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  1. Thanks for the info El Dorado, I think I have the whole process nailed down and will be filing the paperwork this week. The most whacked out shape is 8 sided so it's not as crazy as 15 to 16 sides. DP
  2. five hour hunt yesterday

  3. Minelab GP-GPX have auto tune and a manual tuning dial that will tune out the other detector. If Im hearing another nearby detector or radar from overhead aircraft I turn the manual tuning knob 1/2 to one full turn and it usually clears up the emi issue.
  4. Sumpin ain't right

    Nice one Luke!
  5. My DIY Gas Vac

    Protip: To efficiently clean out crevices take the plastic end off the hose and use your hand to squeeze down the end of the hose to match the size of the crevice you are working. You will be able to clean out the crevices better than using the standard vacuum crevice attachment. DP
  6. Biggest Nugget You've Found In AZ

    Andy, There is something to be said about that red quartz. The two specimen's I've found down here in SE AZ have the same colored quartz. Anytime I see that red quartz I slow down when out detecting.
  7. Biggest Nugget You've Found In AZ

    That is one awesome speci Andy! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Turquoise?

    I've seen seen similar colored turquoise from the Gleeson area of the Dragoons. But its always been solid chunks and not a film. You may have found some copper staining from a copper ore body. If your in southern az checkout the northern slope of turquoise mountain.
  9. colors of gold

    Hey John, I wouldn't sweat running into someone in the desert. I very rarely run into anyone mining and when I do its usually someone off the forums. Last time I was ever ran off by people in the desert was when I was a kid in the early 80's in the rich hill area. Most people I have ran across recently have been pretty cool to talk with once they learn your into prospecting. To find some areas to prospect just use the landmatters maps to find the areas claimed and crosscheck it with the county recorder (some counties have records online) and you can plot the claimed areas. Once you plot the claimed areas you can find unclaimed open ground that would be legal to prospect. Starting out I was like you and randomly searched areas in the middle of nowhere not wanting to accidently work a claim but I never found anything until I learned how to find open ground in areas that had a history of gold being found. Once I figured that out I became more successful in finding gold. You should come out to the nuggetshooter camp out coming up, it would be a good experience to talk with people who have been prospecting for awhile. Even better join the roadrunners or gpaa and go to some group digs on club claims. DP
  10. Thanks for the example GeoJack, Ive been reviewing notices online through my local county recorder and may have the process down. There are a few odd shaped claims in my county.Thanks again. DP
  11. colors of gold

    Hey John, You may have read my post with Luke and I talking about a gravel plant. The plant we were discussing is up in the Prescott area in a known placer deposit. Not every plant will have gold worth recovering. Adam hooked you up with some really good links and are a good go by for finding areas to with gold. Since you live near Queen Creek check out pages 62-64 of AZGS Bulletin 168. Those pages cover the Globe, Kearny and Winkelman areas. Ive found color in the Dripping Spring mountains and Tortilla Mountains just do your research and find some open ground. I've done good dry washing in the Tortilla Mountains. For a suggestion get to know the following web pages they are awesome tools for researching new areas to prospect. http://repository.azgs.az.gov/ (AZGS Placer bulletins) http://minedata.azgs.az.gov/ (Records of mines in Arizona, many contain geological survey data) http://www.mylandmatters.org/ (Loads of info on Regs, land use, and a awesome mapping tool to research claim status.) Also pick up Chris Ralphs "Fists full of gold" Its a excellent read for someone starting out. It covers everything you need to know to get started in the goldfields. Check with Bill he may have a copy to sell ya. Hope this helps getting you started in the right direction. DP
  12. Biggest Nugget You've Found In AZ

    Thats pretty awesome homefire!
  13. New ground 2 hunt

    Welcome Brannen, Were are you from? Do you belong to any clubs like GPAA? Clubs are a good place to start. DP
  14. Biggest Nugget You've Found In AZ

    Homemade coil! Awesome! DP
  15. Still Searching

    Rebel, What has worked for me is hitting the books and finding areas that have historically had nugget gold. Most streams run fine gold and if you can one that has a history of nugget gold your chances increase. Take a look at old usgs bulletins and you should be able to find what your looking for. Another thing that has worked for me is to work the edges of a known deposit, some times you can find a overlooked pocket. DP