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  1. we are prospectors and always fill our holes.. filling holes is alot easier than digging them.
  2. sorry for the bit of language but this find got us excited. He got the hit with his Deus but testing both machines over it both the CTX and Deus hit it with coil about 5 feet above.
  3. Coins found today

    nice hunt
  4. Put the down on the Equinox 800, nice having such a good Minelab dealer as Bill locally :P Hope it lives up to the hype, but I feel confident it will be well worth the money and give my arm a break from swinging my CTX lol. Now tell them to hurry Bill
  5. Hunted an Arizona WW2 desert training camp Saturday (sorry I missed the nuggetshooter event).always find something interesting down there, and its always riddled with razor blades, nails and other trashy debris. Bought a 30" magnetic sweeper and took it down to try to lessen the headaches seemed to work pretty well. I had my CTX3030 and my buddy Doug A. Hole had his XP Deus. This was my first trip down there with the CTX. I ran it on GoneHunting combine #1 and it did very well pulling the targets out. It was the largest con day for me down there to date. 1 mercury dime, 4 wheat pennies, 1 war nickel, and 1 buffalo nickel. I still dont like the weight of the CTX( I refuse to wear a Minelab bra lol) and had to switch arms on occasion, but it sure does work well. I think Minelab finally caught on and trimmed the weight a bit. looking to get an Equinox 800 on release, but the CTX will stay in the arsenal it has some strengths that are unmatched. Heres a little drone footage a small overview of the camp(need to polish my drone skills) and my finds. Notice how they lined the roads and walkways with rock, amazing how much effort and how straight they all are.
  6. We cut out the final day exhausted lol we had to have walked about 50 miles or so in those 2 days. Finally back in AZ hoping to at least drop in for the nuggetshooter outing to say hello.
  7. 90,000 dollar find?

  8. Ecalibur definitely hits deep. I ended up running mostly all metal mode as there wasnt a ton of trash. Dug a couple of light whispers they got stronger after I dug down a bit, turned out to be coins.
  9. Hunted Santa Monica and then Venice. My buddy Randy brought along his Monster 1000 we ended up swapping for awhile as he got frustrated with it, being a dedicated gold machine it really doesnt have disc. No big deal, I got to learn it pretty quickly. The biggest problems is its too sensitive and will pick up the tiniest bits of foil, etc. I did find quite a few coins as well as a tiny 50c peso. The depth was pretty impressive on the Monster and it handled the dry sand well, never got to take it to the wet. Anyhow great experience today with 2 great Minelab detectors.
  10. Going to Santa Monica and Venice
  11. Equinox.....

    sign me up for the 800... did you say we can pre-order now?
  12. Thanks for the great deal Bill, always a pleasure doing business with you my friend. Took it for the maiden voyage today to the Salt River, not much on good finds today but got a good grasp of it for my California beach trip next weekend. Going to take the CTX as well