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  1. research

    This is what I'd like to get around: I keep going places I shouldn't in my truck. Also, some of the old jeep trails have worn out in patches and are now just motorcycle trails. Sure would be nice to get something like this to take you where you want to go. I think the advantage of a Rokon over a trailbike is built to tow a trailer, so if you find a good spot, getting gear would be easy.
  2. research

    You and me both...... I think one of the big problems I have is I limit myself to day trips. I live in the Phoenix valley, so I end up going where all other gold prospectors in this valley of 4 million people has been. After that, I drive a F250 pickup where I go. I don't mind walking once I park, but the same thing as all those other guys. Finally, I just don't get out enough anymore. Spend up to 70 hours a week working, so I don't feel like detecting. Recently found a spot I was real excited about and spent 4 day trips going there only to find out that others had been there and detected there also. I plan on keeping at it and not quitting. I do want to go to this outing in November. I can get a little color drywashing, but the nugget detecting still eludes me.
  3. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    What is that? HF Antenna? Gyrocopter? I'm guessing pre-war, at the beginning of recovery.
  4. Pin Pointers

    I had a false alarm when both my detector and pinpointer was beeping on an ore. Looked in the magnifying glass, saw nothing, and crushed/panned and got nothing. I do wonder what that ore is.
  5. Pin Pointers

    That is a good idea. My boots have a bit more life in them, but I can't replace them with the same brand because they're no longer stocked.
  6. A "Just Because" Guessing Contest!

  7. Pin Pointers

    Of course a metal detector will do the same thing, but when I dug 50+ targets in a day, the pinpointer lets you get to them quicker. If you're only digging three target, then its not too much help.

    Although I've not used this, I did see it demonstrated at one of the gold shows a few years back, and it may be OK for a few buckets a day, if you have access to clear running water. Because I see you're from AZ just like me, and you likely do not have access to running fresh water like me, I want to mention some challenges I had with a recirculating system. I've always found recirculating systems to be a lot of work. I use an New Age Eliminator trommel with a recirculating water system, a gold cube recirculating system, and a regular sized sluice recirculating system, and a mini sluice recirculating system, and each of these produced a bucket of muck for every five gallons I ran. Also, Each five gallon bucket of dirt produced a gallon of muck. There was also a lot of organic root bits and leaves in the soil that would clog the pump up. Whatever system I came up with, I still had to get rid of the tailings. This was a rather steady constant between the four systems I mentioned. These things would be difficult for your Dad to deal with. For me, on a good day, two healthy individuals could run a ton of material, usually, a lot less. The best way I found to make dealing with this muck doable, was to start with a 40 gallon planter from home depot without the drain holes which caught the tailings and muck, have that run into a smaller 20 gallon bucket, with a mesh bag to catch organics. The pump was placed in the smaller bucket to avoid getting clogged by the organics and muck. This took several hours of setup and prep. Probably about an hour for me to load and secure 60 gallons of water in my truck and then another hour to clean the set up out. IMOH, the only way anything you make for your Dad for him to use would have to be set up and cleaned up by you after each use and would be similar to the 60 gallon system I described above. Also, no system I have used has ever lived up to the claims. The mountain goat claims "up to 2000 LBS of material a day." That's 36 buckets.
  9. Big Shroom.

    Another step you can add prior to inserting into the mouth is to take that same sample you put on your thumb and rub it over your forearm, and if it makes a rash, avoid it. If this does not produce a rash, then proceed to the bit on the tongue. Tried a plant straight to placing it on the tongue that I was pretty sure was safe to eat, but when I did it, I felt my tongue swell up. It was a small sample, and the swelling went away in a few minutes. I did not eat anymore of the plant. Really wished that I had not skipped the step about rubbing it on the skin. The steps I was told for a survival situation: 1) See if animals are eating it 2) Rub on skin looking for a rash. 3) Small sample on tongue 4) Eat a small piece of it and wait 24 hours for side effects. 5) Cautiously eat a small serving.
  10. Pin Pointers

    Not one of the ones you're asking about but, I have a MineLab pro-finder. Just like any pinpointer, Saves a lot of time digging and makes the wholes smaller. One of the reasons I got this is if I leave it at a hole, it will beep to tell me its forgotten. I did not find that feature with any other pinpointer.
  11. GPAA

    I really think they've made some improvements. The online claim guide will be nice once it's up and running. There's a geo coord (not corners) for each claim in the online database. It can be referenced with the guide. It's nice to put in a zip code and see what claims are by where you're going. If you go to http://www.goldprospectors.org/ and complete the registration, you'll get access to this online site. The online site can't be used alone, but is a good supplement to the mining guide.
  12. I Just Got No Words

    Seeing this reminds me of the coyote holes. I wonder how many people are buried in those tunnels at the desert. I also wonder if that guy is buried in that hole now.
  13. GPAA

    I joined the GPAA online and before I received my GPAA card, I printed a copy of the online receipt and brought that with me. You're supposed to have the card, but I felt in good conscience I was following the intent by prospecting as a paid member with receipt in hand in lieu of the GPAA card. I would have felt no guilt showing that to someone asking for my claim card, and I'm pretty sure they'd have no problem with me being there. I wouldn't mind someone using am electronic receipt if I asked him for the card. I found some good maps of the Gold Basin GPAA claims on line. The area I went to was beat up pretty well, but the area was huge. I went to the harder to get to claim in my 4 X 4, but the easier to get to one I probably could have driven my mini van to.
  14. White tanks prospecting

    The White tanks is Maricopa is a mixture of just about every type of land there is. I'd start by looking at this website https://land.az.gov/ to determine who manages the land you want to go to. The BLM land would be the easiest to prospect, IF NOT CLAIMED. Maricopa mining recordings are available electronically, but are not easily organized by section, township, and range, and once you find the one you want, the county charges a dollar to view the unofficial PDF. Not easy to find if the land is claimed, but Land Matters is the best resource I've found.
  15. 4500 or 5000 ?

    To throw money it again, I found a used 5000 for the price of a new 4500. I went with the 5000. Although 've never used a 4500, I honestly can't see why anyone would not choose the 5000 over the 4500 if money were not a factor.