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  1. Morlock

    Vulture mine is hiring

    If I was only 40 years younger....
  2. Morlock

    3 pieces, unidentified

    Citrine is quartz that has small quantities of iron in it. You have a light yellow and brown layers. Those are citrine..You also have a gray layer which I'm not sure of.
  3. Morlock

    Rawhide Nevada

    Sounds intriguing. Hope you have a successful trip. Post pics of your finds.
  4. Morlock

    Rawhide Nevada

    The town of Rawhide is long gone since being devoured by a mine. So I think relics are going to be pretty scarce. As far as detectable gold, I assume you have the Nevada Gold Placer Deposits book by Maureen Johnson. I would check that to find out what kind of production they had and where. That should at least give you some idea.
  5. Morlock

    Bacon wood knife scales

    Very nice work.
  6. https://www.inverse.com/article/45831-moon-dust-nasa-neil-armstrong
  7. Morlock

    please help identify

    I agree. First and third pic looks like agate of some type. Second pic looks like pink feldspar in basalt.
  8. Morlock

    Cabin Fever Already

    I ran a four inch dredge in the Bradshaw's on Oak Creek during the summer a few years back. No better way to stay cool and find gold at the same time. Good luck and post pics.
  9. Morlock

    I found a thing in the dirt?

    It could have washed up on the beach from a sunken ship offshore
  10. Morlock

    Going to try something dangerous

    Yeah, watch out for those strings when they snap. They can do serious damage to your hand.
  11. Morlock


    Whatever happened to that meteorite?
  12. Morlock

    Near UV Flash Light

    I've never heard of anything like this before. Could it have been something else? I know you're not supposed to stare into the lights themselves but that's about the only danger I'm aware of.
  13. Both are great finds but the one on the right is spectacular. Congrats.
  14. Morlock

    Near UV Flash Light

    From my experience, short wave gives much better results then long wave. I don't know if it's because a lot more minerals flouresce under short wave or what. Short wave seems brighter. Long wave seems duller in most cases. I wish I had an inexpensive battery operated short-long wave lamp like you have.
  15. Morlock

    Happy Birthday Nugget108

    Happy Birthday Dan. Hope you're out there picking up fist sized nuggets.
  16. Morlock

    My First Gucci

    Congrats on the nice find. Didn't know Gucci made rings so I looked it up. Can find on sale for $225.00 assuming it's in great condition.
  17. Morlock

    UPGRADE in 3...2...1

    Looks like we might be related.
  18. Morlock

    I Found A Specimen With The Equinox

    It might be easier to find someone who already has it and would be willing to process it according to your instructions for a fee.
  19. Sounds like you had a really great time and found some terrific specimens. Congrats. If you ever get a chance, you should go to the Green River formation in Wyoming and hunt for fish fossils. Lots of spectacular fossils have been found in the past.
  20. Morlock

    Research Time

    I envy you. I've always thought about doing something like this as well but could never put all facets together. I hope you can do this and have a successful trip.
  21. Morlock

    Possible meteorite pieces?

    From the looks and the black streak, it's probably magnetite which is an ore of iron.
  22. Morlock

    14.9 Grams of Ugly

    Since HFL acid is so hard to obtain, I purchased some Whink to try on a couple specimens. It's working, albeit very slowly. Also, since it's so weak it takes quite a bit to get the results you want. In a way, working slowly does have its advantages in the sense I don't have to worry about too much quartz being dissolved..too fast. I want to leave some on but if you have a really large specimen, it might take months to get most of the quartz dissolved.
  23. Morlock

    Worked stone from MA?

    Ever look at clouds? People see what they want to see... I've seen all kinds of weird formations in my time but none of them are man-made.
  24. Morlock

    Hey, got prayers?

    Wishing her the best.