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  1. five hour hunt yesterday

    If its stuck in hard caliche and its loud thats got my attention .
  2. Finally joined the 1oz+ club

    Crazy hunt . Great skill and luck
  3. Weekend gold run

    BD always seem to pull off some sort of a CRAZY hunt . Knocked it out of the park .
  4. There use to be gold here but ...

    Michael .. it seems to me your looking for that 5 × 12 foot of ground that got missed in the mother lode area . Haha
  5. Southern AZ Gold

    Any gold bering areas in the Patagonia mts. ?
  6. The Indicators

    I would get my 151 dry washer in there , that looks like great material to run .
  7. stung by a crazy unknown bug

  8. Used GPZ 7000 with extras

    Crazy price
  9. Muggy Morning Gold

    Great score , all gold is sweet .
  10. Another legend passes, Jerry Keene

    Sorry to hear this . R.I.P
  11. 4500 or 5000 ?

    5K is less finicky
  12. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    Bite the bullet .. haha
  13. GPZ - First Impressions

    Great review . Enjoyed and good luck with the greatest technology out .
  14. Hard rock gold

    It sure works for bad spots like a plant stain or rust stains on carpets .