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  1. I rerouted a package on UPS and it was surprisingly easy. You don't need anything special to do it. As I was rerouting the package because I gave the wrong street number, I was thinking that anyone could do it. With UPS, if delivery was attempted, the sender needs to change it, but if delivery has not been attempted, the receiver can change it, and change it very easily.
  2. chrisski

    Micro Digital camera

    If you got a flexible piece of metal tubing to hold the camera, it would be much better than my Milwaukee Snake Cam from Home Depot. Most of the time I use my snake cam, I end up just jacking the car up anyway to put eyes on the picture quality is so bad. The snake cam has helped a couple of times, but I've used it at least a 100 and the other 98, no good. You'll find so many uses for that. I wonder if it could project onto a screen a view from a micro scope lens or even binoculars.
  3. chrisski

    Micro Digital camera

    Not bad. Does it have a light included? I looked at the micro USB cameras instead of getting a snake camera for auto work. That pic is much better than my snake cam.
  4. chrisski

    Batteries, OOOOOH I like Batteries !

    I'd check the battery charts about how long a particular battery can draw a charge. Just watched a video of a go carter who melted a battery terminal because he drew too much, too quick from the battery. I think his battery was rated at 30 amps for 30 minutes, but he melted the battery terminal after his test drive. He was well within the AH rating of the battery, but the batteries were not designed to deliver the amps so quickly for so long. A shorter test drive would have been fine. The battery issue shows after 7 minutes: The batteries you listed are rated to 200 amps and also 8 AH. How long they last is not linear so you just can't do 8/200. At 8 AH in a linear relationship would be about a minute and a half of power, but it'll be less than a minute and a half discharging at 200 amps.
  5. chrisski

    Mohave County: Flash Flooding Stupidity

    The Phoenix valley had water rescues, including one person climbed in a tree to avoid the flooding. Supposedly that's the same way the Lost Dutchman went, stuck in a tree in heavy flooding for three days, and then passed away from complications days later.
  6. chrisski

    Prescott area got a LOT of water!

    That is a lot of water being moved. That drone as some range. I saw at the beginning of the video a feeder stream going into the river that looked about 6' deep that cut through a level piece of land next to the road and the stream. Looks like this one storm had cut it. Makes me wonder how many of these short feeder streams I detect have been cut after a single flood event.
  7. chrisski

    Uncle Ron's AZ-Gold CBD Oil

    I can't say for sure if this product will show up in a drug test, but about five years ago while in the service, we were warned that hemp oil could show positive on a drug test. We were also ordered not to take hemp oil, and if we showed positive, we would suffer the consequences. There's also many, many drug tests. In the service, we were spending tax payer money, so the tests were the good ones and properly managed, not the over the counter test administered by your questionable boss. Now I deal with kids, not high schoolers, kids bringing their parents medical marijuana to school. Please don't share it with the kids and keep it stored as you would any other prescription drug.
  8. For those thinking of doing chair webbing, this is the result of sitting for four months in the sun. I believe the chair webbing is made of Polypro. Installed in Sunny, central AZ in March, and broke the same July. The original canvas cloth cover lasted 10 years. I got the idea off of redoing the old aluminum chairs, but this new webbing is not designed to last. I understand the AZ sunshine destroys stuff, but should have been more than 4 months. My advice, spend the extra few bucks and get the canvas replacement.
  9. chrisski

    Interesting find please help

    Looks in a way like brain coral. Maybe petrified?
  10. chrisski

    Found rocks

    I would break a piece off and crush it in my mortar and pestle and then pan it to see if there's gold. When I first got the mortar and pestle, I would have crushed the whole rock, but that would be hours of work to get the entire sample to -50 mesh. Now I just crush a piece that would fit inside a closed fist, not the size of the closed fist, but inside the closed fist. Saul's trick is much easier, but there's no workout involved. If you press the gold with the knife and it crumbles, it's pyrite. If it leaves a malleable indentation, probably gold. I don't see any gold. It is Thursday morning and I've got not much else to do, so why not crush some rocks!
  11. chrisski

    New video of my Sweep Jig....

    Perhaps you found a new fracking site for oil. Some of it is stored in shale.
  12. chrisski

    New video of my Sweep Jig....

    I've reached the end of the internet with this. You seem to be the only one with anything on sweep jigs on google. Good luck on the patent; it does seem to be a new piece of gear. I like the fact of not classifying on it.
  13. chrisski

    Yelland Dry Lake, June 23, 2018

    Thanks. I would have expected it to have evidence of being there for years, but it looks like it was just put there yesterday. Kind of like the scientists that hunt meteors on the poles by looking for them on the snow.
  14. chrisski

    GPAA How to re-up?

    I have to use three browsers because each has its own peculiarities. Internet Explorer is stopping to work for posts on another forum because Microsoft updates edge more, but I can't view You Tube videos from that forum there. For Chrome, it works better than the three, but at times a website won't load on Chrome, so I go to one of the other two browsers. My tech guy at work calls it the "Browser Wars."
  15. chrisski

    Yelland Dry Lake, June 23, 2018

    Nice pics. Were they found like that on the surface? How long do you think they've been sitting on top? I'm surprised there's not evidence of an impact. I must say I'm starting to catch the meteorite bug.
  16. chrisski

    GPAA How to re-up?

    I just had something similar last night and E-Mailed the GPAA. It's early the morning the next day, but here's the address I used: info@goldprospectors.org When I first joined the GPAA, I renewed by phone. No issues. The whole contact info from the site is: Mail Gold Prospectors Association of America 43445 Business Park Drive Suite #113 Temecula, CA 92590 Phone Toll Free: 800-551-9707 (United States Only) Local: 951-699-4749Fax: 951-699-4062 Email General Information: info@goldprospectors.orgLDMA Information: ldmainfo@goldprospectors.orgAdvertising: advertising@goldprospectors.orgSubmit a Story: content@goldprospectors.org
  17. chrisski

    Here ya go,..."OMG!!"

    The Spanish starting with Cortez in 1540, picked up their trash, and that's why we don't find anything here in AZ. Either that or they were really few and far between, never really settled AZ. Cortez supposedly lost a small chest full of pearls, perhaps its in the AZ trek of his journey.
  18. chrisski

    Your opinion welcomed

    I am beginning to think that Nuggetshooter has either been hacked by the Russians, or someone was out trolling and is being fed with everything sent his way.
  19. chrisski

    LiDAR maps and nugget shooting

    I'm glad I saw this. LiDar has come a long way since I first saw it many years ago. I think google somehow combines the LiDar images with imagery to get the 3D didplay
  20. chrisski

    Tip of the Day

    Bill don't need to steal your thread, but I couldn't;'t help myself with the title. Never go out without a recovery kit. I did. I was stuck for three hours all alone, jacking up my pickup in a soft sanded wash. I recommend you not be like me and get something like this prior to getting stuck, instead of the say after. Nearly everyone, but not everyone, on here travels with recovery equipment.
  21. chrisski

    May Nevada Trip

    Awesome views. Looks extremely remote. Can't see a trace of civilization except the road you came in on.
  22. chrisski

    Back to the hills

    Only seen one mountain lion since I moved to AZ. It was at Lynx creek and was bolting across the paved road to avoid traffic. Except for the rattler, I kicked at night, never feared the wildlife. He feared me more and slithered away. I had boots and snake guards on. First time I ever wore them and the only time I ever needed them. I hear the National Park campgrounds are closed.
  23. chrisski

    No more tent Camping

    That's nice. I have my RV I take my family in. Sometimes if I do an overnight detecting, I will a put cot up in the back of a truck. I really don't think I'll ever put a mat and a sleeping bag on the ground again.
  24. chrisski

    Is this a trace amount of gold?

    Easiest way to tell its not gold is take a pin to it and if it crushes, not gold, and if it is slightly malleable, possibly. Another way to tell for sure is to crush it to dirt and pan it. My samples I take I crush in a mortar and pestle and then pan it. Every once in a while a minute speck of gold comes out. Mostly I just get plenty of exercise. Definitely does not look like gold.
  25. chrisski

    Is this a Conus Nigromaculatus?

    I can't say the exact type, but I found lots of cone shells looking like that stationed in Okinawa. Just called them cone shells. Occasionally saw them crawling around on the bottom of the during a night dive. Although venomous, I never heard of anyone getting injured by one.