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  1. Mine Tailings Fun.

    I do think a lot of us have overlooked silver when out prospecting. We're not tossing silver nuggets back to grow bigger, but the black and green silver ores go overlooked.
  2. What is this thing???

    Something tells me Sulphur. When it's solid it's that color yellow, but when melted, it turns that color red. If it is Sulphur, would burn blue.
  3. New 2018 F150 V6 3.0L Diesel!!

    I have an F250 diesel and MPG is not much better. 15 MPG highway 10 MPG towing the travel trailer. When towing the travel trailer, I do not notice the trailer behind the truck.
  4. How to look for and find Gold

    The area I'm looking at is the source of a gold bearing creek and the tertiary gravels surrounding it I suspect to have the same amount of gold from sampling I've done. The gravels are not that deep, 2' to 3' over bedrock and I have sampled about 12' out from this area. Could be wishful thinking on my part, but the gravel in this area seem to have the gold relatively evenly distributed surface to bedrock. There was a term I read that I forget that describes soil like this. Anyway, falls well short of the 1 gram per ton I need to go after it to break even. I hope you can get some time to go out and do that. I've had several business trips I was on by gold bearing places that I'd hope to break away and do some prospecting, but only made it once out of about a dozen chances I had. My only regret is not finding time on the other 11 trips.
  5. Old gold pan, classifier?

    I'm going to say a cooking utensil. They cooked with the pans, so not sacrifice an extra gold pan lying around to strain their spaghetti noodles.
  6. How to look for and find Gold

    IMO If a creek gets replenished, year after year, then the surrounding soil should be looked at real good. Last week, I tested a creek on my claim I thought had been replenishing in the overburden, but came back with not a speck of gold. With that sample, turns out the replenishment probably came from my tailings pile, so that should have had none. I usually can dry wash that creek's overburden and get a few specks of gold. The overburden is nothing worth going after, but the hard-pack yields better. I think the gold on this claim is a secondary source from the old gravels on the claim. Not sure where you are in NY, but if you can get to the Swift River in Maine, it has some gold.
  7. Mineral id?

    I'm curious where you found it. In a mine dump or in a stream? Mined from inside a pocket? Also location. I occasionally see white nodules on a red volcanic rock around here, but the nodules I see are tiny. I'm guessing the white nodules are zeolite, which to me is a generic name for when a small pocket of gas in a volcanic rock fill up with a white material in the same process a geode forms. There's dozens of different types of zeolite. Could be Chalcedony, which to me is a variety of quartz, because it's made of the silicon doxide and is just as hard and just as dense.
  8. I think the longer video that got removed probably had classified on it. Probably not the UFO, but the labeling. Some of the writing that displays on the HUD is classified. Each aircraft is different and that info is not available on the net. The super hornet has two pilots and there were two aircraft. The other three people who saw this are being quiet. With removing videos, the YouTube videos that are important to me, I download those using a free YouTube to MP4 converter like clipconverter. The ones I save are how to repair my truck videos, and clips I show at work to avoid showing advertisements.
  9. High Quality Hydropacks - Cheap!

    Amazing prices on camelbacks and some other good deals. I have not tried this boot but appears to have black metal detector safe boots for $90: https://www.lapolicegear.com/magnum-stealthforce-6inch-boot.html
  10. X-Terra 705 Gold vs Nokta Fors gold

    I have hunted a lot with my 705 and it has NEVER found anything. I know it has been over gold. An example drywashing in a wash with dirt on inch or two deep, I pulled a .3 gram nugget from the drywasher I had been over plenty of times with the exterra. Makes me think how much other gold that thing was over without detecting it. Also, for the local soil, it becomes very sensitive to hot rocks, to the point that I can't detect a lot of places. I did see it pull gold out of the ground on the Gold Fever show. The co-host detected with that and she pulled gold out. I can't speak to the other detector, but if I had a good deal on an Exterra, I would not buy it and wait until I could get a Gold Monster.
  11. NUGGET SHOOTER Spring Outing

    Seems to be a dead end road, so shouldn't be too hard to miss... New area for me. I'll need to look at this one.
  12. March outing at Q?

    I plan on heading down to the Tucson Shows the first weekend in February. The GPAA has a claim in that area. Thinking of heading there. Plenty of unclaimned ground closer to Tucson with old mines that point to gold, but not located in the gold nearing area that the GPAA claim is.
  13. March outing at Q?

    I like Friday Mar 9 - Sun Mar 11. The Tucson gold and mineral show raps up for the most part by feb 11 and the GPAA show is the following week on 18 Feb
  14. New buggy!

    Living the Dream!!!
  15. Bill Gates City near Phoenix?

    Motley Fool used to be a decent site, but lately they've been using bait and hook approach to get customers. I say lately, because I read a book or two by them 15 or 20 years ago, and they seemed to be decent at investment advice. Odd, and nothing I'd ever follow, but decent, honest advice. Its almost as if the two guys that started the company sold it to someone else, it went downhill, and they are desperate at making income by capitalizing on the company's old rep. I don't pay attention to anything Motley Fool has anymore. I think they may have led me to an endless type of advertisement just like the link is for I think Lithium. Never got to the point. On a more positive note, the Phoenix area, mostly the East Valley, is supposed to become the next silicon valley. California is getting just too expensive, and those of us here in AZ are content to work at much cheaper in a business friendly environment. At least that's what my engineering kid's college professors' are saying. Whether or not its true, don't know for sure, but I do believe it. I do know that ASU is getting their share of my money.
  16. Rolling the dice!!

    Have you ever tried contacting sellers on EBay? I did just once and got a decent answer Car Parts. I contact sellers more frequently on Craigslist. If a seller does not respond to me, I don't go further. Saw a four year old 4WD 650 quad listed for $1500 yesterday, seemed to be exactly what I was looking for, too good to be true. The seller mentioned nothing of a title (Red Flag) and then didn't respond to my E-Mail (Second Red Flag). I'm not waiting for three strikes on that one. Third Red flag probably was too good to be true. That is the first time out of dozens I suspect something was not right.
  17. Is this a tooth?

    To me looks like a rib bone. No expert. I've found a few cow skeletons and cow bones in the desert.
  18. March outing at Q?

    Was wondering myself when the March outing would be. A lot of the local schools have Mar 10 - 18 as the break.
  19. Thursday’s Two

    Nice gold. I was planning on doing #4 this weekend, but hadn't considered raking nor the magnet. Thanks for the tips. I put some picutres of a bench I wish I could remove down to the bedrock and check the bottommost layer. I was on a boat ride at the Colorado river on Lake Havasu. I kept noticing areas of white sand about a hundred feet above the river on top of a red rock. The mountain on top of the white sand is actually about a mile back. I read later that that red rock is an older lava flow and that the gravel deposits were leftover from when the river carved its way across the valley millions of years ago. I wish benches were as apparent in the Lynx Creek Area as they are in this area.
  20. Bill's Bees.... Honeybees that is.

    Thanks. I've been finding a bee or two in my outdoor storage parking spot. I was starting to think I might have a hive inside the vehicle somewhere. I think the one or two bees I find might be attracted to the neon blue cover I use. These are fuzzy bees, so I think they're some type of honey bees.
  21. Bill's Bees.... Honeybees that is.

    That seems like a dangerous hobby getting stung like that every few months. I've found a couple of hives at the outside of mine shafts. One was a live one and another was just remnants of the honeycombs. Do you know how far bees stray from there hive?
  22. There's something odd about the released pentagon video. The aircraft is banking for the entire minute of the video and not once does the cigar shaped craft move from the point its at either left to right, up to down, or back and forth. At one point it seems to rotate. The view of the aircraft should be like to track a bug flying circles around you by turning your body only and not your neck nor eyes. Almost like a spot had been burned into the screen by a laser or something. Anyway, $22 million and all to show us is that video. I also wouldn't doubt the video was made in 2004 as a hoax for a Navy Squadron Christmas party and ended up in the Alien footage file.
  23. New Years Nuggets

    Rod--To me that picture is motivation. Keep it coming.
  24. I'm glad people really believe we are stock piling alien material in Nevada. Hides what we are really doing. Not very interesting, and quite boring. As to the 22 million dollars spent on alien research, that money went to a friend of "Dirty" Harry Reid http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/454729/how-your-tax-dollars-secretly-went-harry-reids-friend-research-ufos. To me, this is called fraud, waste, and abuse. Others consider it money well spent. I consider it a self licking ice cream cone where you are unchecked and you are both the person that creates a need and approves the project and aren't concerned about money, and then you make it so specific that only one person can fill it. So much money wasted by the federal government and 22 million is chump change and not worth looking into.
  25. Rock sample from Albania

    That rock looks wet. If so, looking at it dry may turn the red brown, and I'd lean towards any number of iron compounds. If it is cinnabar, it is not worth it moneywise to recover it. Nowadays, that stuff needs to be processed large scale to make a profit by changing cinnabar to mercury. All you can really do is crush it and pan it to look for gold. You can also take a magnifying loupe to it in hopes of finding time stuff.