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  1. d_day


    If you've got a loupe, take a good close look at the dark red crystals. If you see what look like small beads of mercury, then you've got cinnabar.
  2. Bismuth crystals are square. Chalcopyrite has been known to form triangular hopper crystals.
  3. d_day


    Knowing fluorite was on the other side, my first thought was fluorite. Adam mentioned lepidolite, which is possible, but it doesn't quite look right for lepidolite, at least not to me. I still think it's probably fluorite. I could tell you with 95 to 100% certaintity if I had it in hand, but wouldn't venture to give an a definitive answer from a picture alone.
  4. d_day


    Even individual crystals have multiple colors quite often.
  5. d_day


    Looks like opal to me as well.
  6. d_day

    Chalcopyrite and...?

    After looking at the close up you posted, looks to me like you've got bits of chalcopyrite and some small bits of azurite on an iron stained quartz matrix. I'm no expert though, so might be way off.
  7. d_day

    rock survey

    I see a few conglomerates there (pics 8, 9, and 12). Conglomerates of course are sedimentary rocks. If the sediments they formed in contained gold, then these rocks would also. That is, however, highly unlikely.
  8. The one in the middle is an agate of some sort. I still think your yellow one is a jasper, but you've not told us things like its hardness or specific gravity, so it makes identifying it nothing more than a guess.
  9. Hardness? Specific gravity?
  10. And here's one broken open. Nowhere near as weathered as the OP's rock.
  11. Here's a pyrite module in situ.
  12. Those chalk quarries also produce pyrite nodules. This has the look of one of those. Needs to be tested to be certain, but it's the direction I'm leaning.
  13. That looks to me to be a large and stunning piece of man made glass.
  14. d_day

    Help! ID please

    I think Morlock nailed this one.
  15. d_day

    Circular non river rock

    I've got a question for you. It may seem silly at first, but will make sense once I explain. Where are the bones? The artifacts you find all the time seem to cover every inch of the earth. For so many to exist, there must have been billions and billions of people around the globe creating these things, yet the only evidence of their existence is these stones. there should be human skeletons everywhere. There should be remains of the things they ate. There should be evidence of their bodily functions. Yet, there is nothing other than these rocks. Where are the bones?