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  1. Got to get back with detector

    they dont eat much
  2. GB Pro Scores Again! :)

    well done
  3. Weekend gold run

    thats the way to do it
  4. Tammy and The GM 1000

    wtg tammy
  5. GPAA

    theres lots of gold there you gotta look for it heres a half ounce that i found by the gpaa campground a few years ago & ive found a number of small ones recently keep looking there out there coil to the soil & under the bush
  6. GPX 4500 LCD screen went blank.

    when you turn the unit on hold the power switch in the on position for 5 seconds that should do a factory reset
  7. Happy Birthday WLTDWIZ

    thanks all
  8. how much for the gold magic  & your banjo pan



    1. azdigger


      225.00   565 5101

  9. 1.5 Oz. Day!!!

  10. Happy Birthday Grubstake

    congrauts you just made another trip around the sun have fun
  11. congrauts you just made another trip around the sun  have fun :old:

  12. SDC made this noob look good!

    way to go gotta love the sdc find some more
  13. Breaking stuff in the hills

    well done hell its mineing equipment aint it