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  1. Old Tom

    Happy Birthday Alwaysdirty

    Thirty nine years young, in the prime of your life Bro. Celebrate by getting out and bagging one. Take that youngster with you. Happy birthday Shay. Old Tom
  2. Old Tom

    Happy Birthday Doc!

    Have a good one today Doc, I'll lift a tall one for you tonight in your honor. 🍺 Old Tom
  3. Old Tom

    May Nevada Trip

    That nuggie has some great characteristics in it. Is that a little piece of quartz I see there? Old Tom
  4. Old Tom

    Got a Haircut today

    Man, all you need is a guitar. Old Tom
  5. Old Tom

    Got a Haircut today

    Keep up the good looks Digger. Short hair, long beard, but I think that you should try curling thar Snore bard, the ladies really like it. Old Tom
  6. Old Tom

    Watch Your Step

    I remember the dances by the JCs and always wondered just where they got all their snakes. They would release them unharmed after the parades and such. Although they were a fake bunch of Indians they were a great attraction. Good to hear that you were a part of Prescott's history, Saul. Old Tom
  7. Jean, I hope you had a good day today and got out beeping. I'll toast you tonight with martini. Old Tom
  8. Old Tom

    Yesterday's Gold

    Tell me where you lost it and I'll go find it for you Beel. Old Tom
  9. Old Tom

    Happy Birthday WLTDWIZ

    Have a good one today, get out and grab a nuggie. Old Tom
  10. Old Tom

    Equinox has shipped to Nugget Shooter

    Hey Styx, haven't heard from you in a while, still got the gold grill? Old Tom
  11. Old Tom

    The Nugget Only Thread, Past finds and New

    It does take a while to connect sometimes but it looks like you have joined in the fun. Good on ya Lisa. Old tom
  12. Old Tom

    Happy Birthday Red_desert

    Have a good one today Bro. Old Tom
  13. Old Tom

    MARCH 2018 NS Spring Outing

    Hey Luke, we go down to the 'Q' around the second week in December. Great weather to hunt and good crowd of beepers gathered together at Jane and Johnny Eagles Trailer. They spend the whole winter there on the same place that we were going to have the outing. Johnny is a year older than me and a great guy. It's his birthday and the guys from Kalif. come over to help him celebrate. You are welcome to come with us this year and see some new area to you. Old Tom
  14. Old Tom

    MARCH 2018 NS Spring Outing

    Bill you have no reason to apologize for scheduling the outing at Quartzsite. We have had the outing there in the past and I remember the last one as one of the best. Tom and I, Patrick, Shep, and several others go there at least once or twice a year and find some rare specimens of gold that is hidden in 'them thar hills'. There is never any trouble with Tribal Police as we never go on their land. It's quite simple to do your research first and obey all laws. Those that are frightened by things like that shouldn't be bothering to go to LSD, Rich Hill and such for fear of Government intervention and renegade miners. God bless the work you do on our behalf in planning these things. I as one sure do appreciate it.
  15. Happy Birthday Mr. Gold. Old Tom
  16. Old Tom

    Happy Birthday Tom H

    Happy Birthday son, how did you get older than me? Your birthday dinner awaits, same place same good chow. Old Tom
  17. Old Tom

    Happy Birthday Flakmagnet

    Happy Birthday Flakmagnet. Old Tom
  18. Old Tom

    Happy Birthday Desertpilot

    Have a good one today DP. See ya at Quartzsite. Old Tom
  19. Old Tom

    Rob Allison's Father

    Rob's father had a massive heart attack and is in the hospital after surgery. He is asking for prayer and intersession for his father. He must be a good man to have raised a son like Rob. Old Tom
  20. Old Tom

    Rocker box pics

    Great pic's, thanks. Old Tom
  21. Old Tom

    Happy Birthday LowPoint

    Have a good one today Gary, Get out and find some yeller. Old Tom
  22. Old Tom

    more new laws comming

    You know, it's not just the screwballs in power that want to restrict access to what is rightfully ours, we do it to ourselves many times. By not cleaning up after ourselves and others, being rough on others property, rude to land owners, skirting present laws, etc. What might be worse is being passive in the face of the nonsense that is being thrust upon us in many cases. If you don't fight the devil he'll come and eat you. Old Tom
  23. Old Tom

    more new laws comming

    My dad ran Buggies up and down the Jersey beach in the 1930s and 1940s. I took over in the 1950s and had a ball chasing Blues and Stripers. I had two 30/31 Model 'A's but I didn't know there was a Beach Buggy outfit to join. Was active in the Delaware Valley Chapter of the Model A club of America. Fun Days, they did lift the privilege during WWII but there were other things to think about then. Old Tom
  24. Old Tom


    I squish them, then put them outside. Too many Black Widows and Brown Recluse around here to want them to breed. Haven't been bit by any spiders as yet but those inscorptesects get me every time. Old Tom
  25. Old Tom

    A few relics yesterday

    Yeah that's right on. You would file that type of key down and it would open almost any lock of same type. That is what we kids would do and then call it a skeleton key. They were real easy locks to get into and it wasn't hard to make a skeleton key out of a normal front door key. Back in the 1930's you didn't have too much worry about someone coming in your door as the mindset was a lot different then. Besides there was a loaded shotgun behind almost every kitchen door. Old Tom