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  1. HEY YOU.... Yeah You

    That's not bad Bill.... I was expecting worse. I have a nugget that looks like a miner. Trying to get a pic of it.
  2. Selling gold.

    Might have been better if you had not crushed them? Was there visible gold in the specimens?
  3. Yet Another Upgrade Today

    nothing yet.....
  4. Cuprite

    My wife wants it!
  5. HEY YOU.... Yeah You

    Thanks Bill. I'll get to it tonight. Right now I'm on "lighting strike" watch on a "red flag" day!
  6. I have one made from limestone which is strange as it is so soft....
  7. HEY YOU.... Yeah You

    So, where do you do it? Under "edit profile" or "cover Photo"??
  8. Gold recovery equipment...

    Ron, put that dredge pump to work and pump out that tank yourself... who knows what you might find!
  9. Gold Bug Upgrades = Gold

    I don't think it is sold....
  10. Mariposa Evacuated

    which fire is that?
  11. Gold Bug Upgrades = Gold

    This would be a good buy: http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/3891-fisher-gold-bug-2-with-6-coil/
  12. Gold Bug Upgrades = Gold

    All but a couple little bits were found with the GB2 in the you tube found on this page...(If the link works) As Uncle Ron said... GB2 rocks!
  13. Goodwin fire

    Yep, fresh charcoal is just like a hot rock to a GB2.
  14. The Nugget Only Thread, Past finds and New

    That is really some gold!! Hope to find slugs like that someday. Here's a u tube of some I found this winter.... u tube was done by the person I sold it too.