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  1. Alwaysdirty

    Three nuggets and a 'stone'

    Holy cow Luke! What a bad time for something like that, that's the way it goes with kidney stones though. My wife got her first stone when we were on vacation in Oregon the second day she woke up with excruciating pain in her lower back, she was yelling and screaming too just to help handle it. She says it was worse than child birth passing that thing. She had three in six month, Calcium oxcolates. Feel for you man, ouch! Congrats on the gold! The skunk and a kidney stone would have really sucked!
  2. Alwaysdirty


    You had me worried for a second! But those nuggets are too rounded to be from one of my spots. Phew! Nice goin Gary!
  3. Alwaysdirty

    Landed a BIG one !!

    Skills! Nice going Luke. Taking a step back and soaking in the area for a few minutes always helps me too. Congrats on a beautiful piece of gold!
  4. Alwaysdirty

    Nice Pieces !

    Wow! My eyes just popped out of my head! Thanks for sharing and damaging my vision with the glare of huge yellow nuggets.
  5. Sweet Andy! Way to stick with it out there. I hope your not answering out loud to those voices in your head
  6. Alwaysdirty

    I found some gold today

    Way to go Luke! No matter the sizes finding that many pieces in one day is super fun!
  7. Alwaysdirty

    Google earth picture issues

    Oh man! I just checked Google Earth and all those great photos gone! I opened the new photo layers and every posted picture I opened was a photo from an area no where near the location the icon is on. Some looked like miles away from where the icon is posted.
  8. Mining lands actually opening (not closing for a change) and talk of offroad vehicles roads opening. Is this to good to be true? Will Nevada and AZ be next? Trump Desert Mining Lands
  9. Alwaysdirty

    Unbelievable Monster

    Nice follow through! You just never know what might be hiding.
  10. Alwaysdirty

    Gold display

    Very nice nugget! Great job on the display. Glad you guys are getting out together for some quality time. I hear about kids my daughter goes to school with that have never hiked, ridden bikes or played sports. Just screen time on tablets and TV's with little outdoor activity, feel bad for them.
  11. Alwaysdirty

    Nugget Salad

    Maybe a schist nugget!
  12. Alwaysdirty

    Nugget Salad

    Only a gram... Thanks for sharing, its a nice one!
  13. Alwaysdirty

    Junkyard Dog Wash - Literally

    That's what happens when your messin with Sasquatch...
  14. Alwaysdirty

    Junkyard Dog Wash - FISA Memo !!

    All the recent hillside talk has me thinking heavily about this spot. Its very well hidden and I got totally lucky stumbling across it years ago. There is at least a football field size of old flattened out piles. I found square bellows nails in the fines piles. There is huge cross cutting quartz stringers, there is abrupt minerilazation contact. Good god I am getting worked up thinking about it. Really its about a two mile hike up and over and up again through some really rugged terrain. Going back in March after I get through this crazy busy spell I am in. Might take some good company with me to increase the odds.
  15. Alwaysdirty

    Junkyard Dog Wash - FISA Memo !!

    Yeah or that too! Kind of like how I now wish I had never sold my dirtbike because I know of a hilltop covered in old drywash piles that the trail in has a collapsed shelf road that is impassible by pretty much anything other than a bike, and I have only been there with my SD when I was totally green and now have a monster and some skills and no way back but a real long .