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  1. Gold Cube

    I agree with Adam, drywashing is the way to go in the desert. Unless you can do some monsoon flood dredging. Been finding some chunky gold when the water is running. DP
  2. Nugget Shooter Fall Outing

    I plan on showing up for the outing. See you all there. DP
  3. Big Changes

    Saving nuggets from flash floods sounds like a good reason for me to leave my vehicle.
  4. Well Its Finally Happened.....

    I learned two weeks ago the BLM will not offer any help in this issue. Your better off contacting him on your own. Hopefully you can catch him working your claim and have a talk with him about mineral trespass? Or if he lives near by maybe stop by his house and have a chat. Definitely a sticky situation if the other claimant doesn't want to back down as this can only be settled in court. But your claim is posted, you have signs, and paperwork is current with BLM and county recorder so it will be easy for you to prove you have been maintaining the claim since 2009 and the other guy is in error with his posting. I hope the guy is reasonable and backs down because there is still lots of gold out there and its not worth fighting over. DP
  5. Current Mining Claim Forms???

    Chrisski, The BLM just redid their webpage nationally. Allot of their links are broken. On BLM.gov go to the programs pull down menu and select energy and minerals. Then scroll down and select mining and minerals. The links to LR2000, forms and claim payment is under the quick link. DP
  6. Current Mining Claim Forms???

    Chrisski, Just paid my Greaterville claim online its 155.00 per 20ac. for placer claims. The BLM address is good. Link for online pay. https://payp.blm.gov/epp-mc/mcSearch/start Later DP
  7. Kicked the SKUNK.......FINALLY.

  8. Southern AZ Gold

    H2 Most of the Patagonias are claimed by the Siver Zinc exploration going on. There are historical placers down there (Harshaw, Patagonia, Mowry, Guajolote Flat, and Lochiel) Your best bet is to try on open ground west and south of Three R mine. I've found color in allot of washes in that area. DP
  9. Southern AZ Gold

    I hear ya Swamp, Some people say the Miners and Off roaders are tearing up the Huachucas. But the truth the USFS doesn't want you to know it's the lazy hikers and birders that come from around the world to hike through the Huachuca's. They just hike up into the mountains and drop their trash and backpacks and carry on. Who would have guessed that hiking would have such an impact on the land? I mean who walks all the way up a 7000ft mountain range just to leave their shoes and a tooth brush behind?
  10. Southern AZ Gold

    I heard the Cartel has taken over the 50/50 land in Greaterville. The area is crawling with dope sniffers with AK's. I'd definitely stay north of I-10.
  11. Why file a claim?

    Clay, That was a awesome post. I really appreciate your input on this and other threads you have commented on. Thanks for helping on my issue and helping me relize what the BLM really does. Also would like to thank everyone else for commenting. What started as my vent about the BLM and the whole claim filing process turned into a very constructive conversation on filing claims and miners rights. DP
  12. Why file a claim?

    I'm with SDJim and Luke, If it's a small pocket or patch I would clean it out and press on. If it's a large deposit that will take some time to recover and I'd be able to back pack equipment into or drive to then I would stake a claim. I have two small patches waiting for cooler temps to clear and I'm not going to bother staking because they will be cleaned up by the time I get my paperwork back from BLM and filed with the county recorder. DP
  13. Why file a claim?

    Homefire, I think we have a misconception on what the BLM does with our location notices. After calling them last week it became obvious all they do is record your claim. They don't cross check your legal description with your map or even check if it overlaps wilderness. I'm willing to bet I could overfile one of my active claims and it won't set off any red flags in their system. Also after talking with BLM and the county recorder my perception on what due diligence is have changed. In the past I thought checking LR2000, county recorder, and walking the ground looking for stakes was good, but it's not. This event has made me reevaluate how I look for open ground. It has been a good lesson for me and hope it helps others from getting jammed up. DP
  14. Why file a claim?

    Hey Swamp, There has been four attempts to file on this location. Two were a error in measurement and two are a error in location. The measurement issues were rejected and the two with the wrong location are active. Plus the active claims are not recorded with the county. Where I got jammed up is when you check LR2000 or the county recorder the ground appears open because the active notices are written for another canyon in the mountain range. I gave it a year to see if he really filed for the other canyon and was done with the claim. After seeing that he made no correction I assumed he was done with the location and decided it was safe to locate a couple of claims. It was a good lesson in how grey claim ownership can be and what the BLM really does with your location notice. Ive been doing some research on the regs and Clay is right it would have been messy in court. I wouldn't have fought it anyway that's not the kind of person I am. Besides its a big desert and there is still lots of gold out there. DP