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  1. Very nice Tom !! LMAO !! ...some of the language in your description Luke
  2. Yes, I dug it up last month. It came out of some red dirt, not far from where the video was made, that I posted recently. I 'cleaned' it in a solution of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. I find that 'cleaning' it in this manner doesn't change the character of the gold, it just helps to bubble the dirt out of the cracks and crevices. This nugget was on a bench of sorts and was sitting on/in crumbly decaying bedrock. There was quartz float mixed in with the dirt that was covering it. The signal was intermittent to start, but once I dug down an inch or so, it became a consistent signal.
  3. Here's one.... I'm particularly proud of this one. I found it almost a foot down with the 11" commander while Microsniper watched me dig it up. It weighs just slightly over 1 gram. Enjoy !! Luke
  4. Trump 45 meterite sidearm

    "American-made firearms, today debuted its new commemorative Trump 45 pistols finished in 24 karat gold. The guns also contain elements made from meteorite".... It's in the first paragraph. Still seems like a stretch if you ask me.
  5. Trump 45 meterite sidearm

    Good thing it's in a glass case.... If you took it out into the real world and tried to put it to work, it would probably misfire. Luke
  6. Congratulations !! Your 'story' should be a good lesson for all who are wanting and trying to score some gold with a metal detector. Looking forward to seeing what you'll dig up next. Luke
  7. Happy Birthday LukeJ

    Thanks Tom and Gary... No, I was out at 'The Birthday Nugget Spot'. Same as last year.... This was 'Round 2'. Thanks again Everyone !! Luke
  8. Happy Birthday LukeJ

    Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone !! It was a good day. I went out for a few hours this morning and was able to score a couple for a half a gram. Good Times !! Luke

    Too late to get a Bunk's pick over the left shoulder?
  10. 24 hour Gold


    Well if there's still choices and things can be modified.... The ball cap with headphones could be an idea?

    My only suggestion would have to do with the color of the shirt... No black, red, yellow, or orange.... Please. Grey is my preferred NuggetShooting color. Thanks Luke
  13. Specimen from last week.

    Wow !! Very nice....

    Wowsers !! Very impressive work. Nice gold too.... Luke
  15. Blood, Sweat and Gold

    Way to go Shay !! That's a lot of work, but it looks like it paid off. Good on you for following your hunch and doing what needed to be done.... Congrats Luke