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  1. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    It's really those 'wet farts' you gotta watch out for....
  2. Monster Mods

    I still think it's a 'mis-matched' plug and jack. First you gotta make sure that the 1/8" inch plug is exactly the same as the one on the supplied headphones. If they are, then you know for sure that the problem is at the 1/4" side. Your headphones worked good on your other detectors right? I wouldn't modify or change them if you don't have to. Like the others have said, the 1/4" plug is probably not going in far enough into the jack. I had a similar issue when I was trying to make a sturdier adaptor for my SDC. I ended up going to Guitar Center and found a high quality 1/4" jack on another style adaptor. It cost $10 but was worth it. I had to cut the 1/4" jack off the purchased adaptor and solder it onto my SDC set-up. Haven't had one issue yet. Trouble is, most inexpensive items commonly found today are made overseas. They just don't have the quality or consistancy we are looking for. The one I got from Guitar Center was probably also made overseas, but it is made of metal and could be threaded apart for soldering to the new wire. I tried several different jacks from Amazon and Ebay and they all went in the trash. Sorry I don't have a more definitive answer for you. Don't settle for less, you'll eventually get the right combination. Good Luck Luke
  3. Rough diamond?

    It looks more like possible dinosaur poop.... (it's not) What exactly about this rock caused you to think it could be a diamond?
  4. What I thinkI need

    There are so many variables. A nugget with the 4500 would be a nice score. I was just thinking that when I am looking for a 'guarantee', I go small. There could very well be a few larger nuggets lurking around those parts, but for every chunk there's probably at least a dozen little bits. Without actually seeing the ground and finding some of the gold that's there, it's tough to say much more. If I lived a couple hours closer, I would be happy to meet up and see what it looks like. Not sure when I'll get up to Gold Basin again and I'm hoping Rick has found a nugget before then.
  5. What I thinkI need

    Have you been back to that spot where those guys found the six nuggets? The monster is no match for the SDC on small nuggets at depth, but it will find smaller stuff the SDC will have trouble hearing. Depth can also be made up for by raking or scraping off an inch or two of overburden. Sometimes it's a game of half inches. Don't let what happened at that spot discourage you. There is still gold there. If you're finding birdshot with the monster that's good, but keep in mind that the same sized piece of gold will not be as loud. You are in a gold bearing area, and you know of at least one spot where detectable gold has been found. They didn't get it all. The monster will find gold the SDC will struggle to hear. You should be running in all metal and digging everything. Recheck your holes. Your first 'nugget' might not be a trophy, but any gold found with a detector is a score and it counts.
  6. So yeah.... Two and a half years later, it doesn't cost $6000 to find a dang nugget. But when you add it all up, it can and will cost in excess of 6k for most people who are serious about finding gold with a metal detector. Besides the detector, there are lots of other bits and pieces necessary for nugget shooting. A good reliable truck, preferably 4x4, is a major one. Lots of time to devote to the quest is probably the most 'expensive' and the one that many people just don't have in abundance. Sure you can get extremely lucky and pick up a good gold detector for less than $1000 and go out and score right away. But there's a substantial used detector market for a reason. Most don't succeed, and it's not because of the detector. I found my first 5 nuggets with a White's SPP and a couple small coils. Those five nuggets averaged over 1 gram each, but were few and far between. The first two nuggets were more or less just dumb luck, spaced 8 months apart. The second two, were found on the same day, but were the lucky results of being invited to a rich spot by a buddy who I feel I will always 'owe' for the experience. The 5th, several months later, was after a lot of hard work and perseverance. In total, a year of going out almost every weekend for 6 grams of gold. It took over a year and a half, from the time when I first started 'getting serious' until I swung over the first one. After I bought the SDC, I discovered how many little nuggets I had missed and was walking over in my previous hunts. The quantity went up, but the average weight per nugget went way down. For me, that was just fine. Since I don't prospect for a living, having a larger number of nugget finding experiences was what I was looking for, even though most times it doesn't even cover the costs of fuel to get there and back. If anyone is thinking that they can buy a detector and then find the equivalent value in gold. Good Luck. It's the exception, not the rule. The people who will stick with detecting will find other aspects of the hunt just as rewarding and the finding of the gold is just the 'cherry on top'. I don't say this to discourage anyone, just to paint a realistic picture. I was fortunate enough to score a couple of great deals on two top of the line detectors. With that being said, one had about a year left on the warranty and the other had no warranty. There were special circumstances with each one that made the risks lower than the possible rewards. The best part, which was totally unexpected, was making a good friend in one of the transactions. So you'd definitely have to weigh the options and make your best decision based on your own circumstances. For most, especially those who are just starting out, I would suggest buying from a dealer that gives training. Like our gracious host Bill Southern for example. You might pay a little more to start, but you're more likely to get the desired results sooner. Especially since time is the most precious of the things needed to find gold. There is no replacement for good training and experience. Of course, you have to be swinging over ground that has detectable gold and that's a whole other subject. Thanks to all who originally replied to my first post here. I will always be grateful for the encouragement that was offered. Luke
  7. November 17th to 19th Nugget Shooter Outing

    If you read through this thread, you'll find information about where and when the outing is taking place. You'll need to get a permit from the state of Arizona to camp on State Trust Land, which is where the outing will be held. Other than that, show up and bring some sort of side dish for the potluck that is held around 4-4:30pm on Saturday afternoon. There are usually plates and forks for people who 'forget', but it's best to bring everything you would normally bring if you were going camping. Bring your own beverages too. If you are a GPAA member, bring your membership stuff and someone should be able to help you find your way to one of the claims.
  8. An old patch

    I was definitely going slow. I had a pretty good idea that if I heard a faint sound it would be the right kind of target, based on my assumption that it was an old patch. I had already scraped the surface rocks aside with my shoe so I could get the coil flat on the ground. It was the perfect little wee-woo, and if you didn't get the center of the coil directly over it, you couldn't hear it. I was running Sensitive extra, gain 13 (which was a first for me), stabilizer 10, and motion slow. There was no EMI and no wind. Everything was just right.
  9. An old patch

    Yeah, I agree. It seems like all the conditions were right on that one. You can hear it in my voice at the end of the video. First off, I'm a bit winded from digging and a weird nervousness from the camera. I'd say we were down a good 10 inches or so and it was getting pretty loud there at the end. I was happy it was gold, but also surprised it wasn't bigger. When we started to dig, we made assumptions based on how it sounded and by the time I got it out of the hole I was thinking it was going to be at least a gram. I'm glad we got it on video. Shows what's possible when things go in your favor. Here's a pic of the three cleaned up and a few others found within a 1/4 mile radius. The red soil really stains the gold. They are pictured on a quarter I found in my backyard last year. Thanks again for all the great comments!! Luke
  10. Rye Patch Cold (25)

    Good Luck Mitchel. Hopefully the Zed and those hot settings will uncover some 'new' ground for you. Luke
  11. GM 1000 Sweet spot.

    Take a small piece of metal and find some ground with no other targets. Put the metal on the ground where you can see it. Swing coil over target and the 'sweet spot' should be in the center of the coil. If it's a DD coil, which I believe it is, the coil should have almost the same sensitivity from front to back in the middle of the coil. If you are having problems, there might be more than one target.
  12. An old patch

    Thanks Probably one of the greatest compliments one can hope to receive amongst this crowd and from you in particular. But then again, you're probably being sarcastic.... Thank you, I really appreciate it.
  13. Meteorite?

    Ironstones stick to magnets and the black parts sticking through the dirt make me think that's what I'm looking at. Hopefully you'll be able to come up with some other meteorite characteristics, since it would be a nice find. Good Luck Luke
  14. An old patch

    I have learned that the more you frequent a 'spot', the better you can hunt it each time you go. Whether you get skunked or not, you'll learn something and each time you know where you've been and where you haven't. The overall targets get harder to find, but the ability to slow down and listen for the faint stuff becomes enhanced. All this assuming you found any detectable gold there in the first place.