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  1. Old Tom

    Hey, got prayers?

    We'll hold her up to the Lord here. Old Tom
  2. Old Tom

    Blasting caps

    I already got plans for it Bill, I need a crusher at my place. Those things are pretty old, they have been underground for a long time but they still might explode. I want to see them go 'bang'. Old Tom
  3. Old Tom

    Hot today!

    Tammy me girl, no one I trying to rain on your sunshine. I agree that there are some in the gold business that leave a lot to be desired but thank heaven I don't think that is true here. Sometimes guys can come on a little stronger than some want but that's purely unintentional here. You are a little ray of that sunshine on this forum and don't take some things so serious. God knows that we all just want the best for you in finding gold and would never bash you. Come on and smile for me. Grandpa Old Tom
  4. Old Tom

    Happy Birthday Chrisski

    Have a good one today and get out and find a nuggie. Old Tom
  5. Old Tom

    ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    Man just think of what a help James would be now. 👨‍🔧 Old Tom
  6. Old Tom

    Bearded miners of Arizona

    It was pretty windy that day an real beards sorta blew in the wind. The 'Bearded' one on the left kind of reminds one of a cartoon character (maybe "The Captain" in Hands and Fritz series). I have ahold of Shep's specie that he found there and had cabbed into some beautiful slabs. He gave a pretty one to John and Jane Boyles from that one. That place just keeps producing and if you can keep out of the breeze its a great place to hunt. Old Tom
  7. Another great day Wade. Have a good one today and I'll be lifting a tall on for you and yours. Old Tom
  8. Old Tom

    The Nugget Only Thread, Past finds and New

    Nice looking species Luke. Looks like it is getting rounded around that quartz from traveling a bit. Great find Bro. Old Tom
  9. Old Tom

    Happy Birthday Bill

    Great day for a birthday, have a good one Bill an kiss the bees for me. Old Tom
  10. Old Tom

    Bucket Dredge Pics - 1940's to 1960's

    I wonder if the workers slept on that thing while it was working. With all that yelling, maneuvering, bumping and repositioning going on it was most likely like being on a military ship at sea. I suppose one gets used to it but it was no walk in the park. Old Tom
  11. Old Tom

    I worked that wash!😝

    Hey Tammy, your poke looks a lot like mine. Some days it's like that and I save all my junk, I've got boxes of the stuff. Old Tom
  12. Old Tom

    Bucket Dredge Pics - 1940's to 1960's

    Heck yeah! Old Tom
  13. Old Tom

    Happy Birthday Alwaysdirty

    Thirty nine years young, in the prime of your life Bro. Celebrate by getting out and bagging one. Take that youngster with you. Happy birthday Shay. Old Tom
  14. Old Tom

    Happy Birthday Doc!

    Have a good one today Doc, I'll lift a tall one for you tonight in your honor. 🍺 Old Tom
  15. Old Tom

    May Nevada Trip

    That nuggie has some great characteristics in it. Is that a little piece of quartz I see there? Old Tom