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  1. https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/ypwvmy/theres-an-ocean-deep-inside-the-earth
  2. H-2 Charlie

    Death Valley trip

  3. H-2 Charlie

    Death Valley trip

    5,700 feet up and springs everywhere. Of all the places the turn out were in had a non stop running hose in the middle of nowhere.
  4. H-2 Charlie

    Death Valley trip

    Went to a few spots and spoted charlie's mansons truck , the guy said the pinks in his name .Ballarat Alot of exploring and hunting. . The panninamint range was awesome.
  5. H-2 Charlie

    12.6 gram gold specimen

    Sweet specie
  6. H-2 Charlie

    Gold monster breaks the skunk

    Nice day out with a nice shiny prize .
  7. H-2 Charlie

    Azusa Gold

    I have yet to find more then fly poop up there . Im 45 minutes away
  8. H-2 Charlie

    Azusa Gold

    Sounds like it could be dangerous
  9. H-2 Charlie

    A friend found this today

    Jack H ... how deep was it out there ?
  10. H-2 Charlie

    W-I-D-E mouth bottle, no go !

    Very nice lunker . It is so shiny , Did you gold plate it ? Haha
  11. H-2 Charlie

    A Good Day's Worth Of Nuggets

    Way to go guy . You got your equipment dialed in .
  12. H-2 Charlie

    New dredging bill

  13. H-2 Charlie

    First sunbaker 22.6g AZ Specimen!

    Looks like a mini stack of gold .
  14. http://www.savefishing.com/stopthefishingtackleban/
  15. Congratulations . very nice