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  1. Minelab Gold Panning Kit Prize

    Looks to be about $25.25 Thanks Bill....
  2. NEW CONTEST, Gold & Silver ENDED 8-15-17

    Thanks for the contest Bill. Congrats to ya Rick...
  3. New member.

    Welcome Goldpick.
  4. Follow the drywashers

    Does that include shipping?
  5. Kicked the SKUNK.......FINALLY.

    Nice specimen find...
  6. Mike C. Falsing fix?

    Dang it...now ya made me hungry for buttered popcorn.
  7. Tammy and The GM 1000

    Tom...only if you are doing the "catch and release" on nuggets. Way to go Tammy!....now you can start teaching the rest of us on how to use the Goldmonster.
  8. Mike C. Falsing fix?

    good job!
  9. The Indicators

  10. Why file a claim?

    I would have to go with choice #2 ...first, take the easy gettin gravy on top. Second, conceal and work covertly if possible, and third file a claim on the remainder if circumstances permit it.
  11. Camp out

    sounds interesting...do tell
  12. CPAP Machine

    Thanks Jim, I am looking into a battery system for mine.
  13. CPAP Machine

    Thanks for the feedback. I will have to get a battery set up for mine. It's kinda nice to be able to breathe when I sleep.
  14. "Well", .....it's a start anyway

    Nice going...it all adds up.
  15. The Indicators

    Nice!! Looks like a matching set.