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  1. A few relics yesterday

    Yeah that's right on. You would file that type of key down and it would open almost any lock of same type. That is what we kids would do and then call it a skeleton key. They were real easy locks to get into and it wasn't hard to make a skeleton key out of a normal front door key. Back in the 1930's you didn't have too much worry about someone coming in your door as the mindset was a lot different then. Besides there was a loaded shotgun behind almost every kitchen door. Old Tom
  2. A few relics yesterday

    I'm curious to know just why you fellas call that key a skeleton key. It looks just like the keys that I used to let me into my home when I was a youth. We called it a front door key or a back door key. When entering from the outside the key had to go all the way through the door into the iron latch/ lock. They were coded by cutouts and grooves like the keys of today are. I still have my front door key but I don't know why. Old Tom
  3. Hi all.

    Hi there Mr. Looking. I don't recall just where or when I met you but you are welcome here to browse and ask questions. You will probably learn a lot from just watching for a while. You can also private message someone (PM) on the side. Old Tom
  4. I found some gold today

    Hey Mr. Point, I don't need any more skunks following me. I haven't found a nugget in the last few months and now I have 'fallen and couldn't get up'. Been laying around for the last four days and still plenty sore. Waiting to heal so I can get back at it again. Old Tom
  5. Nice Pieces !

    Nice ones Adam. Did you show those to Tom and I once before? Old Tom
  6. I found some gold today

    Great Luke, every little tweak helps. Old Tom
  7. Happy Birthday Grubstake

    Happy Birthday Grubby. Not too much pizza today please. Old Tom
  8. Happy Birthday ArcticDave

    Happy birthday youngster. Have a good one today and find a nuggie. Old Tom
  9. Hope I have room to prospect.

    Doesn't seem to be any other equipment around except for a shovel. Every one is digging straight down in a round hole. Can't figure just what they were after, water? Things aren't this bad out here yet, Cooper. Old Tom
  10. GB2 finds a 1/2 lb nugget...

    Nice finds Dave. Hey, check that lipstick tube there might be some gold dust inside. An old timer might have taken the lipstick out and used it fore a poke? Old Tom
  11. Happy Birthday Mike Furness

    Yer getten there sonny, have a good one Bro. Old Tom
  12. Junkyard Dog Wash - FISA Memo !!

    Adam, I don't care what BD says about you, you're OK. Old Tom
  13. WOW!!!!!!!! Check this out

    It couldn't have happened to two nicer guys. They work hard and God blessed them good. Old Tom
  14. Big Shroom.

    Bob, how do you know about this stuff????? Old Tom
  15. Big Shroom.

    Are they 'Smokeable? Old Tom