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  1. Old Tom

    eye problemssssss

    Praying for you Pondmn. Good things can happen to those who believe. Old Tom
  2. Old Tom

    The Q

    'Badges' bro, 'Badges'! Old Tom
  3. Old Tom

    I can see Fall from my house!

    My calendar says that Fall will hit on Sunday. It'll be a lot cooler then, so that's when I'm going. Old Tom
  4. Old Tom

    Made it in the magazine!!

    Better send your money in Bro, your registration is due this month...…………………. Old Tom
  5. Old Tom

    Happy Birthday Homefire

    Happy Birthday Homey. Do something good today and remember fallen. May God bless you and yours. Old Tom
  6. Old Tom

    Hillside fine gold

    That's a lot of fines for one third bucket unclassified dirt. See somehow if you can use mercury in your process, it will pick up all that tiny stuff. I think that you are on to something Shea. Old Tom
  7. Old Tom

    The Q

    Before, if he's drinking! Old Tom
  8. Old Tom

    The Q

    Like an old commode? Old Tom
  9. Old Tom

    Judge Jeanine

    She hits the nail on the head! Old Tom
  10. Old Tom

    Happy Birthday Frank C

    Happy Birthday Bro. Wishing you more Au out there. Old Tom
  11. Old Tom

    Glove Stealing Fox

    Left hind leg doesn't look all too good. Did you notice if he was lame. In all three pics he doesn't put any weight on it. Great pic's Mc. Old Tom
  12. Old Tom

    Fridays humidity

    Good Goin Bro. I see her peeking in there on the sly. Got to get her out there once in a while Wade. Old Tom
  13. Old Tom


    Gotta love those bug eaten little guys. Great to have them around your place in the summer. They look almost prehistoric. Old Tom
  14. Old Tom


    When young Tom was a tad I Let him shoot anything that he would eat. That was the only stipulation I gave him on targets, If he wanted to shoot a song bird he would have to eat it. When I see a kid in the neighborhood shooting at a song bird I really come unglued and have words with him and sometimes his parents. I don't remember him ever eating a birdie but I seen him eat a rattle snake. Old Tom
  15. Old Tom

    Happy Birthday DevilishJim

    Have a good one Bro...….. Old Tom