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  1. LipCa

    Township/Range overlay....

    Free from BLM site..... .sFZIhb{margin:0 3px 0 0;cursor:auto;float:left}g-img{display:block}.M4dUYb{position:relative}.BA0A6c{overflow:hidden}.rISBZc{display:block;border:0}.ghri8e{text-align:center}.ghri8e a{display:inline-block;padding-top:8px} Search Results [PDF](PLSS) data in Google Earth - BLM Navigator https://navigator.blm.gov/api/resources/.../BLM-MapServiceGoogleEarthInteraction.p... Cached How to display the BLM's Public Land Survey System (PLSS) data in Google Earth. Point your web browser to: https://gis.blm.gov/arcgis/rest/services/. For PLSS ...
  2. LipCa

    I found a thing in the dirt?

    Yes, I would say muzzle loader shot. Don't see any anything that would indicate it was a fishing weight.
  3. LipCa

    I found a thing in the dirt?

    I would say lead also
  4. LipCa


  5. "It's passed all of the tests" Where is the open face where it was tested?
  6. I'm not sure it is filled in.... just looks like a crack in the rock
  7. LipCa

    Worked stone from MA?

    All look like common stones/rocks to me. Like was mentioned before, you can pick them up all day long if you have a good imagination. The exception being the one with the 3 notches in it.... maybe for scrapping arrow shafts?
  8. LipCa

    Bucket Dredge Pics - 1940's to 1960's

    A long time since I've seen that dredge Ron. Do you remember where it went too?
  9. LipCa

    Blasting caps

    Yep, I would just call the sheriff's office and tell them you found them and ask how to dispose of them. Not worth fooling with them.
  10. LipCa

    Fox With Three Young

    I'll just have to imagine.... over a 3 hour download time so says my computer....
  11. LipCa

    Moss Mine completes five gold shipments

    The plant burns 5300 gallons of diesel a day!!
  12. LipCa

    Bucket Dredge Pics - 1940's to 1960's

    Look at the tailings shoot out of the end of that conveyor.... It has to be moving really fast!!
  13. LipCa

    Once bitten, twice dead...

    Should have ran over the darn thing.....
  14. LipCa

    Bucket Dredge Pics - 1940's to 1960's

    Thanks for the pictures... We used to have a bucket line dredge here near Callahan. (uncle Ron may remember it?) They dismantled it 40? years ago and I think it went to S. America
  15. LipCa

    Time to be careful

    Out for a couple mile hunt today. Didn't find any gold but did walk into a cartel grow being setup. Moving supplies in. Backed out quietly........