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  1. Unbelievable Monster

    Broke the skunk
  2. Nice Pieces !

    Adam , you really take the cake and baked it too .
  3. graded areas

    Go scan it out man , it sounds like a good spot .
  4. New Spot -- New Nuggs

    Thats super nice . how deep was it ?
  5. New 2018 F150 V6 3.0L Diesel!!

    Next yr chevy has a stright 6 cylinder diesel comming . Ford Ranger will have a 2.3 turbo 300 hp four banger . Next 2-3 years will awesome for trucks and hybrids .
  6. WOW!!!!!!!! Check this out

    Congratulations me I see a new truck in that rock .
  7. Look What I Found !!

    Nice bunch your hanging out with .
  8. Junkyard Dog Wash - Literally

    One of the guys got snake bit or hurt badly . See any freash buried digs were to hide a body ?
  9. Another golden day in them thar hills

    Congratulations on that hunt . That would be a dream 4 me .
  10. Beautiful Day with GPZ Gold

    That sure was a super hunt . How deep were those big lunkers ?
  11. Some Cutesy Pie Nuggs

    Wow thats some shiny gold guy . Did it come this way ?
  12. one crazy story

  13. one crazy story

    The Hoba meteorite, estimated at 66 tons, left no crater when it fell to Earth Virtually every day, Earth is bombarded with some 100 pounds of meteoric material. Down come bits and pieces of asteroids, and similar debris composed of www.thevintagenews.com
  14. Sunday Gold

    You seem to never run out of golden places to hunt .