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  1. Diamond Ring Grew a Whole Carat ?

    Believe it or not, this has happened to someone else but under different circumstances. Wish I could find that link.
  2. Minelab Gold Panning Kit Prize

    23.19 is my guess. Thanks for the contest.
  3. Solar Eclipse on August 21st

    It's going to be crazy here also. Area hotels and motels all booked up. Weather is looking good so far also but that could change quickly.
  4. Solar Eclipse on August 21st

    I have cheap but approved cardboard glasses for viewing the eclipse. If you look at the "lens" from the front, it looks like aluminum foil. Whatever they're made of, no doubt they will keep the harmful rays out. Can't try them out today since it's too cloudy.
  5. Solar Eclipse on August 21st

    I would imagine you've seen the northern lights which are probably more beautiful then a eclipse of any type.
  6. Solar Eclipse on August 21st

    Amazon is giving refunds to people who brought glasses in their website that turned out to be phoney. Don't know how they determined that. I wouldn't buy any glasses if they came from China. That's for sure. This might help. https://eclipse.aas.org/resources/solar-filters
  7. Solar Eclipse on August 21st

    I think if they are rated 14 or above, you should be ok. You can buy a pair of cheap paper ones for about $2.00 or $3.00 in most retail stores.
  8. How many of you guys are going to be able to witness (knock on wood) next Monday? While I've been seen a partial eclipse, I've never seen a total one. Some people describe it as a almost mystical experience. I hope everyone along the path can witness it. The last cosmic sighting I saw was the Hale-Bopp comet back in the late 90's.
  9. Big Changes

    Kind of like our dear leader in the oval office.
  10. Amazing Opal

    Oops. Didn't see you already had the name listed.
  11. Amazing Opal

    That is a fantastic specimen. I believe that is what they refer to as koroit opal. That's one of the best I've seen. Thanks for posting.
  12. Follow the drywashers

    There's a copy for sale at Uncover Books in Berkeley, California for $532.32. Maybe it contains some gold nuggets to go along with the book. I can't believe they think someone is actually going to pay that much for it. Maybe there's a sucker born every minute.
  13. Kicked the SKUNK.......FINALLY.

    Congrats. Nice to see you found that specimen. There's more out there for sure.
  14. AZ Fleas Test Positive For Plague

    With everything that's going on these days, it seems like they're telling us not to go outside anymore because we might die of something. Hell, we're all going to get killed one way or another so we might as well enjoy ourselves doing it.😉
  15. Petrified Wood

    Thanks for the link. I'm trying to find wholesale dealers as opposed to a rock shop that has a few items of petrified wood. I know there's one in Mt Hood, Oregon but don't have his address anymore.