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  1. Way to go Tom. Wouldn't it be something if this turns out to be one of those zillion dollar mines that you hear about. Did any one else find anything.
  2. Nov outing with pictures!

    Thanks for the pictures Tom. Great looking outing Bill and all involved, wish we could have made it this time. We are saving that long drive for a couple of weeks in Jan. in Quartzite. John
  3. Book Contest

    I figure it's about $13.96
  4. Minelab Gold Panning Kit Prize

    My guess is $20.00.
  5. Eureka Gold

    Donna and I were in Eureka, California a few weeks ago. Caught 2 Lingcod and 3 rock fish off the jetty.
  6. Outing pics

    Great pictures Tom. All the poppies look like my back yard here in California. Maybe we will be able to make it to Bill's outing in the fall.
  7. Shep!!!

    Shep, sorry to read about your accident but glad that you will be ok. Donna and I are going to Quartzite in the morning. I will have you in my thoughts on the way. John
  8. My 2017 New Year's Wish Came True

    Way to go 'gal. It will get easier to find more now that the skunk is gone. What coil were you using, the round 5" or one of the oblong coils ? John.
  9. What brand and model drywasher?

    At the very end of the day I take all of my accumulated cons and run them through the drywasher and end up with a very small but concentrated amount.
  10. What brand and model drywasher?

    Mike, I also have the mid size Gold Buddy and it works good for me. I dig 6 buckets at a time then run them through the machine, dump the riffle tray into a bucket and go dig another 6 buckets. I do this about 5 times and call it quits.
  11. The Elf gets some gold

    Congrats Tom, maybe I can borrow that hat when we go to Quartzite next month.
  12. November Outing

    Everything's loaded,got our camping permit today, leaving in the morning. About 710 miles from here, should pull in sometime Friday.
  13. Weekend little nugget....

    Bill, I have never found a nugget with a detector yet, and you go and find the last nugget at LSD. Somehow that just isn't fair , ha ha. John
  14. I drywash

    Really great looking panfull you got there. Are you going to drywash or mostly beeb at the outing ?
  15. Outing headcount....

    Donna and me, I will bring a little wood for the fire and something for the potluck, John.