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  1. Morlock

    Best Ebay hoaxes yet, enjoy!

    What's his username? I'd like to see what else he has for sake.
  2. Morlock

    Got out today........FINALLY

    Nice find Dan. Good to see you all get out in the field.
  3. https://www.morningticker.com/2018/04/shocking-claim-about-asteroids-could-change-everything/
  4. Morlock

    Unexpected find...

    Nice finds. Did you know if it floresces?
  5. Morlock

    12.6 gram gold specimen

    Nice find. I'd like to know what formula you use to determine the weight of the gold.
  6. Morlock

    gold mining in Tanzania

    So you're the one sending me all those gold scam emails.
  7. Amazing what they keep finding overseas https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.livescience.com/62323-king-bluetooth-treasure-found.html#ampshare=https://www.livescience.com/62323-king-bluetooth-treasure-found.html
  8. Morlock

    Today's Butt Ugly Half Gram Nugget

    I've used HFL acid many times previously and am well aware of the potential hazards. I just wanted to know what type of results might be expected when using it on a electrum wire on matrix specimen.
  9. Morlock

    Today's Butt Ugly Half Gram Nugget

    Would HFL brighten a small specimen of electrum I found years ago? It's a neat looking electrum wire in matrix but it doesn't look bright because of the copper and silver in it.
  10. Morlock

    Watch Your Step

    Nice pics. I saw a black snake with yellow or gold markings many years ago. I couldn't see the tail so I couldn't tell if it was a rattler or not. What color are the markings on these?
  11. Morlock

    What is this

    Just when you think you've seen everything, it turns out you haven't.
  12. Mining the seabeds are going to be hard enough to do. Mining just the vents is even more so and makes less sense economically. I think there's only one company in the world attempting to mine the seabed. http://www.nautilusminerals.com/irm/content/overview.aspx?RID=252&RedirectCount=1 I just found this article today. https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2018/04/12/japan-rare-earths-huge-deposit-of-metals-found-in-pacific.html
  13. Morlock

    What is this

    Anyone heard of rainbow calsilica? Not on par with Fordite but still interesting material. https://www.google.com/search?q=rainbowcalsilica&tbm=isch When this first appeared on the market, people stated it came from a single mine in Mexico. Then someone tried to investigate the mine and found out it was a hoax. http://invoguejewelry.blogspot.com/2015/05/rainbow-calsilica-is-it-real-gemstone.html?m=1 http://treasuretrunkdesigns.blogspot.com/2011/06/calsilica-mysterious-wonder-stone-or.html?m=1
  14. Morlock

    What is this

    http://www.fordite.com/cabochon-gallery.html http://www.fordite.com/jewelry-gallery.html Have seen this material but you'd think it would be too soft to work with. But amazing looking cabochons.
  15. Morlock

    Mineral Tresspass

    Just about anyone who hunts for gold knows all about the laws regarding claims and mineral rights. No offense but most likely they just don't care. I wish you luck.
  16. Morlock

    Rye Patch ?

    You won't have any trouble getting around. Just make sure you have 10 extra spare tires.😊
  17. Morlock

    Vintage Goldwire Specimen Stickpin F/S

    I just watched this crystalline gold stick pin close on eBay for spot gold price which is a shame. I know someone from Mindat would be interested in it at a much higher price but they don't allow ads. Have you tried contacting a high end dealer like Kristalle? Maybe they would pay you a price that would satisfy you and give them an opportunity to make a little money as well.
  18. Morlock

    WTB... Small, Ugly Gold Basin Meteorite

    Found some. Thanks for the replies.
  19. Anyone have a small, ugly rusty Gold Basin meteorite they would like to sell? Should be in the 5 to 10 gram range. PM me. Thanks.
  20. Morlock

    Mineral Tresspass

    I tend to agree. While I sympathize with your predicament, this is probably a common problem in your county. I just have to think the sheriff has more important things to do. Even if you catch someone in the act, you don't know who you're dealing with. Could be hippies, dopeheads, methheads or worse....
  21. It looks like some flint nodules I've seen but not 100% sure. Could also be agate.
  22. Morlock

    UFO Over Arizona.. Again!

    Mulder and Scully no longer work for the government. I'm sure they are investigating this as well as taking on private cases of other supernatural phenomena.
  23. Morlock

    LSD camp out

    Devil Claw are used for crafts. Years ago, the going rate was 2 cents each for harvested ones. Laugh if you want but I saw someone in the Bradshaw's have a field day with these. He must have had a 1000 or so and he wasn't done for the day. He sold them to the local florists in Prescott and surrounding areas. They make these round balls by sticking the devils claws together.
  24. http://abc13.com/science/self-taught-rocket-scientist-blasts-off-into-california-sky/3265289/