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    I always have time and a tidbit for Ruby, but she must lay off my steak. Max doesn't beg he waits till your back is turned and goes into action, a true accomplished thief. Old Tom

    What, no Max for dinner? Old Tom
  3. Tammy and The GM 1000

    Yeaa Tammy, that's showing the old boy a thing or two. I've got to find my first one with the Monster but Tom found one and promptly lost it in camp. I wonder if that counts? Old Tom
  4. Bill's Bees.... Honeybees that is.

    I kept around fifteen hives around my place when I was in the game. Every time the Vector Control would come by and spray for mosquitos I would loose a couple of hives. (Maybe once a year for West Nile Virus.) Bees are very sensitive to poisons. Even when your neighbor sprays for bugs next door it can affect your hives. If there aren't any queen cells going and they bring back some nectar or pollen that the queen samples then she's gone and there is no one to replace her. Hive gets too weak to start things going again. I hate poisons, did you ever see a picture where good intentioned Game and Fish guys would put out a poisoned deer carcass to kill off wild dogs or such and see the hundreds of other dead animals around it that have sampled it? Just from spraying there are moths, butterflies, Sweat bees, Fruit bats, hummers, etc. that wind up dead because someone sprayed their tree or yard. All are needed for pollination. With the dwindling supply of bees they can't do it all. Most of the small honey growers like me have gotten out of the business because of the Africanized Bee. With people suing one another I couldn't stand the cost of defending myself in court every time a bee stung some ones dog or kid. They came after me even after I had retired from bee keeping. Every one is sue happy now-a-days. Old Tom
  5. Shep's Birthday Today

    They are going around faster and faster aren't they Tommy. Have a good one today pal and enjoy. Old Tom
  6. November 17th to 19th Nugget Shooter Outing

    There Is a lot of open land the farther you go back in. An ATV is a good thing to have to get to some of the open areas but one can get very lost out there. Again I say that you can not beep on State Trust Land nor remove anything from it. There are no claims on State Trust Land. You can travel through it, camp on it with a permit, but everything else is Taboo. The claims are all around the camp area and very accessible with an ATV. Best you try to buddy up with someone that needs some shovel work like you said and get the lay of the land. It's not easy as everyone has there own place they want to hunt and meeting someone for the first time is a bit awkward. Old Tom
  7. 2+ carat diamond.

    Man I don't want you hunting with me, Rocky. You will find all the sunbakers and just ruin my day. That Is a real bit of good luck I'd say. Good luck to you out in the field. Old Tom
  8. November 17th to 19th Nugget Shooter Outing

    You bet there are, but you have to do some reconnaissance so to stay free of clamed areas. It's not too hard as it is a very big area. Don't think that you are going to know the area from one or two trips. Close in areas will take a low and slow attitude for they have been gone over many times but you can still find gold there. Got to get off State land which we will be camping on before beeping, they frown on it. Need a State camping permit also. Easily gotten from the internet. Old Tom
  9. stung by a crazy unknown bug

    I think you are talking about a vinegaroon. They do bite as they have mandibles to kill their food with. They are not poisonous but emit a vinegar odor when threatened. Unless he was allergic to the emission from the Roon he wouldn't be harmed by that one. Looks like many bites up and down that arm, ants can do a job on you also. Old Tom
  10. Got to Get Out

    Hey Fishing, you are going to be really surprised when you test fly the Monster in how it blanks out the Ferris metals and such. Old Tom
  11. Got to Get Out

    Fishing 8046............. Don't feel bad about recommending a detector and the fella didn't score anything. I know several guys that bought the 5000 when it was the best around and they eventually wound up selling them and giving up. Sometimes it's like deer hunting, you have to be in the right spot at the right time. Some deer hunters never get a shot, go home put their gun in a corner and find something else to occupy their time. Man you really must of had a good time on the fishing circuit winning all that stuff. You know that It was not all good luck that did it, it took a lot of due diligence and smarts to achieve all that. Old Tom
  12. Got to Get Out

    Heck DP, stick with your 2300. There is no comparison between the two machines. I use the GB Pro because I have no rotator cuff in my right arm and the left one just hurts like hell. I can't carry the weight of a PI but I do find my share of gold out there. I have followed after really good GB II detectorists, also a 2300 operator and my son who uses a 5000. In all cases I have found gold nuggets of gram sizes that they have missed. Heck, I even found one entering a wash when I put the Pro next to it and it looked at me all yellow like and lonesome, so I picked it up and took it home. I am almost 84 now and go low and slow so I don't miss much if the ground isn't too hot. I'm looking forward to the Monster helping me out in that respect. I wish I could handle a 2300 as I know I would find several times the amount I do find. Depth do have it's advantages. Old Tom
  13. I Just Got No Words

    Speak for yourself Bro.......................... Old Tom
  14. Got to Get Out

    I wonder how much you have invested in equipment for bass fishing? That is, boat, rods, reels, etc., etc.. One would have to catch a lot of fish to pay for all that also. I know a guy that has invested $10,000.00 in a boat alone and doesn't count his fish at all. It's all about what you get individually out of the sport/hobby. Exercise, accomplishment, peace of mind, fraternity are some of the things that are byproducts of beeping that money can't buy. As far as the Bold Bug Pro goes, it's a good machine and I find a lot of gold with it and so do others I know. It doesn't match up with a PI but it is a lot of fun to use an very simple. I think that you would enjoy the Gold Monster if you took Bill up on his offer and tried it out, what do you have to loose? Old Tom
  15. Miners.....

    Just a little BMT Mike, but sometimes I do wish I was there. I do realize how hard it was on those men before modern transportation and such. I often look back on the trail going into an area and ask Tom "How did those guys ever make it in this far just walking and carrying all their equipment? Sleeping on the ground, eating nothing but dried beans and bacon." (Those beans were not like yours, Mike). If they got hurt or snake bit well, it was just too bad in some cases. Often think of the guys back then when in Rich Hill camping by the old cemeteries. Took a special kind of fella to stand the rigors of the trail in those days. Old Tom