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    Ppl call me hog leg lol

    Gold panning gold detecting gold high banking gold digging and did I say GOLD ANYTHING

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  1. Tommie33

    November 17th to 19th Nugget Shooter Outing

    Well have fun all a work thing came up I'm still going to try and make it out some time Saturday evening hope I can have fun all
  2. Tommie33

    Fall Outing Poll, Manditory

    Yep at least Saturday
  3. Tommie33

    November 17th to 19th Nugget Shooter Outing

    I'm up for that always willing to show someone how it's done
  4. Tommie33

    November 17th to 19th Nugget Shooter Outing

    Can't wait I so need a few days off
  5. Tommie33

    Hogleg Tommy is 37 today (Mansyrup)

    Lol thanks guys but still a few months off its in November but I will take gold as a present any day lol
  6. Tommie33

    November 17th to 19th Nugget Shooter Outing

    Man can't wait will be fun as always
  7. Tommie33

    2.5 hours

    Very nice how was the dirt dry enough for drywashing I hope lol hitting rose creek next weekend to get the sluice wet lol good luck out their
  8. Tommie33


    Try again lol
  9. Tommie33

    Spring outing mee n greet.

    Nice to meet ya
  10. Did not see one I might be out their on Sunday if so I will take a look for you Doc
  11. Tommie33

    Spring Outing Head Count

    Don't know what I will bring yet I'm heading out today will proby just Ho in to town of Friday and pick something up
  12. Tommie33

    Dandy gold quartz cab

    That's sweet I hope to find some cutting rough this good
  13. Tommie33

    1.5 Oz. Day!!!

    Incredible I would have pissed myself lol
  14. Tommie33


    Can't wait I need some time off lol will probably be out their all week my self