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  1. chrisski

    Metal detecting groups

    I am not familiar with the Rye Patch, but understand there is one in Nevada and Idaho. I can only recommend joining a club like a GPAA and seeing when they have their local outings. Welcome and best of luck on the hunt for gold.
  2. chrisski

    Rye Patch Gold Corp Q1 2018 Results

    Looks like another penny stock. Is sitting slightly over $1 as it has for years, with one brief spike to $2. Nothing I would consider investing in. Nice to see some mining activity though.
  3. chrisski

    Rye Patch Gold Corp Q1 2018 Results

    Really seems to me a lot of capable companies create LLCs by raising investor capitol and then spend it in the hopes that they can get a good thing going, and it totally fails. With numbers like that, I would expect this to fail as soon as investor capital is leveraged out. If I was told my investment would be $1 per ton, I'd not invest. I hope its a bad month, and gold production will ramp up. Met someone a few years ago who had been hired to take core samples in the local area, but his core sample did not go that deep, and he staked a lot of claims, all incorrectly, and lost them all. Still no production in the area. To me that was financed by a bunch of investors, and this mine is a larger scale.
  4. chrisski

    Rye Patch Gold Corp Q1 2018 Results

    I came out with a couple of different numbers, but my higher number was about .23 grams per ton. I think the ore is a little misleading. I think there is some of that ore that is overburden and tossed to the side. That is less that $1 per ton of gold. If .23 g/ton is the truth the company will quickly burn through investor capitol. Highest number I got was dividing 22,300 Toz gold on pad by 1,856,400 tons and multiplying that by 32 grams per ton, came out around .4 gm per ton, or perhaps a little over $1 per ton (22300/1856400*32). Better than most of the ground I've worked on placers.
  5. chrisski

    Watch Your Step

    I'm so happy that this area of the world has poisonous snakes that let themselves be known. Most places are not like that.
  6. chrisski

    Mineral Tresspass

    At least in the last five years a sheriff's department has prosecuted a case. This comes after a tunnel had forced entry. A definite risk and property destruction. I don't think that the Maricopa Country Sherriff's office has an interest in chasing off claim jumpers when the claim is seven miles off the paved road. Not saying its not risky, but going into a situation armed against someone who has already pulled a weapon has potential of going south quick. I'm sure going to the claim armed is perfectly legal, but having to use the gun to evict trespassers is risky. Even if in the right, any shooting would probably result in a law suit and time lost in legal trouble. A similar scenario I read on a forum was someone buying a claim and introducing himself to his claim neighbors and getting chased off because the claim he bought was not valid and the correct owner did not appreciate him on the claim.
  7. chrisski

    Mineral Tresspass

    GeoJack--Have many times found evidence of people doing mineral trespass on my claim. I have never contacted the sheriff, but I know those who had, and the sheriff's office would not do anything, something about it being a civil matter and not criminal. My impression is that the law ends at the end of the paved road, and once you're in the trails, short of a capital offense such as murder, the sheriff's or law enforcement office won't do anything. The best you can do is catch them in the act, threaten them with felony mineral trespass, and perhaps they will move to someone else's claim. IMO, a game camera would be inconclusive. For me I have a 40 acre claim, and that is a lot of land. For me to get good pics, I'd need about a hundred game cams; I think I'd actually need hundreds. I could of course put five on the likely parking spots, but after I got license plate pics, those guys would be nothing more than give an acceptable excuse in the eyes of the law for him to be in the area like a fisherman, never mind there's no creeks within miles of me. Fishing, hunting, camping is allowed and is just to easy of an excuse that would put the onus on you to disprove. So if recoverable minerals on your claim are limited to a very short area, say 100 feet, I think you could get game cams and prove, otherwise there's nothing you can really do that is economically feasible. I don't know which forum, but one post said he caught the same guy high grading many times on his claim, and the sheriff's deputy came out while the guy was in the act. The deputy simply had the perpetrator move on. I really feel you are placing your trust in your fellow man every time we're out there, because there is no law to protect us, only the civility and decency of the human beings you run into out there.
  8. chrisski

    What mineral is this?

    The inclusion appears to be the same green color as a many copper ore types. Other info could help like history and location of the find. To me the non-green part looks milky in one photo and transparent in the other photo.
  9. chrisski

    Hello, all

    Red dessert, where did you find 2,000 tribes travel to Hot Springs Arkansas? This type of culture goes against everything I have ever read about the Native Americans. I've read some about trade routes, but a Mecca Like pilgrimage, I've not seen anything.
  10. chrisski

    What is this

    No expert and hard to tell from the pic, but think it's just fire glass. Left overnight in a fire pit and melted. Kind of looks like ashtrays a friend used to make by leaving beer bottles in the bottom of a fire pit overnight. Couple of line in the bottom left and top right lool like they used to be the inside of a container or the bottom of it.
  11. chrisski

    Azusa Gold

    I'd like to hear about this monsoon dredging. The areas I go to I have only seen water running once, but I've seen a lot of material moved after an overnight rain. Seems to me they would be fast, and furious. Like you'd have to have the dredge on site prior to the rains or by the time it was up there, the creek would be dry. I've seen the Agua Fria running once and took my sluice to a club claim, but the river was running no more than the brook and I diverted the entire flow into the sluice. I've also seen the all out floods with the creeks flowing at full flow, but have never been lucky enough to catch something slow enough to drive down.
  12. chrisski

    Azusa Gold

    I would love to be able to take a dredge like that onto the east Fork of the San Gabriel River now. Hopefully that ban lifts while I'm still able to work a dredge.
  13. chrisski

    UFO Over Arizona.. Again!

    Not saying it was those guys, but they are advertising for 14 job openings in the Tucson Area.
  14. chrisski

    Petrified wood from NE FL

    Are you on coastal Florida or approaching the Northern border? I lived in NW Florida, the panhandle, and going towards the Alabama border, the geography changed. Wonder if some of those finds were carried down the rivers or perhaps along some of the Indian trade routes. Great Grandparents owned a farm in Florida along the western coast in central Florida, and their farm had some rocks in it that was of value to lease to the gravel companies. Doug up a couple of old shells on my claim in AZ, and at first I thought they were semi-fossilized, but I now think they were old shells from the trade routes. Previous owner had found some arrowheads.
  15. chrisski

    UFO Over Arizona.. Again!

    Thanks Dave. Rather bored between study sessions for my new job. I think we're lucky to live in the state we do that's got all that land open up to prospecting and other outdoor activites.
  16. chrisski

    Hello, all

    Don't want to hijack a guys welcome thread on this. 30,000 recorded abandoned mines in AZ, and the number is probably many times that. I think the photo could be a hole or could be a shadow. Most of the time I look go out and look at these, they are of natural occurrence, mostly shadows where a lighter colored rock has collapsed revealing a darker layer, but other times they're diggings. Most of the ones I see are 75 or more years old back when one could make money on a small time copper operation. Usually I find green ore on the tailings. I've thought of treasure hunting before. More for the adventure and getting myself away from the computer.
  17. chrisski

    Hello, all

    Red Dessert--I see neither an Egyptian Symbol nor a Pentagon. I do know that many, thousands upon thousands of dollars wasted looking for an obscure, non-existent treasure in the area and about a Dozen Lives have been lost.
  18. chrisski

    UFO Over Arizona.. Again!

    Really believe in more mundane explanations, like weather balloons. Part of what I did in the service was ground radar. We had a boat launching weather balloons one day, and our radar had a hard time picking these balloons up. With the Pulse Doppler Radar, the balloon had to be traveling at a certain speed towards us, or away from us otherwise it was invisible to radar. Once it was in the Jetstream or high altitudes, it could pickup enough speed to be seen by radar. Should the balloon be made of rubber, or the metal to small no matter what speed the balloon was flying at, it would be invisible to radar. Also, we do have stealth aircraft at Luke AFB, the F-35. They do go up and practice flying. Separation from an air route would need to be 1000 feet vertical or 3 to five miles horizontal minimum. Just with the way airspace is built, it'd be far more likely the military aircraft is flying below civil traffic in the military practice areas. Another thing it could be is reconnaissance aircraft can operate above FAA airspace in excess of 60,000 feet. We only really have one of those left, and that's the U-2 and its half a century old. A high civil jet could be at 40k looking up at U-2 that is 4 miles above it. Really believe in the weather balloon thing though. In a different job in the service, I would launch a 10 gram or 30 gram weather balloon to observe the differences between winds at the surface and altitude. I could only track that balloon to 3k, and I could not see it. Hundreds of those types of balloons are launched every day around the world, without needing a NOTAM. If they were to get to 40k or 60k, they could be the size of a small car if they did not burst. Weather personnel actually had a balloon with a transmitter built in it that one guy could launch on monitor, not much bigger than mine. Don't really believe that we are that interesting as a species that someone would fly from another star system to come steal our resources.
  19. chrisski

    UFO Over Arizona.. Again!

    I doubt its skunk works. They have testing grounds for that stuff. I do not like more and more people actually believing in extraterrestrial visitors.
  20. chrisski

    quads and skunks

    Jim, After doing a little research, I see that that is a hit and miss motor. Likely dates the workings from the late 1800s to the early 1900s. Likely another wheel lying around to balance the one still attached. I also think its a good sign that something like that is still in the wash. That would have been worth something at one time for scrap, so that may tell me that over the decades that has been there, no one thought it worthwhile to pull out of the wash and sell for scrap.
  21. chrisski

    quads and skunks

    What do you think this did? Power a stamp mill.
  22. chrisski

    quads and skunks

    That machinery does not look that old to me. Google Maps has a function where you hold down control and drag the mouse to get a 3D view. Most computers allow this, but there's certain browser upgrades or minimum system requirements. If your computer can do it, the 3D/2D button will appear on the right above the compass. After entering an area like that and getting home, I view the area in Google maps and get an idea of the steep areas. I've also downloaded a free AZ topo map that I put on my Garmin. I still like to download the older USGS maps of the USGS.gov map store. The 1:24 give enough detail and also have old workings. Off the USGS maps, I've went to marked tunnels and found they only dug 6' into the wall, and some marked prospects that are only a couple of buckets from an excavator. Too much research can keep you out of a going to enough areas.
  23. chrisski

    Hand tools for moving large rocks.

    Never thought of using a quad for stuff like that. Putting that on my reasons I "need" to get one.
  24. How if any does Prospecting Bureau of Reclamation Land differ from NFS or BLM land? Can you still stake a claim? Honestly don't know. To me its federal land non-military and barring large scale surface disturbance should be fine, but that is common sense, which may be different from the law and regulations.
  25. chrisski

    lynx creek

    Last time I saw water there, hours made a difference. The snow had been melting, and by the end of the day it had slowed down a lot. Still, never was more than a foot or two wide flowing slowly like a brook. Can't use a sluice in the withdrawl area and the fire station in Walker where you used to be able to now has a no parking sign.