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  1. Butterfield Trail

    You can look at some pictures of stagecoach horses here: https://www.wellsfargohistory.com/history/ponies/ From what I find, they were a cross between draft horses and quarter horses.
  2. Unexpected Locations

    I don't think so.... Almost twenty years ago Probably a hunter carrying it around in his shirt pocket by mistake?
  3. Unexpected Locations

    I was surveying a property line in the forest once, pounding a 4' stake in the ground. Looked down at my feet and there was a gold coin lying there!! That was strange enough, what was stranger was that it was in a plastic holder?? I was miles from anywhere....
  4. Old gold pan, classifier?

    I found one exactly like that at a small prospect that I was detecting. They were not living at this prospect so I think they were crushing and just collecting the stuff that wouldn't go through. No water to pan the small stuff.

    Finally, I found a good piece(6 grainer) Should have been gram, not grainer.

    If you live in gold country(I don't know Arizona) I wouldn't give up. I went a year(probably longer) and only found one small picker. In good gold areas too. Finally, I found a good piece(6 grainer) and things fell together. I probably found a pound in the next year. Is there someone that you know that would loan you a few pickers? Having someone bury ahead of you and you finding them goes a long way to knowing what to listen for. Hate to see you give up...
  7. Placer operation in southern Oregon

    My son talked to either this guy or whoever owns the mine now before Christmas..... Said he was really interesting. He invited us up to look at his operation. Going to take him up on it.
  8. Looks like a piece of broken pick tip to me with something stuck to it....
  9. New buggy!

    When you start doing this, strap your detectors down!
  10. Neat you found gold.... How about a definition of "massive flade " for me...
  11. Eureka Gold and Gold bug

    You might post a picture or two.....
  12. gold bug 2 FS

    I've replaced my coil 3? times and never had a problem with it matching my machine... Yes, that was a good deal. If I didn't already have 3.......
  13. It could always be harder...

    Nice dig and nugget!! I'm still hung up on " how hard done by you are with " grin......
  14. Apparently no nugget detecting allowed on State Trust Lands? " The Permittee shall not: disrupt plant and wildlife on, blaze trails across, visit historic and prehistoric archeological sites on, or remove natural products from State Trust Land."
  15. I can see a broken window coming...... Are those wheels flexible? Looks rugged.... Sorta like an ATX housing.....grin Nice