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  1. Landed a BIG one !!

    Skills! Nice going Luke. Taking a step back and soaking in the area for a few minutes always helps me too. Congrats on a beautiful piece of gold!
  2. Mining lands actually opening (not closing for a change) and talk of offroad vehicles roads opening. Is this to good to be true? Will Nevada and AZ be next? Trump Desert Mining Lands
  3. Nice Pieces !

    Wow! My eyes just popped out of my head! Thanks for sharing and damaging my vision with the glare of huge yellow nuggets.
  4. Sweet Andy! Way to stick with it out there. I hope your not answering out loud to those voices in your head
  5. I found some gold today

    Way to go Luke! No matter the sizes finding that many pieces in one day is super fun!
  6. Google earth picture issues

    Oh man! I just checked Google Earth and all those great photos gone! I opened the new photo layers and every posted picture I opened was a photo from an area no where near the location the icon is on. Some looked like miles away from where the icon is posted.
  7. Unbelievable Monster

    Nice follow through! You just never know what might be hiding.
  8. Gold display

    Very nice nugget! Great job on the display. Glad you guys are getting out together for some quality time. I hear about kids my daughter goes to school with that have never hiked, ridden bikes or played sports. Just screen time on tablets and TV's with little outdoor activity, feel bad for them.
  9. Nugget Salad

    Maybe a schist nugget!
  10. Nugget Salad

    Only a gram... Thanks for sharing, its a nice one!
  11. Junkyard Dog Wash - Literally

    That's what happens when your messin with Sasquatch...
  12. Junkyard Dog Wash - FISA Memo !!

    All the recent hillside talk has me thinking heavily about this spot. Its very well hidden and I got totally lucky stumbling across it years ago. There is at least a football field size of old flattened out piles. I found square bellows nails in the fines piles. There is huge cross cutting quartz stringers, there is abrupt minerilazation contact. Good god I am getting worked up thinking about it. Really its about a two mile hike up and over and up again through some really rugged terrain. Going back in March after I get through this crazy busy spell I am in. Might take some good company with me to increase the odds.
  13. Junkyard Dog Wash - FISA Memo !!

    Yeah or that too! Kind of like how I now wish I had never sold my dirtbike because I know of a hilltop covered in old drywash piles that the trail in has a collapsed shelf road that is impassible by pretty much anything other than a bike, and I have only been there with my SD when I was totally green and now have a monster and some skills and no way back but a real long .
  14. Little stringer gold

    Nice nice baby! Hillside gold is good umkay.
  15. Junkyard Dog Wash - FISA Memo !!

    So my newest guess is the responsible party suffered a life altering injury between trips out there and couldn't physically make it back in anymore.
  16. Warble walking

    WTG Toms!
  17. GM 1000 question

    I tried this before hacking my headphones and it did not work for me unfortunately.
  18. January Snow and Gold

    Dude I can't keep with all this gold your finding! Wtg!
  19. Look What I Found !!

    Very nice 👍
  20. GM 1000 question

    Don't bother trying any other adapters either, I bought a $15 Grado gold plated stereo adapter from Amazon and they didn't work either. I also have a pair of $100 Grado stereo headphones that sound absolutely amazing with music so Grado knows there stuff but they don't sound too hot with a detector.
  21. GM 1000 question

    That was me Hacked into my $120 Grey Ghost's, bypassed everything and wired straight to the speakers. That's how much I hated the external speaker sounding. So a few weeks ago I scored the Jimmy Sierra Maxiphone II's. When connected to the monster with the chinese adapter the external speaker DID NOT sound off. But, on the Jimmys each side has an independent volume control, when connected to the monster both had to be at full volume to work, if I turned one down at all the volume went way down on both sides, so stereo did not work inky mono. Also the P. I. or VLF selector switch did not work. I tried a different adapter and same thing. Not wanting to take any chances in the field and having to remember to constantly check the volume I tore into the Jimmys and bypassed everything and wired those straight to the speakers. All good now. I also experimented with the sound quality between the Jimmys and Grey Ghosts. The Grey Ghost's are just barely louder and sound a little crisper at the beginning of the signal and midrange sound. But the Jimmys sound crisper at the end of the signal and give more high end signal where the Ghosts fall off, which I have found to be more important for distinguishing the difference between signals, like hotrock vs. lead. So the Jimmys will be my main headphones. I thought about putting one speaker from each in a single pair of headphones or one pair of phones with two speakers on each side, the speakers will fit.
  22. Need Panning Help, first time flying..

    Good luck out there Cooper, if you go to Georgia Gulch p.m. me. I'll send you a Google earth marker of the exact spot I was recovering 1/2 gram every four buckets of dirt which is very very rich. Back then I was just starting out and didnt know much and especially efficient production. So I was classifying first and carrying buckets 50' and feeding a sluice in the small stream. Now I would shovel from the dig spot straight into a highbanker and kill it all day long. I don't mind giving up this spot to you because, really, I will probably never be able to go back there and highbank. If I ever get back to Breck I plan on detecting a forgotten eluvial nugget deposit on top of one of the mountains above Breckenridge. Nuggets lay hidden between the talus rocks high up at tree line. Old timers found it but couldn't exploit it because of the difficulties of pumping water up there to sluice. Those nuggets are just begging for a detector prospector to liberate them.
  23. Need Panning Help, first time flying..

    I consistently found gold in Georgia gulch outside of Breckenridge an hour west from Denver. Can be accesed by 2wd and just absolutely beautiful country. Dig into the benchs on the sides, when you hit rounded cobblestones in clay there WILL be gold. Its wirery lower grade gold than what I find here in AZ but still yellow and gold. American gulch is the next wash over to the SW and had good gold recovered from it by the old timers too, I didn't really explore that too much though because Georgia gulch was good to me. It always had water running enough to run a sluice. The drive back in is really neat because of all the huge tailing piles everywhere from dredging. You can really feel the history, relics abound, from sluice box square nails to crevicing tools over 100 years old. Awesome place.
  24. Junkyard Dog Wash - Literally

    Me too! I bet the guy got hurt or bit by a snake out there and could never or didn't want to go back. Something like this happened at a half framed house by land my father owned outside of Ashfork. All the premium tools you could ever want to build a home sitting out in the elements for a year or more as far as he could tell. Or escape convicts. My buddy's uncle up in Colorado is an avid dirt bike rider, sometime back in the 90's he was riding alone way up in the mountains outside of Denver, all of a sudden two guys jumped out of the trees and tried to lasso him off his bike with ropes. Lucky for him he got away. He told us to never ride, hike or 4 wheel without a firearm in the mountains. He always rode with a pistol on his hip after that. He swore up and down they were escape convicts living up there. Cant imagine what they would have done to him.