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  1. Happy Birthday Mike Furness

    Happy Birthday Mike, Hope you found lots of AU out at LSD yesterday.

    Jim, is she part Chow? She looks similar to mine that will be 13 this year. Great picture, thanks for sharing.
  3. Looking for a used GB2

    You can't beat that deal with a stick!!
  4. GM 1000 question

    Thanks Mike...I'm just going to start checking all the connections, maybe it's something simple. Glad to hear it works for ya.
  5. GM 1000 question

    Interesting...Ace only had one adapter for that particular jack and plug size http://www.acehardware.com/product/index.jsp?productId=1339924&KPID=1045203&cid=CAPLA:G:Shopping_-_Catch_All_-_DT_-_RLSA&pla=pla_1045203&k_clickid=a3f22659-66f6-482c-acdf-76ec4fc9dddc&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIzM6voeuA2QIVyIV-Ch2N9ALkEAQYASABEgLxYfD_BwE So you must have a very unique detector. Time for me to do a little electrical modification.
  6. GM 1000 question

    Nope. just thought you (Mike F) might be one of the lucky ones that found an adapter that worked correctly with the Gold Monster. I just got back from Ace with the same adapter and yes my Sunray Pro's work very nice with it...But also the detectors external speaker stays on. So now you have three speakers drawing off the battery. I'll probably just re-wire my headphones similar to what "AlwaysDirty" did when I have the time. Not interested in the more expensive solution that was put out there. Just sayin.
  7. GM 1000 question

    Mike, does it also shut off the external speaker on the Monster?
  8. How to look for and find Gold

    Oh yeah...preacher Jack, a most unusual character for sure.
  9. Administrators............

    It was totally nuked beyond existence.
  10. How to look for and find Gold

    She's a real cutie Luke...a real natural nugget hunter. You'll be having to get her a detector before long.
  11. GM 1000 question

    True, it just gives me another pair if the Minelab ones break. I would think before long some one will come up with an adapter that will work with our favorite headsets. Not gonna hold my breath though.
  12. GM 1000 question

    I bought an adapter and haven't tried it until now. Been using the stock phones that come with the Goldmonster. My chinese $5.44 adapter does not work just as many have cited before. Tried the adapter with my "Sun Ray Pro's" and it's a no go. I do have a cheap pair of panasonic rp-ht227 headphones with an inline volume control. No individual ear controls, but it works fine and shuts off the external speaker. I guess this would be an opportunity for Minelab or an aftermarket guru to come up with a quality solution. Who knows, if I get bored enough I just might do some electrical experimenting but I'm not there yet. Now I need to get out a find another piece of yellar to make up for my chinese investment. Bottom line....the Goldmonster is a bloodhound on dinks.
  13. GM 1000 question

    Jesse, I haven't had any issues with the stock headphones so far. Guess it all depends one one's hearing and comfort desires. I have purchased an adapter to where as I can use my other headsets with the 1/4" plug if I wanted to go that route. Lots of choices out there.
  14. Weird $tuff

    What more would a man want?
  15. GM 1000 question

    The GM 1000 would find those pieces blind folded. Absolutely great for bedrock hunting.