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  1. 2 coins and some cool stuff

    Good night! looks like you guys had a blast and i love the the boar coin too, but not to belittle the rest of your loot. Awesome finds!
  2. 12 hr night hunt.

    What a cool idea, thanks for sharing night hunters!
  3. Happy Birthday Nugget108

    Happy Birthday from the biggest little city!
  4. Lorian swamp basin.

    I may be getting off topic a bit, but wet/dry i am curious and would like to know more about what you are talking about when you say iron meteorites must have at least 3% nickel. I am very interested in the possibility of irons with very low to trace amounts only of nickel.
  5. Another Franconia find

    Wow your on a roll, maybe you found a hot pocket. Any idea on the largest meteorite pulled out of the area? Keep up the swinging looks like you have moved into the big fish zone! Happy hunting HT
  6. Franconia Revisited

    Some pretty cool little irons you got there swinger, keep it up man!
  7. Cool find Swamp! keep digging and having fun!
  8. StV hunt today

    Awesome, always cool space stones way out there. Thanks for the share, hope you can get out more!
  9. Some Rites Today

    Well done, i figure that gold has been here longer so it knows how to hide better! Awesome finds with the meteorites though that is always a great feeling. Keep the good times coming Dave!
  10. What the??

    Could be some troll hunter in the area, what a cool find some characters having fun. Have you seen the piano that shows up in the most unlikely places? Thanks for sharing that one!
  11. Giant from Campo del Cielo

    Yes, that's a whopper of an iron right there. I wonder how it was found?
  12. Pretty good couple days on Lynx Creek

    I love the color, keep up the good shooting, i love the Bradshaws the mother lode is out there!
  13. First Nugget!

    That's great i will never forget my first nugget, since i have only found three! Your work paid off what an exciting feeling, way to go Mark!
  14. Bodie - Prospecting Week

    Yes Swamp, just drove by there on our way to mammoth for the 4th of July. The river looks to be going the wrong way and my wife just wants to float it so bad.
  15. Red Dry Lake day hunt

    What a fit! you guys found some