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  1. Stop Me if You've Heard This One..

    This isn't April Fools Day is it? https://www.snopes.com/politics/satire/noabilities.asp
  2. Found a cool app on Google Play called AMS Meteor. American Meteor Society. I would imagine you can get it at the Apple App Store also. Just loaded with useful information for the night sky watcher. Wish I had this when I was out west. Not much use here in the big city with all the light pollution.
  3. Neither can I. I just hope they don't encounter any issues like they did on the Hubble. This project seems a lot more complex and fragile which means more can go wrong. Keeping my fingers crossed. I also hope this last just as long as the Hubble, if not more and not the projected 5-10 years.
  4. I agree with you the numbers are dubious at best. But if one teaspoon from them weighs over one billion tons, no doubt vast quantities of gold and platinum were produced. Even if it wasn't equal to the mass of 100 suns.
  5. This article has a little more detail. http://www.straitstimes.com/world/how-scientists-watched-two-neutron-stars-collide
  6. What I thinkI need

    I don't think your issue is knowing how to use the Monster. Rather.. it lies on finding a spot that has gold. I've said this many times before. Learning to use your detector is the easy part. Getting your coil over a piece of gold is the hard part and encompasses all facets of prospecting.
  7. Rough diamond?

  8. Green glass covered rocks?

    Definitely not tektites. Water worn epidote or serpentine perhaps.
  9. What I thinkI need

    Please don't tell me you found that piece of opal with your detector.
  10. Space gold!

    I look up in the sky every day just waiting for it to start raining gold and platinum nuggets.😉
  11. I've never even heard of a kilonova before. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kilonova That is a pretty interesting reading. Thanks for posting.
  12. Amen!!! Science and religion are incompatible. As a matter of fact, some people would argue that religion is one of mankind's biggest faults and the "Golden Rule" would better serve us much better.
  13. Friday Night Tunes

    Rarely do you see this much talent on stage at one time. https://youtu.be/_PLq0_7k1jk
  14. Coyote Dry Lake

    Nice find. Congrats.
  15. Is this petrified wood?

    Have you done a streak test on it? http://geology.com/minerals/streak-test.shtml