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  1. d_day

    3 pieces, unidentified

    I'm going to say calcite and aragonite. In fact, I'm going to get a little more specific and say you've probably got some fragments from a septarian nodule, like this one.
  2. d_day

    Need help with ID

    Looks like feldspar and hornblende.
  3. Looks like an ordinary rock with partial coating of caliche.
  4. Nothing strange or unusual about this. Geologic pressures fractured the rock. The fracture was later filled in with another material. You will often see stones like this described as "fractured and healed."
  5. d_day

    Worked stone from MA?

    pareidolia is interesting.
  6. d_day

    Is This Petrified Palm?

    Not petrified palm. Looks like travertine.
  7. d_day

    Is This Petrified Palm?

    Don't see a pucture
  8. Looks like you've got an agate nodule. Also looks like you posted pictures of some other stuff too.
  9. d_day

    Can anyone help me identify

    I just saw my phone autocorrected copal to coral. I think it's probably copal.
  10. d_day

    Can anyone help me identify

    I'm thinking you've got some coral there rather than amber.
  11. d_day

    Need help with ID

    Looks like you may have a seam or plume agate fragment with some quartz or calcite druze on it. Really hard to tell from these two pictures though.
  12. d_day

    The tongue rock???

    This looks like a fragment of an ironstone concretion. It's got an unusual shape but otherwise is very common.
  13. d_day

    A rock I found.

    It's just plain old glass. The bubbles are the telltale sign. Green obsidian is extremely rare, and almost always opaque. It never is as translucent as the piece you have.
  14. d_day

    What is this

    Auto finishes are pretty darn hard. Not sure where they land on the hardness scale, but I'd think they're at least as hard as calcite.
  15. d_day

    What mineral is this?

    Very difficult to tell from a photo alone. You have more info like specific gravity and hardness? if I had to guess (and that's all it would be) based on the photo alone, I'd say green calcite.