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  1. The thing is, I think we did have Spanish in the area here. I have seen digging that appear to be much, much older than the 1850's Do you know if the book is online?
  2. We've got them here too.....
  3. LipCa

    Sluicing Question for CA

    Hey Ron, He is only using a sluice box. Not trying to dredge. Good info though.
  4. LipCa

    10" coil Gold Bug II

    You'll get a couple inches more depth with the 10" vs your 6.5" coil( not a 4.5") I have both but use the 6.5" 99.99% of the time.
  5. LipCa

    A couple of Oregon nuggets

    Nice.....!!! Since it's been a couple years since you found those, some have probably grown up and are ready to be picked! Let me know when (grin)
  6. LipCa

    Hunting rifles!

    From what I've found, the Remington 7mm came out in 1962....
  7. LipCa

    Hunting rifles!

    I looked it up. It was made in 1965, not in the 80's
  8. LipCa

    Hunting rifles!

    I haven't checked but I think my 7mm Model 110 is from maybe the 80's ... Whatever that barrel would be? It's blued.
  9. LipCa

    Hunting rifles!

    I have the model 110 in both the .243(for deer) and 7mm(for elk). Need to find an all copper bullet for the .243 next year as CA has outlawed lead.
  10. Won't fit in a bottle. not all that pretty. Crush it and you have nothing. Guess it just can just sit in safety deposit? I thought it was just another hot rock until it sung back at me.
  11. LipCa

    So what do you do....

    I've soaked quartz in wink for an extended time before and the quartz turned a yellow color. It was carried to where it was by a glacier. Not much chance in finding where it came from. Quartz is fractured pretty good on the side with the gold. Some quartz came off when I washed it up. Thanks for the complements.
  12. I sure don't see the "nice gold & photos!!!"
  13. LipCa

    Sluicing Question for CA

    As long as you are not "sucking" anything or using anything mechanical. I think you are ok.
  14. LipCa

    Coil cover needed for GBPro 5 inch round

    DON'T epoxy it to your coil. just put a bead of silicone around the lip to keep dirt out. You are going to want to be able to remove it when it wears through. If it doesn't wear through, you are not "on" the gold. Need to get close to the ground.
  15. LipCa

    Found rocks

    My question marks were in reference to this: "This is a rock probably excavuated from more than 3fts deep, it looks Wethered. "
  16. LipCa

    First Dredge

    You won't have to worry about it...... From August ICMJ: "AMRA’s California mining bill fails to reach floor vote"
  17. Well Ron, if she hasn't found one in 30 years, they must be endangered.... Did she work here on the Klamath N. F.? I might know her.
  18. LipCa

    First Dredge

    Nothing happening..... https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billHistoryClient.xhtml?bill_id=201720180SB1222
  19. LipCa

    First Dredge

    not too much water for the gold cube...... that is what they make valves for. but, of course, you could not use the gold cube for dredging.
  20. LipCa

    New "OLD" gun on its way...

    I got one of those Mossberg 351KA back in the late 50's. Must have fired a hundred bricks through it. Shot the Remington for a while but it was borrowed.
  21. LipCa

    Coil cover needed for GBPro 5 inch round

    If you look at that site, click on 5" coil as if you were going to buy it and it will show as an accessory. They do not list it separately as for a GB Pro.
  22. LipCa

    Coil cover needed for GBPro 5 inch round

    Should be available through any dealer that sells fisher?
  23. LipCa

    Circular non river rock

    Some of the round rocks my wife and I have picked up...... One on top was the latest.
  24. LipCa

    Circular non river rock

    I found one like that the other day. Only it was much rounder and about 6" in diameter. It was, like yours, granite