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  1. Old Tom

    November 2018 fall outing poll

    I no longer get a permit for the group. You can get a permit by going on the computer and entering 'Recreational permits AZ State Land Department'. The group permits are $15.00 and are for five days. You must fill out a rooster for the group permit an submit it by mail with check. The individual permits are $15.00 and are for one year. The family permit is $20.00. Any problem just PM me. Old Tom
  2. The first pic was taken up White Spar Rd. outside of Prescott, and the last was at Willow Springs Lake on the rim. Both were in hail and lightning and very intense. Wonderful experiences when all comes out well. Old Tom
  3. Yeah, I remember so well. Nowhere to go but hug that sheer rock wall looking at each other while getting rain trickling down your back. Some fun but at least we got a couple that day. Memories...…………………. Old Tom
  4. I remember the first picture when you guys wouldn't let me have a garbage bag to keep myself dry. Tom H and Boulderdash don't respect their elders when it comes to rain and hail. I got soaked to the bone while I took their picture. Those squalls come up fast in the Prescott area. Ever get caught in a lightning/hail storm in the middle of a lake? Carbon fiber fishing rods don't help either. Old Tom
  5. Old Tom

    No more tent Camping

    One thing to watch out for is honey bees. When out back not being used it is forgotten about and not checked on very much. I have been called out a few times to get a swarm out of a camper and it is not very easy to do so especially after they have been in there for quite a while. There is always a place for them to get in and nice and dark as they like it. Might hang a pest strip in there when not being used. Old Tom
  6. Good luck to you today and enjoy it, it's your day. Thanks for all that you do here Bro. old Tom
  7. Old Tom

    Upgrading again

    Oh no!!!
  8. Old Tom

    Help with Rock ID

    Looks to me like a piece of Babbitt material from an over pour of a main bearing. You would have to give more statistics to determine more about it. Weight, is it mailable, has it been cleaned, etc. Looks very interesting to say the least. Old Tom
  9. Old Tom

    Odd Places

    Nice going Adam, looks like corn flake gold. Bet you were wishing that you were back out racing with those guys. Old Tom
  10. Old Tom

    New Member

    I'm not so sure that you should have drilled a hole in it . You might have offended some kind of ancient sun god. All in all it's a good find. Might be plastic, just how heavy is it and does it seem pliable or more ridged like stone? Old Tom
  11. Old Tom

    Happy Birthday Buckeye Boy

    Happy Birthday youngster, have a good one today it's your day Bro. Old Tom
  12. Old Tom

    Going to try something dangerous

    You have all my respects Bro. Learning an musical instrument when one is older is not an easy feat. I hope you persevere and attain your goal. Old Tom
  13. Old Tom

    WASP Happy Birthday !

    Happy birthday to the WASP. Go out and get one Bro...…. Old Tom
  14. Old Tom

    Happy Birthday Nugget108

    Happy Birthday Bro, some good eatin on those trout, watch the bones.😜 Old Tom
  15. Old Tom

    Lead mining

    I still have a few old lead molds that I used as a kid. Some cowboys, WW1 soldiers, animals, etc. Maybe I'll start to pour some again for fun. I have been keeping my son Tom supplied with lead ingots to hang in his plating tanks. Lots of that stuff out there, now if I could find a market for scrap iron...…………. Old Tom