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  1. Desertpilot

    ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    Yeah the pacer was pretty sweet. I also used to bounce a 172 all over the Mohave desert and up into Nevada. Lots of old air strips and dirt roads to land on out there.
  2. Desertpilot

    ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    Careful with the descent rate with vg's. You can get pretty slow, but power off you drop like a rock. Had a pacer with vg's and tundra tires, was a pretty cool plane for landing at old mines in the desert. Also after installing vg's I was unable to get a power off stall to break, it appeared with the slower airspeeds with vg's I no longer had enough elevator authority to get the wing to completely stall. Kinda cool to see sub 20's on the airspeed but the vsi was pegged in a descent with the power off.
  3. Desertpilot

    Getting Some Rain?

    Hey Bob, Raining pretty good down in SE AZ. Hoping for more rain so I can break out the dredge. I should be able to run my back pack sluce tomorrow.
  4. Desertpilot

    please help identify

    On the second from last it looks like basalt with peridot maybe? Almost looks like you have some copper nuggets in the right side of your last pic? Hard to tell without seeing them in person but at least thats what the ones I've found look like when I dig them up detecting.
  5. Desertpilot

    What mineral is this?

    Calcite, almost looks like Bisbee material.
  6. Desertpilot

    Minelab Equinox 800 in stock...

    Still have one? if so drop me a pm.
  7. Desertpilot

    Azusa Gold

    You can always monsoon dredge in Az. I tried it last summer and it beats dry washing plus I ran more material and therefore ended up with more gold.
  8. Desertpilot

    Rough nuggets, how far can they travel??

    Greaterville is tricky like that. You can get smooth and course gold in the same spot.
  9. Desertpilot

    Found mexican coin today

    I find those more than American coins, but I live 7mi from the border fence and the Mexican hiking club is pretty active in the mountains around here. Always cool to find a coin though.
  10. Desertpilot

    LSD camp out

    Cool ladder. It’s always fun to find that kind of bush fix stuff.
  11. Desertpilot

    Hand tools for moving large rocks.

    Yeah the quad stuff would be cool but I can only hike into my claims and a couple waterfalls prevent quad access. Unless I winch over the falls I ordered a more power puller and hopefully it’s delivered today. Since I’m stuck waiting for the winch I’m going to work on reopening some adits and detecting some tailings piles.
  12. Desertpilot

    Hand tools for moving large rocks.

    If I can get the usfs and BLM to buy off that it’s a hand tool then yes. There are a few boulders I’d like to break up so I’ve been looking at micro blasting and the other chemical methods as well. Ive done micro blasting at a previous job and I think it’s pretty cool but it’s expensive.
  13. Desertpilot

    Hand tools for moving large rocks.

    Awesome, Thanks for the reply’s! That should get me going in the right direction.
  14. All, Im needing to move some rocks out of a dry creek bed that are in the 100-200lb range. I've been thinking of using a come along or a griphoist? Having no experience at this, I'd like to ask you all what has worked the best for you in this situation? For the most part I will need to just drag the rocks out of the way but on occasion I will need to pull a rock out of a hole. Thanks DP
  15. Desertpilot

    Prospecting Bureau of Reclamation Land

    . Yes, but we own the land.....