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  1. Alwaysdirty

    Cool in Colorado - Gold Country

    Nice!! Love that state. I'll be in Pagosa Springs with the family tomorrow through Sunday camping, taking the pans for sure and maybe the monster.
  2. Alwaysdirty

    Storm Gold...

    Just had to say, those pictures look amazing on my home computer, seeing them on the cell phone earlier didn't do them justice. The sun baker insitu leaves me .
  3. Alwaysdirty

    Yesterday tiny nuggets....

    Pretty cool Bill. I'll take a dink any day!
  4. Alwaysdirty

    4 July Dinks and a little Hmmmm?

    I bet I have. Way to go mcgator!
  5. Alwaysdirty

    Storm Gold...

    Thanks for sharing adam!
  6. Alwaysdirty

    Nice night hunt with the boys.

    Awesome Dan!! Very nice slug there. Glad to hear your getting out with the kids still. I havent swung my detector all year, it'll be a different story come winter though...
  7. Alwaysdirty

    Contest winner?

    I won! Unbelievable, thanks team Nugget Shooter!
  8. Alwaysdirty


    $77.07 Thanks Bill!
  9. Alwaysdirty

    Odd Places

    Very nice adam, thanks for sharing your adventure. I forsee more to come from that hillside!
  10. That's good to hear Luke!
  11. Awesome effort Gary!! At least you can say you tried. I have the same feelings as you about this. Sad thing is that this is a statewide plan and closures like this are occuring at different times around the state so the areas you named will be up to bat at somepoint I bet.
  12. Only 69 views and no response's? Really? C'mon peeps...this is no joke. Trails will be closed, access will be restricted. How much all depends on us. How many people here go to Bumble to prospect? A bunch! Now help!
  13. The Arizona BLM TMP is in action and long story short is they are about to set the Bumblebee area closures. Public comments on the five different proposed plans being voted on are only being accepted until 5/22/18. Below I copied a post from 5/9/18 at Fullsizebronco.com forum with AZ members fighting hard to keep our local trails open. These guys have prepared a pdf file with comments that can be easily filled out with just your name and address and emailed to the Black Canyon BLM office. This pdf file is geared towards offroad vehicles, but we use many of the same trails for prospecting. One of the links below gets you to an interactive map of the proposed plans and many trails I use will be affected if the BLM chooses the worst of the plans (Plan C), it looks like many of the Roadrunner claims will be affected as well as many private claims. My wife and I have both emailed the BLM this signed pdf and I hope to get some others to as well. They use a service called dropbox for the pdf, you do not need to register for dropbox to download the pdf. After filling out your info click the print button in the pdf box and select destination "save to pdf" to create a saved pdf file you can quickly email to the BLM at http://blkcanyon@blm.gov/ Lets keep these trails open! Thanks!! Bare with me this is a lot of copy and paste, but needs to be put out there. Ok my fellow off-roaders, Bronco Maniacs, and outdoor enthusiasts, the government is at it again and only allowing us till May 22, 2018 to submit public comments before they shut down a large area of trails in the Bumble Bee area of Arizona. They are not giving us any reason why, I was at the meeting tonight and they basically cannot answer anyone as to why, just that they feel like it, no environment, no archeology, or geology reports that show any determent to justify closure to our trails. Now they want us to submit a reason for each trail they want to close in the area and why, that is hundreds of trails that they will close. They have given us 5 options, option A leave it as it has been for as long as it has been which is the way we want it, or 4 other options which include different trail closures. Option C which they notated would be there preferred choice, would close 50% of the trails now open to the public and make it so you would get ticketed and fined if caught using it. They want to make it hard to argue the trail closure so they can show they tried to work with the public. I need your help to email them, call them, write them and there managers that option A is the only one we will accept. Below I have posted the proposed closure maps option A is the first map with all current trails in a purple color that are currently unrestricted with option C is the second map the trails in red are the proposed closures and green are the ones they will leave open. The BLM has stated they have never even been on some of these trails they have just taken second hand information.Please email, call the local BLM office and state the only Option we will accept is Option A without the your support we will lose our Trails. Remember Option A is the only Option. Please share this to all your off-road social media pages, get the word out.Brian Buttazoni, Project ManagerBLM, Hassayampa Field Office21605 North 7th AvenuePhoenix, Arizona 85027(623) 580-5500blkcanyon@blm.gov Keith Canete Edit: The meeting is over and what I was told throughout the day, yesterday, by the BLM, was NOT represented in what we saw, ‘supported’, last night. The option E maps are good for our OHV community and they represent what the Tammy and Rem were telling me we would see. The issue is that the BLM supports option C. Option C is not good for the OHV community and should not be passed, as-is. We are developing comments. One of our guys worked on them for 3 hours, last night. We are double checking them today and tomorrow. Then, we will be plastering them every where to be added to the BLM comments on the new TMP. It because obvious that the BLM really didn’t walk any of our trails and laid little attention to them, when making map 3, for option C. I’m attaching two pictures of some of what we noticed last night. The list of trails are ones on E, but missing on C (we are double checking the maps for other missing trails). The other pic is of the wash we need open to access the entrance to two of our trails left open on the option C map. They show the trails as open, but only allow access from the exits of each. Trust me, the waterfalls on these, don’t make going down, a pleasure. You’ll get down them, but won’t look the same at the bottom. We are counting on folks helping to spread the word. Just give a is few days to get our propaganda machine rolling.Original post:I'm sharing this lengthy post here, because of the overlap. It is regarding tonight's meeting and the BB TMP issues. Sorry for the length of it.I've got a ton of things on my mind. Seems like I'm fighting a battle with folks on all sides of the fence. Let me clarify some things regarding the BLM TMP being presented at tonight's meeting. Feel free to share.1) Jeff Gursh will be losing his job 5/11. This is a temporary job loss and they are working feverishly to get him back on with the BLM. This job loss is directly caused by our current President's administration and came as a shock to the local BLM office.2) The new TMP lists a ton of our lost trails as being open. There are some that have been truncated or partially closed due to Riparian and ARC site encroachment. We can't do much about that.3) During the early RMP time period, none of our trails were notated, because they were hidden or seen as too extreme to be driven. The RMP applied a Land with Wilderness Characteristics(LWC) designation to a significant portion of the BB area. That LWC was placed directly over two of our favorite trails, PMF and S&M. They were seen as a lost cause. I was supplied with info from Tammy Pike and Rem about how to fight for them and we fought hard. The support of local clubs like the UT and BTG supplied us with with dated videos and pictures proving the trails were used prior to the RMP and the LWC designation. It wasn't easy, but Rem, Tammy and Ron T (Rem's second in command) fought, all the way to the top, to add both PMF and S&M to the map.4) The list of trails is not perfect. For example, the BLM doesn't know how, but Turkey Creek was left off the TMP. They will be addressing that and getting it on the map. If we want other trails added, now is the time to comment. 5) Tammy used to own a jeep and Rem is pro-OHV. They have both come together and fought against the negative voices, as they worked on this TMP. For those of you who have not been to the meetings or put in the work, this may come as a surprise. 6) The BLM has been very supportive of us and helped us, get our trails back, throughout this process. 4 years ago, we attended a meeting that showed maps of Bumble Bee (BB) without any of our trails on them. Back then we were told to get with Jeff Gursh and show him where the trails were, so that he could perform the EA's needed on each trail for the new TMP. We did that, at Jeff's house, over pizza. Two years later, we attended a meeting that showed the new maps and 18 of our trails were added as proposed routes. Two important ones were still missing, S&M and PMF. That took more work, but with the advice given in #3 above, we supplied them with the ammo they needed to get them added to the new proposed route inventory. 7) There is going to be a ton of 'new', legal trails in the new TMP and the BLM is counting on us to help maintain them. We've been working towards a component of the new TMP that is not in it yet, an Adopt-a-Trail component. A few of the local clubs will be maintaining these new routes. We are still working on this component and will be announcing mtg's about it, soon. This issue will also be brought up, at tonight's meetings. If you want to help and have a rig or or club capable of making these trails, please feel free to join in the process.�� This is not a 'done' deal. The vote still needs to come in and changes can take place. As things sit now, the plan has my support and looks good for OHV use, at BB. I hope it stays this way and will be signed, as-is or with even more access for OHV use. 9) I'm still arguing with what I term as the 'old guard'. The folks that got burned by the Tucson BLM office and the jerk, Francisco. Rem is not Francisco and has only worked with us. His team is behind promoting OHV usage on BLM lands. So much so, that one member of the team who was against opening our trails, was veto'd so many times, that she left the meetings entirely. What I'm getting at, is that we lose everything if we hide our trails and don't move forward with the BLM. I'm also getting at the fact that I've been working with the BLM more than fighting with them and I've been fighting with wheelers more in recent days, trying to defend the plan, more than working with them.10) For the majority of wheelers out there, you've been sitting on your hands and doing nothing. This has been an on-going battle for over four years. I know who has been to these meetings and I can count on one hand, how many, folks outside of my UT brothers, who have been there regularly. I appreciate all those who have helped along the way. I just wish some of the folks who have just arrived, take a moment to listen to those who have been in the trenches for years.11) I appreciate your input and I appreciate your passion. Please attend the meeting and see what we've got. I also hope that when future land use issues arise, you join in the fight, sooner. The last two days of quelling rumors and trying to pass along good info, has been draining. If you feel strongly about land usage, please join in the fight and do it, in the beginning, not after the TMP has been proposed.12) For those worried about trail closures and option 'C', tonight's meeting is the time to bring it up. I was told, directly, this morning, by Tammy that option C is not the path they are taking.I may be optimistic in my take of what is happening. I believe that my optimism is fueled by the way the process has gone, for the past few years. I don't see Rem or Tammy changing their minds and they wouldn't be asking for our help to maintain trails, if they were planning to close them. Show up tonight. Look around and ask questions. This is your public lands we are talking about.Attention Wheelers !!BLM planning to close most rock crawling trails in Bumblebee area as well as many quad/rzr trails !! �� ⛰����BLM has been closing many other areas to 4 wheeling community as well. If this continues, where do you plan to take your Razors, quads, jeeps, buggies ....??We need to show our support of maintaining open trails.We ALL need to help !! ����Even if you don't wheel Bumblebee.Please don't be lazy or your'e going to be couch wheeling soon !!Your assustance will make a difference.Update⚠️Please note below⚠️Link for comments & resources https://eplanning.blm.gov/epl-front-office/eplanning/ Regarding BLM/Bumblebee..Click ✔on first draft document and scroll to page 17/18 for clarification.There are 5 options.⚠️They are proposing option C at this time. Option C will close �� all but 4 trails we currently run plus it will close the roads that lead to two of the four remaining trails. Thus leaving us with 2 TRAILS !!! People have until the end of the month to contest option C. The final decison is yet to be made. One option would close ALL rock crawling trails as well as many rzr/quad trails.Below is a link (2nd link) to view the different options. Can be found on page 17/18 on the first document.The 1st link has a form that our leaders have already filled out. All you have to do us fill in the grey area and send.Thank You to all who participate !!Here is a link with the comments all completed. It’s a fillable .pdf. Please fill in the grey section and send it in. https://www.dropbox.com/s/87u0wl8e27dvt83/BLM%20Comment%20Feedback Ill do my best to get the maps up today, but know this is pretty much state wide.
  14. Alwaysdirty

    Happy Birthday Alwaysdirty

    Thanks guys!!!!
  15. Alwaysdirty

    Three nuggets and a 'stone'

    Holy cow Luke! What a bad time for something like that, that's the way it goes with kidney stones though. My wife got her first stone when we were on vacation in Oregon the second day she woke up with excruciating pain in her lower back, she was yelling and screaming too just to help handle it. She says it was worse than child birth passing that thing. She had three in six month, Calcium oxcolates. Feel for you man, ouch! Congrats on the gold! The skunk and a kidney stone would have really sucked!