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  1. Luke--Did you dig that up recently and did you have to clean it?
  2. My first computer was a TRS 80 Model 3, by radio shack. Had 36k Ram if booted with a floppy, and 48k without. Without a floppy, you entered all programs from scratch each time. Saw it in a museum a few weeks ago.
  3. If your 486 is still working, I'm jealous. This computer I'm on, bought three years ago, I expect to be too old anytime soon.
  4. Same here. If I get up early on a weekend, it's been down a couple of times.
  5. Anaconda mining

    My apologies. This is my paranoia of penny stocks showing.
  6. Anaconda mining

    What I was getting at with the 6 cent comment is these small Penny Stocks can be manipulated by the average person if they generate enough interest amongst a small group of people. If he buys it, generates interest through false stories, the price goes up by a few cents, he sells his and pockets the money. This is of course illegal, but very difficult to prove. When it is investigated and prosecuted, the guys responsible tend to end up in prison with a restriction from the internet when released.
  7. Anaconda mining

    .06 cents per share, so a penny stock company. That is a red flag. Definitely a good video to make me think I'd be going into a good company.
  8. 24 hour Gold

    I really hope you guys are documenting your adventures....
  9. Jackass Flats.

    I'd recommend staying at the Maricopa Group itself. It's only ten to fifteen minutes pass the flats. That's the only GPAA claim in the area, still hundreds of acres. Some of the others GPAA claims from the 2014 guide are no longer for GPAA members. Just check the latest pick and shovel gazette and it will show you the open claims.
  10. Jackass Flats.

    Absolutely it is safe. It's about a 15 minute drive from a gas station, and you can walk out if stuck. Next, I would be sure you're not on state trust land where you can't prospect, unless you pay thousands for the permit. Most of the place you mentioned is state trust land. After that, make sure you weren't high grading someone's claim since the BLM land around there is nearly totally claimed. A few miles from there nearly all the land is open, but that could be because it's out of the gold belt, but still need to be sure you are on unclaimed land. If there's any confusion on that, best to stick to the club claims in that area. The GPAA has hundreds of acres of claims in that area and so does road runner. Other than that, the only thing I do for safety is to wear leather boots and snake gators for the rattle snakes. Probably been out hundreds of times, but twice rattlers were problems. Then there's the camping stuff: don't get lost, let someone know where you're at, be cautious about the valuables you leave at your campsite when you're away.
  11. Thoughts on Claim

    I looked at the CO2, and for me, I think the VIA air will work best. From what I read on some of the Jeep forums a 10 LBS bottle will last five trips with four tires from 16 PSI to filled. My tires are 32" or 33", so I expect the same use. Definitely quicker than the air compressor. There's some home keg orator bottles for sale on Craigslist, and some of the Powertank CO2. CO2 fills would take probably five minutes or less if I'm reading the charts right. The 2 Gallon tank Viair system could take 40 minutes. Both have it's drawbacks. The OBA is the longer wait, and the CO2 mostly going to an Ace Hardware. CO2 fill ups seem to be priced $7 to $15. What I don't know is if I can fill the CO2 at my house from a bigger tank. I don't think so since it's liquid. Seems different than filling a Scuba Tank. I've seen some threads on someone rigging a SCUBA tank, but that takes up a bit of room and seems good if you have access to free air fills. The compressed air tanks don't last as long as the CO2 tank.
  12. Thoughts on Claim

    SCUBA tanks are at 3000 PSI. I heard they'd go through cinderblocks, but this video shows them doing damage to a cement wall. For the onboard system, I had not thought about the CO2 or Nitrogen, but I don't like to go shopping, so I'd not add filling a cylinder to my routine. I'm pretty sure I'll go with the onboard VIAIR, but I'm looking at placement in the truck along the frame. The ARB compressor would not fit under the hood. Not much room and in the cab behind the seats is started to get filled up with tools.
  13. Did You Know ? I didn't.

    For breakfast every morning I mix 1/4 cup Cornflower, 1/8 Cup wheat flour, 1/8 cup self rising flower with a little less than 1/2 cup milk, put it in the toaster oven for 450 for 13 minutes and tastes good fresh with butter. That recipe does not taste good if the biscuits are cooled down. My wife bakes all our own bread, which is a bit of work and making the biscuits with the recipe I listed up top saves a loaf or two a week. It's also much cheaper than buying bread at the supermarket.
  14. Thoughts on Claim

    I haven't driven a quad in a long time. We used to have them for work, a utility version, 250cc I think. I think I would go with that size again. I would like a razor or Polaris, but those seem too wide for some of the trails I want. Some of these old trails that have lost half the side, they might not be that great at getting through. Some of the bigger quads, I don't think I'd get in the back of my truck. I like the idea of a dirt bike, but I'd want to carry more than it'd be capable of. Big thing for the purchase of the quad is having enough time to use it. Where I'm working now, I only can get out once every couple of months. Now that I finished up one phase of work, I am supposed to have more free time now, but I don't, even less.
  15. Thoughts on Claim

    I keep coming back to whether I get a ARB CKMA12 either onboard or portable version or a VIAR onboard compressor. Part of the concern also is getting stuck out there. This diesel is not an easy thing to fix. Repairs in my garage will take a full day or two. Trouble shooting out there is difficult, and making repairs is not beyond doable, just difficult. This was not much of a concern when I had a partner and we both took out diesel trucks out there, but more so now that I'm alone. I have gotten a 4 WD tow before, and getting it out of some of these places on a tow truck would be very hard. I've also had to walk three miles out to get tools. Next step for me is going to a remote place, but trying to figure what I need to make it there, and I keep coming back to a quad.