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  1. Butterfield Trail

    Boy that is a good deduction Edge, looks perfect for the job. I've seen lots of clips like that pivoting on a flat spot with a pin in it. Old Tom
  2. Happy Birthday Dakota Slim

    Happy Birthday Mr. Slim. Old Tom
  3. Happy Birthday Cowkiller

    Justin's getting older, pretty soon he'll have a grey hair. Have a good one today laddy and get out in this fine weather. Old Tom
  4. Does that wire rope hook have any printing on? It might be a company give away or a sample of the work they do. I have a knife made out of a piece of wire rope from John A. Roebling Co. It says on the blade 'Forged From Roebling Wire Rope'. When my German Grandfather came to America he was employed by them and acquired it somehow. It was used as a letter opener. Old Tom
  5. Gary, I don't care how much you use it, it still withers away, but at a much slower pace. Kwah, your beard might not be as long but I'll bet it will be just as grey as mine. I'm gonna go out just as long as these pins hold me up. You younger guys better get out and enjoy it now as things are rapidly changing with government infringing on the peoples rights to the outdoors. Someday this will be gone, I've seen too much in my time. Old Tom
  6. Happy Birfday OLD TOM!

    I do find one once in a while, but I do enjoy watching you operate. Makes me feel young again. Old Tom
  7. Butterfield Trail

    Yeah, I'd say a mule shoe Edge. I've worked horses hooves but never a mule but I know that they are longer and more pointed than most horses. He was very well balanced on that foot but looks like he was dragging it a little as the toe is worn more than the rest of the shoe. Maybe that's why he lost it, got caught on a rock or something. Old Tom
  8. March outing at Q?

    That's a great date Shep. People have to ask off at work right now for vacations for the new year otherwise someone will jump in on them. Got to get this thing started. Old Tom
  9. Saturday Nugget Scrapping

    You can't inspire anyone if you don't show it. Appreciate what you did show though, are you afraid that someone will steal some from the picture? Old Tom
  10. New year and the skunk is outta here!

    What shelf? Old Tom
  11. Is this a tooth?

    It does look like bone of some sort but a tooth I would say no. It is fractured surface and the smooth spots are right next to the sharp spots. If you turn it in to the authorities and it turns out to be human then you will be tied up with them for some time showing them just where you found it and such. Tom and I have been through it and you can't find gold while talking to them. Old Tom
  12. Bill Gates City near Phoenix?

    I smelled fish as soon as I clicked on so I deleted it. Hopefully I won't get any retribution from them in the future. Old Tom
  13. New year and the skunk is outta here!

    See you don't need me! Old Tom
  14. Lost my Brother tonight

    My condolences Digger, I've lost all but one in my family and I know your grief. I didn't know your brother but I'm sure that you miss him a lot. Hang in there Bro and stay strong for the rest of the family. Old Tom
  15. Bill's Bees.... Honeybees that is.

    I remember looking like that a couple of times Bill. It comes with the business I guess. It never did stop me and like you said it's good for the arthritis. I only wore a veil once or twice while catching swarms and usually in a tee shirt. That was of course before Africanized Bees. I had a really nice pair of leather long sleeve gloves that I was going to give to you but they rotted in the barn from not being used. A couple of stings aren't too bad but if you get ten or twenty and start breaking out in hive on your skin head for the emergency room. The more you get stung the more you build up your tolerance to the venom. It got so that stings didn't bother me too much after a few years, but in the face around the eyes it's a totally different story. The lip don't feel too good either. The guys have suggested an Epi-Pen and I think that you should look into having one around just in case Bro. Old Tom
  16. I'd love to talk to you about growing up in the thirties, great times. Have a wonderful day for yourself today sir. Old Tom
  17. Happy Birthday MN90403

    Keep up the good work Mitchel, like your posts. Have a good one today and a cool one on me. Old Tom
  18. Butterfield Trail

    Strapped, I think a little too sharp to be poking in soft tissue on horses hooves. The furriers knife doesn't have a point and only cuts pulling sideways, can't puncture. Don't hang that horse shoe up the good luck it brings will leak out that crack. Old Tom
  19. Happy B Day Lon

    Belated birthday greetings to you Lon. More Au to you this year. Old Tom
  20. Butterfield Trail

    Darn, this thing has got me puzzled, You can tell it's not a piece of scrap and had a use at one time. If cleaned it might give another clue? The center part looks like it is hammered square and might have ridden in a slot to keep from twisting when pressed down by the bent part. It might have come off of a musical instrument that lifted a valve when pressed by one's finger, like a Sax, or Clarinet. Old Tom
  21. Happy Birfday OLD TOM!

    Thanks everyone, it's great to be 84 and still hunting the yeller. Old Tom
  22. 16 to 1 wash

    Puzzling! Old Tom
  23. 16 to 1 wash

    Gary, have you ever come to an outing and met Adam? Got to get to know the guy to be able to figure out just what goes through his mind. He's found more gold than you, me, and six others on here. Old Tom
  24. Butterfield Trail

    Could have been used for pulling most anything nailed or stapled in. The slit is like a claw hammer and is beveled also but what puzzles me is that the ends are not flat enough to slip under tight spaces. Maybe a homemade tool for picking Cholla out of ones butt. Old Tom
  25. Need a Neodymium Magnet ?

    Thanks Homie, I need a couple and should have fun with a couple of others. Old Tom