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  1. Hey all... So I set out today with the intent of finding some gold with the Equinox 800 I picked up from Bill last month. I went back to the hillside patch known as "My First Dink Patch". Myself and several others have been over this ground a few times and I've really 'hit it hard' with the SDC. I figured it would be a good place to start, and also to see how the 800 handles the ground. Right off, I was finding birdshot that I missed with the SDC. The very smallest ones and they were all very old. After the third piece of lead, I started thinking it was just a matter of time until I turned up a little dink. After about an hour and a half, I got a loud 'mixed' signal right in the open part of the patch. The part that also serves as the path you walk through on the way across the hillside. The numbers were jumping all over and I didn't even have to scrape down to bedrock before the target was in the scoop. Not sure how I missed it before.... The smallest of the two was found later with the SDC, down in the bedrock, on the side of the wash after I decided to pick up an old pull tab. Pretty happy with the first 800 gold. It's a nice wiry piece and definitely one of a kind. Good Luck out there !! Luke
  2. LukeJ

    Off We Go

    Good Luck to the both of you.
  3. LukeJ

    Gold monster breaks the skunk

    Nice shootin' Tom !! I was wondering how it might be out there with all the wind. I guess you guys found your way back. Congrats !! Luke
  4. LukeJ


    Very nice Tammy!! They'll start to 'add up' quick now that you know what's what. Congratulations !! Luke
  5. LukeJ

    Prospecting Boots Protection Ideas

    Try E6000 epoxy. Stores like Target sell it. Or Amazon. I wear Merrell shoes and use my foot as a rake as well. After a few months, the sole starts to detach in the same area as your 'hole'. Some epoxy liberally applied allowed my shoes to live on for a few more months. Good Luck !! Luke
  6. LukeJ

    Rough nuggets, how far can they travel??

    Man.... Should've gone to G'ville last weekend. Congrats on the awesome finds Mike. Looks like there's going to be more where that came from. Hopefully I can get down there before you find them all. Have a good one !! Luke
  7. LukeJ

    First Equinox800 gold

    Yeah, I didn't get it just for gold nuggets. I wanted a good 'all-round' beeper so if I ever get into a relic area or end up at the beach I'd be able to play. Just wanted to check "finding a gold nugget' off the list for this machine. I'm looking forward to the smaller coil too.
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    Hand tools for moving large rocks.

    Best post I've seen in quite awhile.... Welcome Saul.
  9. LukeJ

    LSD camp out

    Looks like you guys had a great time !! The toenails on the bird are a nice touch Tom. Luke
  10. LukeJ

    Equinox 800

    Nice nugget !! Don't feel too bad about not digging those '1's. Aluminum foil also is a '1'. However, you should consider going back and finding them again, just in case. Good Luck !! Luke
  11. LukeJ

    What type of nugget is this?

    I believe Kevin Hoagland calls that a Buggit. There will be more if you keep looking. Good Luck !! Luke
  12. LukeJ

    WTB: GPX 4000 lower rods

    From what I've seen... People don't sell the 'used' rods by themselves. They usually sell the rods with the detector as a package. I suppose there could be a situation where someone sold a detector and then found they had another rod still laying around....
  13. LukeJ

    7 GM Micro Dinks

    Nice going Mike When I make it back with a 'pocket full' of dinks I consider that to be a great day. I always try to remind myself that it wasn't too long ago when I couldn't find anything.... The bigger stuff is over there under that bush or unturned rock. Congrats !! Luke
  14. LukeJ

    MARCH 2018 NS Spring Outing

    Well I figured you'd been there before like 'everyone else'. My mistake.
  15. LukeJ

    MARCH 2018 NS Spring Outing

    I just Googled 'metal detecting on Bureau of Reclamation'. That's exactly all I did, and this PDF came up. Specifically 423.29 (f), but it also talks about camping and various other activities. CFR-2007-title43-vol1-sec423-31.pdf
  16. LukeJ

    MARCH 2018 NS Spring Outing

    What got ruined? You're still free to go there, as is everyone else. Apparently, y'all have been doing it for ages. What's changed? My apologies for pointing out that the campsite is on BLR land. In the process of 'doing my research', I discovered a few weeks ago that the campsite has that particular land status. It doesn't take but two minutes to find out that camping there is not an issue. Possessing a metal detector is not an issue. Using the detector on BLR land is the issue. At least according to the regulations. Once again, very easy to find on the internet. I stayed quiet about it for fear of stirring up a stink. I now wish I had stuck to that plan. Sorry. Since, for the most part, I try to do things by the book. I made plans to go elsewhere on some open BLM land. I'm not about to try to tell people what they can and can't do. Then Doc, someone who's 'been around forever', and a friend of Bill's, posed his question about the Indian Reservation in the area. It was perplexing since I figured he was knowledgeable and if he was concerned then it seemed like a good time to bring up the BLR as well. My intent was to inform those who are less informed that you might not be able to walk out of your camper and start swinging. Which is also why I posted the 'map' and the website where anyone could verify for themselves. I never said we couldn't camp there, or detect there. What 'you' do is 'your' business. If what's taken place in the past was met with no issues or enforcement, then by all means, carry on. I personally wouldn't know, what took place in the past, since I've never been there. I was really looking forward to this outing since it represented a great opportunity to learn about a significant area in Arizona. Hopefully there will be a 'next time'.... Luke
  17. LukeJ

    8 inch commander mono

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Minelab-8-Round-Super-Goldsearch-Mono-Coil-For-Minelab-Sd-Gp-Gpx-Series/292252892344?_trkparms=pageci%3A6169f2e1-27b4-11e8-9046-74dbd18033b8|parentrq%3A25be00041620a861ef499c54fff97d05|iid%3A1&_trksid=p2481888.c100675.m4236 Not sure if $128 is a good deal for this particular coil. This one is one of the older models. Luke
  18. LukeJ

    Three nuggets and a 'stone'

    Still better than surgery I'd imagine, but thankfully no, I didn't have any extra procedures to undergo.
  19. So I went out for a quick hunt last Sunday afternoon. Once again, I returned to an area I'm fairly familiar with, and wanted to try a spot that had some similar features of a couple other places I've found some gold. After hiking down to the area, I decided to take a detour and check out another couple spots with the GPX and then the SDC. Nothing for the GPX at first, but the SDC got one and so at least the skunk was off my back. Satisfied, I decided to get back to the original plan and go over to see if I could find some gold with the GPX. This particular hillside has red dirt and some quartz cobbles along with lots of other assorted types of rock. I detected up and down, back and forth, couldn't even scare up a target. Eventually I got up to the head of the gully, where three little drainages meet to become this little gully. I got a nice faint signal, but it ended up being a little piece of iron. So I started walking back down and was going to move on, when I noticed a collection of larger rocks, somewhat of an old rock throw pile. I went right over and started kicking rocks aside when I got a nice distinct signal. Not faint and not loud, but definitely there. Three or so inches down and I'm seeing bedrock and the target is still there.... A little screwdriver action and into the scoop goes a nice .62g nugget. I kicked the rest of the rocks down into the gully, but wasn't able to turn up anything else at that spot. The sun was starting to go down, so I was detecting down the narrow gully towards the truck. After a bit, I got an intermittent signal in the gut under some blow sand. A healthy boot scrape and the target is still there. Used my scoop to get down to bedrock and then pried into the decaying rock. A little .12g dink was the 'prize'. So now the sun has set and I'm losing light, time to get back to the truck. I hike out, call my wife, let her know I'm okay and I'd like to stay a little longer. She said it was okay, and I refueled for a bit and then grabbed the lantern, my headlamp, and the SDC and hiked back down to the place where I found the first SDC nug of the day. I was detecting my way up this narrow gully and throwing ironstones out and scraping loose gravel as I went along. I was finding little bits of lead, so there had to be some gold eventually. After an hour or so, I was squatting down and digging a warbley type target when I started to notice a pain in my left side.... I stood up and adjusted myself but that didn't help and it was getting worse. The pain was building fast and so I dumped the target and dirt out of the scoop and grabbed my detector and started for the truck. I got out of there so quickly, that I later realized I left my pick. After a brisk ten minute walk and a steep climb, I got to the truck and had to grab the bedside to support myself as I peeled my gear off. I didn't waste any time trying to get out of there. Once I knew I could get a call out, I called my wife again and started dumping information on her in case I ended up passing out. Since she's a medical professional, we were also able to narrow down the possibilities and try to set my mind at ease. The pain I was experiencing was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I didn't know pain like that could exist. It even caused my hands and feet to numb up like they were asleep. I was having difficulty talking and couldn't help but yell out every ten seconds or so. It was probably better I was by myself, since anyone else would have been quite uncomfortable listening to me carry on like that. After a while I was back on the main road, but still far from any help. I got off the phone with my wife and called another friend who lived closer. He suggested I drive to the nearest fire station and I started the long drive on the wash board road. After what seemed like an eternity of yelling and groaning I made it to the pavement. Thankfully, it wasn't much longer until I staggered into the back door of the firehouse and starting trying to explain what my problem was to the paramedic. I opted for the expensive ride to the hospital when they said they could give me an I.V. with some pain meds. Boy, that Fentanyl works fast. Once the feeling returned to my feet and hands, I was able to have a calm conversation with the paramedic on the way to the hospital. That was my first ambulance ride, and first trip to a hospital. I had a first cat-scan, and here's my first and hopefully my last, kidney stone. If you've ever experienced what I just described, then you know. If you haven't, hopefully you'll never have to. I'm going to be drinking more water, whether I feel thirsty or not. Luke
  20. LukeJ

    MARCH 2018 NS Spring Outing

    Also..... A website called the ASLD Parcel Viewer. Blue is State Trust Brown is Bureau of Reclamation Orange is Reservation Yellow is BLM Google maps barely tells you anything.... Careful out there.
  21. LukeJ

    MARCH 2018 NS Spring Outing

    Not to mention the Bureau of Reclamation land we'll be camping on....
  22. LukeJ

    The Nugget Only Thread, Past finds and New

    Those are some nice pieces.... Looks like you've been working in the burn area. Better get it while you can, that stuff grows back faster than you want it to. Congrats on the gold !! Luke
  23. LukeJ

    Three nuggets and a 'stone'

    Years ago, I drank soda daily. Now, I might have one or two a week. Heavily sweetened coffee or tea is was my go to lately. That's one of the things I'm in the process of 'fixing'. I think those beverages can help contribute to the formation of the stone, but probably mostly because they take the place of water. I suspect the people you know who drink too much soda, don't drink enough water. Ironically, I've been on a 'health kick' of sorts these last few months. I've been working out 3 times a week, and making a point to eat a healthy salad each time after I work out. Trying to burn some fat and not eat junk right after I work out, makes sense to me. The thing is, I was probably still not drinking enough water after working out, and then some of the components of the salad (spinach is a double offender) are high in calcium and oxalate. So in one sense, I'm healthier and stronger than I've been in a long time, if not ever. But then this little jagged rock brought me to my knees. Good thing your buddy was there to help you. I think about this when I go out alone and I try to limit myself to places with phone reception if possible. Sometimes you just have to take the risk though. I will say, that because of my workouts these last few months, I feel stronger and more sure footed when I'm going cross country. I don't get winded like before and I'm not as tired when I get home. One of the reasons I started the workout, was the fear of hurting my back one day and then never being able to fully recover from it. Another reason, is my kids are growing up and I don't want to be a 'lazy Dad' when they want to play. Increasing my effectiveness while detecting is just a bonus. Luke
  24. LukeJ

    Three nuggets and a 'stone'

    Here's a more detailed picture of the little devil that caused so much trouble. Based on other pictures I've seen, it's a Calcium oxalate stone. Thanks for all the concern and well wishes. I'm just mostly concentrating on drinking more water and maybe cutting down on some of the things that are higher in oxalate. Hopefully, I've got many years ahead before I have to give up hunting solo. Which is also why I'm doing what I can while I still can. Luke
  25. LukeJ

    The Nugget Only Thread, Past finds and New

    You'll have to ask TomH. He took the pics. He's got a nice camera and a fancy lens.