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  1. Cabin Fever Fun

    Youre gonna get fat eating all that ;)
  2. Gas Powered Pump

    4 a 2 stroke water pump will have you drinking more that that pump can put out. The noise is plain terrible

    Would make a good burial ground for sure
  4. NQ Explorer's hit San Domingo Wash

    McDonalds has French frys
  5. Hope I have room to prospect.

    Nah This picture was took when they legalized Marijuana and told them it grew in the ground
  6. The Last Pistol I Will Ever Buy

    Hope that 44 came with earplugs
  7. Dinkiest dink yet

    Now you,ve done it !!! Thats my dinky dink. So Beel what would cause that lil dinky to go over the riffles ? feeding material too fast or to much air or not enough air or just nature of the beast not to get every piece that goes across ?
  8. I Keep Warning YA!

  9. Weaver Mining District Club

    I heard a member talking about them just a few days ago so somebody will get to you after they wake up
  10. San Domingo area Grave Site Question ???

    Ok everyone the heat has finally gotten to Jen... Somebody put her out of her misery, she may be rabid so approach with care. Last seen on LSD muttering to herself swinging a stick side to side. But back to the subject the history of that gravesite would be interesting. I cant help but wonder was it easy digging and how long did it take to dig the hole. I wont even ask about the depth. RIP to whomever is buried there.
  11. Found Cat, Creme Coloured

    Not sure what the zoning laws are but a Cat house would probably be nice ?
  12. Blower for Drywasher

    Not familiar with that brand. But most blowers in the $150 range put out enough air unless. Your is big like the keene. I have the mid-sized gold buddy. Try to get one that has a adjustable hand throttle or you will have to bungee the trigger. A real pita
  13. LSD Short Trip

    RRPC ? Rapid Returns Please Contribute ? Hey guys and Gorls I need a place to drywash around Salome, I'm in a RV park here and prefer not to have to haul quad unless needed. My quad wont be here until Sunday I think ? and after looking things over I guess my drywasher wont be here till Sunday either. Oh ok now I remember I went to Oregon so highbanker went with me and drywasher stayed in quad trailer!!
  14. LSD Short Trip

    Mike that dollar probably came from someones belt buckle ( now I have to see if I still have mine ) The Peppermill in Reno had a machine that the gold plated ones got mixed in with regular dollars and if you wanted you could cash it in for $5 I suggested to a friend that they would make great gifts in a belt buckle. It worked I got one for a xmas present
  15. Well if that doesnt frost your buttons ! So much for getting inside info