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  1. For Sale: Minelab GPZ-7000

    Hope all is ok Jen. Pretty sweet price for a 7K.

    I was just curious because where I live it seems if the gold is chunky then it's rare to find a bunch of fines and if there is a bunch of fines it's rare to find big chunky gold. Just curious if it's the same story in your area? I'm planning to placer a spot this weekend where the water slows down pretty good during floods to see if there is anything interesting on bedrock? I'm guessing it will be two to three feet to bedrock looking at the sides of the wash. Thanks for posting.

    Any fines in the creek or is it just coarse gold? Would be cool to drywash if there were fines in that sand.
  4. Source for NF Skid Plates

    Thanks Bill!
  5. Blood, Sweat and Gold

    Pretty sweet!
  6. Thoughts on Claim

    I use a on board air compressor made by ARB. http://store.arbusa.com/ARB-On-Board-High-Performance-12-Volt-Air-Compressor-CKMA12-P3572.aspx But any 12v air compressor will do. Check Wal Mart. Weird my prospecting rig is also my daily driver and I've had no issue with my BF Goodrich All Terrains and driving to my claims require 4x4 low to crawl over the rocks most of them being sharp. DP
  7. Source for NF Skid Plates

    Thanks, I looked on both Bills and Robs pages and didn't see them. I guess it's back to the interwebs and search some more.
  8. Source for NF Skid Plates

    All, I'm looking for a source in the US to purchase some replacement skid plates for a few of my Nugget Finder coils. Anyone have any suggestions? DP
  9. Thoughts on Claim

    Below is a copper nugget found in the same stretch of bedrock as these gold nuggets. The wash these are from is in a area known for copper, silver, and gold deposits much like LSD. Keep in mind just like AZNuggetBob stated the gold comes from mineralized stringers. Allot of these stringers are small and many were not discovered by the old timers for example the gold from the wash these nuggets came from has no known singular source for the gold produced in the wash. Many have tried to find the source and have failed. My current belief is the gold in the wash Im currently working comes from the scattered quartz veins that cut across the wash and overtime small chunks of gold are liberated from the quartz during floods. These small stringers are not profitable for a mining company but can pay wages for people running a detector or dry washer.
  10. Thoughts on Claim

    Arizona has some pretty major gold mines other than the Vulture for example: From AZGS: Over the life of the Warren mining district (1880-2013), 3,961,479 tons of copper, 162,128 tons of lead, 177,524 tons of zinc, 14,000 tons of manganese, 2,792,000 ounces gold and 102,215,000 ounces of silver were recovered from the area’s mines (modified from Keith et. al, 1983). From Wikipedia: The Vulture Mine was a gold mine and settlement in Maricopa County, Arizona, United States. The mine began in 1863 and became the most productive gold mine in Arizona history. From 1863 to 1942, the mine produced 340,000 ounces of gold and 260,000 ounces of silver.
  11. Thoughts on Claim

    Funny thing about AZ is everywhere I've found gold I've found copper. The current place I'm working has both copper and gold nuggets in the same creek bed.
  12. Old California Gold Map

    Which route should I take first?
  13. HELLO

    Welcome, see ya at the camp out.
  14. Picked up my new prospecting mule today..

    Its hard to buy off on those tires. I could see catching the sidewall off camber and rolling over. Plus it looks to be a pretty firm ride on the rocks. Cool quad though.