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  1. munroney

    Your opinion welcomed

    I agree jimale! The first one is clearly from the ring around Uranus, but I could argue the second one is likely a piece of alien spacecraft. Much more valuable if you want to talk $$ 👽 One way to identify this for certain is to lick it-if it tastes sour, then it is infact from an alien spacecraft. How does it taste???
  2. munroney

    Is this a meteroite

    Judging by the brown crust, this looks to be a meteorite from Uranus. Probably worth 2.8 million dollars, to the right buyer of course.
  3. Second meteorite to be found in the ocean* (unless they are referring to only US Meteorites) Good luck to them anyways. With all that effort, I hope they at least pull out something better than an L6 😂
  4. munroney

    Metal meteorite?

    I would say not a meteorite. Possibly iron ore?
  5. munroney


    Nice work mike. Maybe you can help me put together a 3kilo I found. I have about 15 pieces put together and maybe another 20 to go. Unfortunately the pieces just keep getting smaller and smaller 🤔😩 picture shows ~1kilo Heres another one that took me about an hour to figure out. It’s a great game to play with friends as I’ll hand it over in pieces and let them figure it out. I can almost do it with my eyes closed now 😅
  6. munroney

    On the price of 3 South American stones

    😂 hopefully 15,000 will give you enough money to skip town because the buyer might eventually come looking for you
  7. Meteorites are cool...guns are stupid 🤪
  8. munroney

    What is this?

    I would say not a meteorite. Found similar rocks like this before. Gotta be the best meteorwrongs on earth 😂 like mine, your rocks seem to be layered in areas as well as some interesting minerals popping out (the reddish/orange areas) Very magnetic as well. And although difficult to see from the horrible pics, my rocks are just as “regmaglypted” probably from being sand blasted for tens of thousands, if not millions of years. (Probably explains the black crust as well)
  9. I’ll buy it off you for $20 with the hopes it’s a Dino egg 😅 love me a gamble
  10. Meteorite hunting might not be your thing. I have hunted some very good areas in this world, 10 hours a day solid, for weeks, and come up with nothing...then on day 15 I find a 100 grammer. The question is, can you make it to day 15 😜
  11. munroney

    Metal detector sled

    I’m from near Vancouver but I’ll be heading over seas to some flatter/drier ground. Might take a shot at the new bc meteorite in the spring tho 😉
  12. munroney

    Metal detector sled

    Good point. I was only able to wave some ordinary chondrites infront as the detector was tilted up. I just learned that having the detector on an angle may give inaccurate readings but I was told If it can detect in air then the results will be even better in the ground
  13. munroney

    Metal detector sled

    Thanks for the reply’s everyone, that was a lot of good info to take in. I had no clue that chondrites would be difficult to detect with a wider coil. The hotfoot rug sounds interesting (and I’d definitely like to eventually try it) but I think I might just stick to a regular detector for now. I went shopping the other day and tested out a Whites GMT, M6 and a Garrett AT GOLD, and the winner seemed to be the AT GOLD. I have never heard of this machine being used for meteorites and was wondering if anyone has any feedback on it for this purpose. The ground balancing was incredible and managed to discriminate between a 100g hot rock and a 5g ordinary chondrites. Any info would great 👍
  14. munroney

    Let the guessing begin

    Been researching Amoeboid olivine aggregates and started scouring to find one. Might have found a couple. Can anyone identify these weird inclusions as AOA’s?
  15. Analysis should be in shortly but until then, does anyone have any good guesses as to what this might be? I’ve been trying to figure it out since I found it in April and nothing seems to compare. A big slice revealed different looking litholigies with scarce peculiar white specs that I believe to be CAI’s. I did the acid test with vinegar to confirm they weren’t calcite. Window looks brecciated but hard to see many chondrules unless under magnification. The metal seems to be in matrix form and not nickle iron flakes. Many different chondrule textures too. I spotted 1 bleached chondrule which says it had an aqueous history (I think?) My guess is a CO3 but that’s only because I’m hoping it is 😆