packy, RUNNNNNNNN!

    The rat in my garage was temporarily deprived of food. My guess is that she'd only been in there for a day or two before I noticed the clues. She hadn't yet chewed all the way through the plastic garbage can I keep the dog food in, and the 20lb bag of pinto beans was untouched. I did have a decorative chili plant that I purchased and left overnight in the garage. The first night, half the chilies were missing. I thought it was weird, but I have kids. The second night, more chilies gone, and some of the dirt dug out. Then I noticed all the little dusty footprints on the top of everything. I originally thought the rat was able to come and go, but later realized it was a one way trip and it had inadvertently trapped itself in the garage. Like I said earlier, I set the trap at 3pm and when we got home at 6, dead rat. Those rats love the dog food, and it probably has some stored up. So it might be awhile before the peanut butter starts to look appealing. Luke
  16. Sunday Gold

    You really were in "lala land".... Today is Monday. Nice work anyways... Luke
  17. No Skunky Monkey at Rye Patch

    Just cut off the part you don't like....
  18. RUN Packy, RUNNNNNNNN!

    The Depot sells plastic 'disposable' traps that work really well. They have 'teeth' and do the 'job' quick. I used one on a roof rat that got into our garage by way of the attic. A little peanut butter and a couple hours later.... Good Luck !! Luke
  19. Happy Birfday OLD TOM!

    Happy Belated OT !! Hope it was a good one !!
  20. Confidence Gold

    You're making it look easy... WTG !! Luke
  21. 16 to 1 wash

    Good stuff Tom !! That copper rock sure makes a nice 'background' for that yellow. I always figured there might be something out past the windmill... Luke
  22. Christmas Gold

    Congrats on the nice looking gold !! There's bound to be more if you're finding stuff like that..... Happy Holidays !! Luke
  23. Christmas Eve Dinks

    Nice gold Tom. I realize it's not everyone's 'cup of tea'. But I like to specifically go looking for the 'little stuff' from time to time. There certainly is much more opportunity as far as the numbers game. Every now and then, the littles will lead to the bigger stuff too. Congrats and Happy New Year !! Luke

    Nice gold Gary !! Like Tom said, you sure know how to 'read the dirt'. Being willing to do some hard labor for the possibility of a pay-off is definitely a major factor in your continued success. "That which is not used, withers away".... Congrats !! Luke
  25. Christmas weekend Gold

    Oh man.... Merry Christmas Adam. Luke