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  1. This morning got out with my dog, and monster for a short hunt. We went to one of my favorite spots in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, where many emigrants including the Donner party have passed through. I have found lots of traces of the emigrants from oxen shoes to old metal safety pins, nails and old cans. I got to swinging at about 8am and on my first swing a target i heard. Couple of scratchs with my pick and in the morning light i could see round silver in the hole. When i picked it up i was so stoked to see my first 1916 mercury dime! I combed the area for more, but one was enough to keep me smiling for days. When i got home i realized i almost found a very valuable coin, if only it was minted in Denver. That's cool though now i can keep this sweet coin.
  2. hardtimehermit

    Please help fro my Daddy...

    Well done Rocky, keep it up, your find is waiting for you!
  3. hardtimehermit

    Good Hunt Today

    Wow, you guys are bad to the bone. Great finds turtle included
  4. hardtimehermit

    Bur Abor strewn field ,kenya

    That looks like a hunky chunky abalated glob of iron nickel. Did you clean it up or was it found like that? great find
  5. hardtimehermit


    Oh that's cool, and spotted on the same road, i am thinking that might be a gold monster!
  6. hardtimehermit

    What types H5 or?

    Your the man, in my book Bob. Your finds are amazing and i can only imagine so are the stories behind the discoveries. Have you ever tried hunting Acomita ? I love the story behind the road side rock used to help prop up some guys truck, while he changed his tire, and then threw it in the back of his truck. Years later it was found to be a main group pallasite.
  7. hardtimehermit

    What types H5 or?

    So it looks like you have found at least two Glorieta's , i am very impressed because i have an idea what work it took to find those. Real bad ass meteorites!
  8. hardtimehermit

    My prospecting Bronco project finished

    That's a calendar shot at broken arrow, the first shot and the rest all look bad ass! Great work dirty
  9. hardtimehermit

    What types H5 or?

    Wodu Bob, i am loving your pimp wisdom and humor ......
  10. hardtimehermit

    What types H5 or?

    Jimale, It is clear how much interest you have with meteorites. It also seems you have a fever for the flavor of the most exotic and hard to identify meteorites. Have you tried to buy some irons and chondrites on e-bay? Maybe invest in some and you can make windows in the chondrites and maybe try to etch an iron. Get your hands on some real meteorites and they will help you when it comes to identifying your finds. I should have asked in the first place if you already have a meteorite that you have not found yourself and can be proven to be authentic, if so what kind? Keep up your passion man.
  11. hardtimehermit


    Way to go eagle eye
  12. hardtimehermit

    I.D. help

    Have you tried a streak test, take your suspect and rub it back and forth on some unfinished tile surface. An example you could use the under side of your toilet lid, of you don't have another option. If you want to spend 20 bucks sent it to New England Meteorite lab. They can test for nickel and only takes about a week. Good luck! So Paul, the point of the streak test is to see what if any color marks does your suspect leave on the tile surface. You are hoping for close to no marks left, but if you are seeing red or black you could have magnetite or hematite.
  13. hardtimehermit

    Does it look like gold?

    Yea man, that is a beautiful find! way to go
  14. hardtimehermit

    At times , the way I feel

    Where are these videos azdigger?