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  1. Morlock

    Ghubara L5 Chondrite

    From what little I know about meteorites, I would say they are silicates. I'm sure other more knowledgeable people will chime in.
  2. Morlock

    Whites Detectors

    Congrats. Finallyyyyy.... I was wondering when these were going to get sold.
  3. Morlock

    Where am I ...?

    Man.... that's a hard one.
  4. Morlock

    Stinky rock

    He said this one stinks.. Oooops. Sorry.
  5. Morlock

    Stinky rock

    Given the location in which it was found, the vesicles, possible pollution, there's no doubt in my mind that's where the stink comes from. While some rocks may smell, I've never encountered one but then I never had a reason to check the smell. He said this one stinks..
  6. Morlock

    Stinky rock

    Absolutely!!!! In all my years as a rockhound, I've never encountered a smelly rock. That's my methodology.
  7. Morlock

    Stinky rock

    Most rocks don't stink. Probably just organic material from the lake that decomposed.
  8. Maybe some type of schist?
  9. Morlock

    Cool petrified wood

    In most areas where petrified wood was found, the larger, log sized pieces were removed years ago. All that's left are smaller pieces like those. Some big logs may still be buried but you'd need some type of excavator to remove them.
  10. Morlock

    Cool petrified wood

    Dan Very nice pieces!!!! I don't know where you specifically found those but some absolutely gorgeous petrified wood has been found in certain areas not far from you know where. You can still see examples in the cemetery at you know where. I had a set of reddish-brown bookends from that was among the best of it's kind. A commercial petrified wood dealer from Susanville, California is how I discovered the area around you know where.
  11. Morlock

    Kind of a cool specimen

    That is a nice looking specimen of chert. Imho
  12. Morlock

    Fossil find

  13. Morlock

    Fossil find

    Me neither... But nice find.
  14. Morlock


    If it's calcite, a couple drops of vinegar on it will slowly fizz after a few minutes. Make sure it's done on the clear part.
  15. Morlock


    No way.. lead chromate is crocoite.. one of my favorite minerals. Tasmania is a famous locality. Ordered a specimen directly from there and quite a few crystals broke since it's very fragile. They pack the specimens in soap powder to restrict movement but.... https://www.mindat.org/min-1157.html
  16. Morlock


    Cinnabar is very soft so it should be easy to check for.
  17. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/08/180813160537.htm Went through a whole box and couldn't do it. Now I know what all the great scientists do in their spare time.
  18. Morlock

    Good Hunt Today

    Terrific. Congrats.
  19. Morlock

    NEW! Hand Made Drywasher

    Not getting anything on the link.
  20. Morlock

    Please help fro my Daddy...

    Hello Welcome to the forum. What type of detector do you have? Need to make sure the detector you have will be able to pick up the meteorite.
  21. That's a tooth with gold filling and it's mine!!! Just kidding. Really nice find. Congrats.
  22. Morlock

    I.D. help

    Good luck from me as well.
  23. Morlock


    That's the source of the staining imho....hematite. You can check the steak. It should be reddish to reddish brown.
  24. Morlock


    I've been a rockhound for years now and I still don't know it all and never will. Especially trying to indentify a specimen just by photos alone. Nothibg like having the specimen in hand so one can do the various tests. So I've developed my own version of Occam's Razor for use on photos. Sometimes I'm right. Sometimes I'm wrong...
  25. Morlock


    I know what you mean but I've seen artificially coated gemstones that you would swear were colored all the way through. It's also possible that what started as a coating gradually permeated the whole specimen due to certain conditions. I think it's a hematite coating until someone proves me wrong.