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  1. Mike, I get that kind of response at home. Guess I don't want to die bad enough to push the issue.
  2. Interesting...Would you care to elaborate on what those might be? Thanks
  3. Today's Dink....

    Sounds like a gold day!

    He sure was a healthy looking rascal.
  5. How to look for and find Gold

    Great article Bob...looking forward to its continuation.
  6. Gold Bug 2 Head Phones

    You lucked out and hit the jackpot on those headsets.

    Rick, ya might try ebay or cragslist for a little more exposure.

    Rick, why don't you just wait until you can find an experienced nugget hunter in your neck of the woods to go out with you. He or she can watch how and where you detect. It might be just a little time before you score that first nugget. I know it took me over a year until I scored mine. When I did I couldn't hardly believe it. My second detected nugget came the next weekend. That Gold Monster is cheap to keep. Just my two centavos...

    Wow! Sorry to hear that Rick. I was hoping that it would work out for you once you hooked up with some seasoned nugget shooters in your area. The best of of luck to ya.
  10. PI vs VLF

    That small double D on my Goldmaster II will find the really small pieces...after that I might as well get out my drywasher if I really want the fly poo. I can shovel faster than isolate little targets in the scoop.
  11. Lost my Brother tonight

    Rick, my condolences on the loss of your Brother. May the Good Lord comfort you.
  12. Happy Birthday Jim Straight

    Happy Birthday Jim...much AU to ya!!
  13. Happy Birthday MN90403

    Happy Birthday...Make it an AUsome day!!
  14. Sunday Gold

    Very nice nugs with character.
  15. RUN Packy, RUNNNNNNNN!

    No telling what all kind of critters are in there.
  16. Where does gold come from? with AZ Nugget Bob...

    I sure would like to have my portion of the extortion back in my wallet. Just think of all the new prospecting toys I could afford,
  17. Happy Birfday OLD TOM!

    Happy Birthday Ole Tom...
  18. 16 to 1 wash

    Nicely done! Thanks for sharing the pics and story.
  19. Hey Everyone!

    Welcome Gabe. I had a new '73 super beetle ..had a lot of fun in that little rascal.
  20. Today's trip with the Toms.

    Like the safari hat Tom...reminds me of Lackland. Guess you are now a real hard rock miner.
  21. Happy Birthday azdigger

    Happy Birthday Rick. Make it an AU some day!!
  22. Christmas weekend Gold

    Nice...real nice!!!
  23. Miners Christmas

    Merry Christmas.
  24. Gold is NOT where you find it!

    ...A 30 pack should wash this popcorn down.
  25. Happy Birthday LukeJ

    Happy Birthday Luke...hope your day is filled with AU.