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  1. That's a terrible video and quite irritating, should be removed. You CANNOT swing the GM that fast. They have no idea how to correctly operate the machine. Doesn't show settings they are in, maybe this was all said already but I was to mad to read through this post. More b.s. as usual.
  2. Do Better Headphones Mean More Gold?

    I've considered buying high quality 300 ohm or higher drivers and retrofitting them to my existing headphones and then running an amplifier to really blow my eardrums out! I think the detector/headphone/operator combination makes a difference as well. I have personally heard the difference between my Grey Ghost NDT's and the Maxi-phone II's using a GB2, and two GB's had the same result. The result was for the better with the Maxi-phones,while the majority of the signal sounded exactly the same it was the tail end of the signal that sounded different. For me and the other detectorist I was with, we both could more "easily" tell the difference between a hotrock and lead/gold with the JImmys. Some might not be able to tell the difference because they are not yet capable of understanding all the signals of the GB2 and headphones wouldnt matter as much. Now running the Monster and learning its many more signals then the GB2 makes me want to try many different headphones with it, until I find the one that best sings the song of the Monster. Maybe my daughters pink Wal-Mart headphones will do it! Here is a link to some more serious audiophile headphones that might make the difference, 300 ohm so compatible for detectors we use. $286, more in the realm of realistic for detecting but still crazy expensive for headphones. If your spending $9k on a GPZ why not spend $300 on headphones? Sennheiser HD 600
  3. Gold Bug 2 Head Phones

    CL, Cali. Just the one pair.
  4. More from the Pavement Patch

    Very nice Thanks for sharing and I like the second pic of the "ground most would pass up", a nice reminder to keep an open mind and not concentrate on just a few factors but many possibilities.
  5. Gold Bug 2 Head Phones

    Scored some Maxi-phone II's! Brand spanking new, $68 w/ shipping.
  6. Hump Day Dinks

    Was a gorgeous sunrise today and nice nuggies to top it off.
  7. Confidence Gold

    Congrats on your biggest find yet! Its a nice looking piece of fold you got there. Wtg!
  8. 16 to 1 wash

    Thanks for sharing Tom And nice gold too! Woot!
  9. Today's trip with the Toms.

    Sounds like a fun day guys! Couldnt ask for better weather in December.
  10. Christmas Gold

    Nice gold guys

    Nice nuggets, I like hearing about other people out working hard for it. Thanks for sharing Gary!
  12. Christmas weekend Gold

    Nice work adam. Wish I was unwrapping presents like that!
  13. Gold is NOT where you find it!

    If you detected on the south west quarter section of that square and the north half you were on claims that are not Roadrunners. The north side of that square is Mexican gulch and claimed newly this year, the claimant filed with the BLM but could not file with the county recorder because the documents attempted to file were not signed and sent back, so maybe you could fight that one, I dont know though. Not being a smart ass here and just going to make a suggestion for you and other prospectors out there, but I use "My Land Matters" to find out claim names in a certain section, then pull those claims paperwork up on the Yavapai county recorders website then run them through LR2000 to check the status. I use the claim filing paperwork to make my own map of claims for my chosen section. When I go to the field I am usually very close on the claim marker locations and can work right up to the boundry line if on some gold. There is plenty of gold around Bumble Bee still but mostly small stuff you need to placer to reach. I always see boots prints through washes I pull gold from down there, ez pickens are gone but many still walking right over decent gold. I bet there is some good undiscovered hillside patches too.
  14. Holy chit is right!! You found gold in a vein!! Great story too, thanks Tom!
  15. Nice going moody!! Keep them coming, theres gotta be more!