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  1. I think i got screwed!!

  2. Research site or two

    Thanks for sharing Bill! The report is a good read and Ive had good luck in detecting those mid tertiary deposits especially where quartz is intruding andesite or in andesite contact zones. There is one spot I detect where purple colored andesite contacts granite and Ive been able to find detectable gold and silver on that contact. DP
  3. I found some gold today

    Very cool, you running different batteries?
  4. 2018 Tucson Gold Show

    Copy that, Thanks Bill and see ya at the show. DP
  5. Andyy, Some pics and GPS cords would help with explaining the process used by the miners. In all seriousness the piles may have been classified by size for transport by mule if no roads are around? Saw similar to what you described in the Panamint Mountains near Death Valley. The mines were only accessible by mule and had similar high grade piles near the entrance. DP
  6. 2018 Tucson Gold Show

    Been thinking of driving up for the show. Bill are you speaking at the show? Also does anyone know who else will be speaking at the show? dp
  7. Rolling the dice!!

    Hmm, let us know the results.
  8. New year and the skunk is outta here!

    I’ve got a small pile of whatever that gray metal is from detecting near my house. The 2300 will hit pretty good on that stuff and some times I find it as a vein deposit in bed rock and I have to use a rock hammer to break it free. I’m planning and taking them in to UofA and see if they can I’d them? Not sure if they are native lead or some kind of silver lead mix? There is uranium deposits near by so I’m leaning more towards lead. Some pieces have really good crystal structure and others look like river worn nuggets.
  9. Sodalite....florecent

    Way Cool!
  10. More WW2 goodies with my CTX 3030

    Im thinking the brown glass tube came out of a chemical agent detector kit.
  11. When proper precautions is taken some pretty cool old stuff can be found underground. Not sure why you think Jeff Williams is doing something wrong Jen? I’m sure they bar everything down before bringing the tour group in. From what I’ve seen in his videos its not much different than what I’ve done with actual miners underground. If anything I’d wear a better respirator. I used to spend a ton of time underground until I moved to SE AZ. Ground is pretty heavy where I live so most mines are a wreck underground. Out in the Death Valley area there are mines that are full of old stuff and with the mines being dry everything stays in pretty good shape. At some point I will post some pics of some of the cool stuff I’ve seen underground throughout the southwest. The newspaper is from southern AZ and the flat track rail is from the Barstow CA area.
  12. Gold is NOT where you find it!

    Awesome write up on contact zones Doc!
  13. Thoughts on Claim

    It’s always good to get out. Finding gold is a bonus. Your on the right track with the remote areas.

    I was just curious because where I live it seems if the gold is chunky then it's rare to find a bunch of fines and if there is a bunch of fines it's rare to find big chunky gold. Just curious if it's the same story in your area? I'm planning to placer a spot this weekend where the water slows down pretty good during floods to see if there is anything interesting on bedrock? I'm guessing it will be two to three feet to bedrock looking at the sides of the wash. Thanks for posting.