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  1. Just my 2 cents about protection. We're from Florida, so we travel to get to Arizona deserts. We don't own handguns. When we go out, I mail ahead a can of bear spray since you can't take it on the plane (costs about $8 to ground ship via USPS). I figure if it would stop a bear, it would stop anything else (boar, coyote, bobcat......). Will be interested in hearing any comments about this.
  2. Another Franconia find

    How did you clean it up?
  3. Is that for me to fill up? Can't wait to get back out there!!!
  4. Had a lovely time in Gold Basin over the past weekend with some wonderful people. Special thanks to Fred Mason and lovely wife for taking me under his wing and getting me on the right path of detecting. Found my first one, then a second. They're beauties!!!!
  5. Any group hunts planned???

    To Au Seeker: Thanks so much for that info. Will start checking again in January for March!!
  6. Any group hunts planned???

    Oh gosh. Granddaughter coming for Disney that weekend! Darn! Please post the March date when available!
  7. Live in Florida so have to arrange airfare and stuff. Any group hunts planned in the near future?
  8. How different are they????

    I had no idea that Bill Southern does field training. I just messaged him. Also PM you. THANK YOU!
  9. How different are they????

    I have Kaimi Stan's Whites GMT Goldmaster. The class I am considering doing gives instructions on how to identify, then takes you out a couple of times with instructors with you into a seeded field to help you locate and identify. I live in Florida so have only a few chances to go out West and hunt. The few times I have, I brought back tons of meteor wrongs. However, I did learn how to file a window, which unfortunately ruled out all my rocks! It is very hard to do this from pictures. I know you only get to be proficient with practice and hours put in, unfortunately limited due to location. The detector they use is Minelab SDC 2300. I need all the practice I can get for MY detector - but they try and push the sale of theirs at the end - I get it. I think this would be the only way for me to truly learn how to detect and identify. Are the two detectors at all similar since I would be getting instruction on the minelab?
  10. I have a White's Goldmaster with the additional GoldMax. I can go to a class using a Minelab. Are the machines similar, so that what I learn about Minelab is applicable to my Goldmaster?
  11. Ammonite - should I slice it?

    Live in Florida. Looked up some rock and mineral clubs and will be attending one in North Fort Myers tomorrow night!
  12. Unfortunately out of my 17 'possible' specimens collected at Gold Basin, after learning how to do a window, all were just hot rocks! Anyway, just a thank you to the guidance given on this forum. I used a whetrock and some dremel tools (whetrock easier). Whetrock is nice cause you can take it into the field. Hopefully next time will be better. Please post next group outing. I would love to make arrangements to join you all. Thanks!
  13. Got a whetstone and some drill grinder bit things for the Dremel. Both worked well. Nice that you can take the whetstone out with you. I had 17 'potentials' and I use that term very loosely since I am such a newbie. Anyway, none were meteorites. That just means I will have to look some more! Hope they have more group hunts that I will be able to go to. Thank all for the suggestions.
  14. Ammonite - should I slice it?

    Slice was the wrong word. I am thinking of cut and polish.
  15. Going to Harbor Freight now! thank you all!