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  1. hardtimehermit

    How Cold Is It?

    On our way to 10 degrees in Reno.
  2. Nice ride Rocky, the bike will keep the fun coming and keep swinging your bound to hit that meteorite some day!
  3. hardtimehermit

    Nice Pieces !

    Those are Awesome! almost looks like they were together at one point and then split up. Thanks for sharing, and nice looking night in Peoples Valley.
  4. hardtimehermit

    Gold display

    Sweet finds, love the natural gold, and nice work on the display!
  5. hardtimehermit

    Where does gold come from? with AZ Nugget Bob...

    Yea Fred, i think you may be talking about the Hoba meteorite, that's one scientists figure came in at very low angle, and maybe even skipped on the surface. The west coast is all about plate tectonics, that's my take on how the central valley was formed.
  6. hardtimehermit

    Trump 45 meterite sidearm

    Looks like a meteor-wrong!
  7. hardtimehermit

    24 hour Gold

    Well dug, looks like fun!!
  8. Thanks for sharing Rocky, not boring to me and i have to hand it to a man who will spend time hunting in such difficult conditions! It's always a reward to be free outdoors so much to find. Keep up the hunt and i hope you trip over 5kg pallasite!
  9. hardtimehermit

    Helping a newcomer, and getting gold nuggets

    Things are looking good down south, way to go Dave helping others find that big smile! Your a great example and looks like you got what you deserve.
  10. hardtimehermit

    My Collection

    Pretty cool idea, never saw anyone do that to their meteorites, just don't drop'em might roll away! Very impressive collection
  11. hardtimehermit

    Best coil choice for GPX

    Hi azdigger, i have the same set up and i have found the mono coil is my choice. I usually hunt irons, and so if you have a couple sample meteorites you might try testing both coils on irons and stones. Not sure, but curious now if DD works better on stones. I will try my own test and see which i found works best. If all you want to find is an iron then i would choose the mono!
  12. hardtimehermit

    Finally joined the 1oz+ club

    Killer nuggets! oh your soo happy!
  13. hardtimehermit

    Slag or possible meteorite

    Hey Metworks, for $20 you can have a real lab test your suspects. Look up New England Met. lab and you will find the info needed. Good luck, l love me some mesosiderite!
  14. I am not the chondrite expert, but i have never heard of a meteorite that flows liquid, and drys white crystal. Still like Bill said Wow, those are some pictures. I think # 4 and #5 are interesting. Thanks for sharing, and good luck with classification. If you are looking for somewhere to send your suspects. Look into New England Met. Lab they are great and only costs $20.
  15. hardtimehermit

    Interesting looking??

    Hi Rocky, i suggest if you want to have your suspect tested, send it to New England Met. Lab. It will cost you $20 and you will get results pretty fast about a week.