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  1. Happiness Is Wanting What You Have

    Very nice Martin !! Your success out there is starting to make me think about a trip to the 'high desert'. Congratulations !! Hopefully there are many other finds to be made. Take care Luke
  2. I found some gold today

    I machined the adaptors and I already had the batteries and charger. I also noticed the one for sale in Oz. It's overpriced. I use Panasonic 3400mAh 18650 cells and a Nitecore D2 Digicharger. Any 'smart' charger capable of charging Li-ion batteries safely, would work. The Panasonic cells are the best as far as I'm concerned. I've never had an issue and they store the amps like advertised. I made battery packs for my White's SPP, Goldmaster, and I also run my GPX on them. Now the SDC too.... Luke
  3. I found some gold today

    Hopefully you'll heal up soon so you can get back out there before it starts heating up. I think I found your 'paintbrush' at the red dirt spot.... Feel better soon OT. Luke
  4. Wow.... I remember way back when I used to visit a certain website dedicated to detecting gold and pretty much anything related to prospecting for gold in Arizona. That website is what initially caused me to 'pull the trigger' and buy my first gold detector. That was several years before I found my way to Nugget Shooter. Thanks Rod. Nice gold too. The SDC is a fantastic detector, which is why I try not to sing it's praises very often. Luke
  5. I found some gold today

    Thanks Bill. Do you happen to know which page it says to not use Li-ion batteries? I just looked through it and couldn't find the warning. There are some 26650 Li-ion batteries that are about the same size as C-cell batteries. Each one is 4.2V and if you managed to put 4 of them in your SDC bad things would probably happen. That's where common sense and technical knowledge come into play. Hopefully.... I'm using two 18650 cells which combined, give a maximum of 8.4V. The individual cells are smaller in diameter and shorter in length than two C-cells which is why the adaptors are required. After over a year of people in Australia and our own 'MikeC' using the modification..... I figured the increased run time and weight savings was worth it. Plus there did seem to be some performance enhancement. Although I'm not sure how to quantify it. Other than I have always run my detector on Sensitivity setting '4' and I noticed a difference. Maybe it was just the placebo effect? I haven't heard of anyone having any issues other than good experiences. I just recharged the 18650 cells I used the other day and after 7.5 hours of detecting, they still had 3.4V each (6.8V total) which is more than the alkaline or recharable NI-MH batteries ever had. I guess time will tell at this point. Luke
  6. Well there you go !! That, my friend, is how it's done. Very nice. Congratulations !! Luke
  7. >>>FS SDC 2300 with extras<<<

    WHAT!!!! Don't do it Mike....
  8. Hey, I offered... But you guys didn't want to tell me where it was.
  9. I found some gold today

    The Li-ion batteries start out at 8.4V and then the cut-off is at 6V. The 4 C-cell rechargeable batteries that I had been running (stock batteries) are lucky to start at 6V and then the detector cuts off around 4.5V. This Li-ion modification has been around for over a year now and some guys in Australia were saying that they were seeing increased performance using Li-ions. I was a bit skeptical about that, but the reduction in weight (150g) and the increased run time (more than double) was good enough for me. I can say now though, that the detector did seem to be slightly boosted but I won't attribute all the finds to that alone. I was able to get the coil in some new spots and that's where most of the nuggets were dug. At least two of the nuggets were a bit deeper than they should have been detectable for their size, and like I mentioned before, the .33g nug made the machine give an overload signal (like a nail). The ground is dry. But not for long.... One thing I really like about hunting the same spots is that you know where you've been and where you haven't. I'm pretty familiar with these locations so when I go, I try to do something that I didn't do before. Like get the coil under 'new' bushes, or turn over larger rocks I haven't turned over yet. Two of the nugget were from scraping down an embankment to expose more bedrock. Quite certainly there's still more gold there. I'll just have to work a little harder next time. Luke
  10. I found some gold today

    Thanks guys. Yeah, I'm running Li-ion batteries now. I ran the detector for 7.5 hours and the battery meter still says 'full'. The first nugget of the day was a .33g piece. When it was in the scoop the detector made the overload sound. I don't remember that happening before. Most of the finds today were just warbles to start with. It just seemed I was finding targets a tiny bit deeper than before. I've never found 7 in one day at the second spot. I broke my old record of 12 in one day with 13. Luke
  11. Hey all.... So I was able to sneak out and give my 'new souped up SDC' a run today. It's hard for me to imagine that changing the batteries could make the detector work better, but it seemed to be the case. I went to two separate spots that I've been skunked the last few times. I guess there was still a few left.... Luke
  12. Nice Pieces !

    Very Nice !!
  13. Diamond?

    I will give you a suggestion for future possible pictures taken of mineral specimens..... Do not put the camera so close. It is better to have the camera back and allow the device to clearly focus on the object. Then later, you can crop the photo in your computer to make it look like a 'close-up' shot. Also, do not use the 'zoom' feature. The pictures will look like the ones you've posted. Thanks
  14. SDC2300 Li-ion battery adaptors

    The brass contact is .425" dia. Which just happened to be a convenient number since I cut them from 7/16 hex rem pieces. My SDC has never (not yet) had the issue with the intermittent contact. Also, the batteries don't wiggle. The Li-ion fits snug in the adaptor and the overall reduction in weight seems to reduce the tendency further. I might be tempted to make another set.
  15. The Nugget Only Thread, Past finds and New

    Very Nice !! Congrats to your friend !!