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  1. Happy Birthday Weaver Hillbille

    Have a good one Mr. Bille and a drink on me. Old Tom
  2. Yeah, that's a nice solid little bugger. Betcha that one sounded off nice and sweet. Stay up top side Gary and leave those chunkies for me. Old Tom
  3. WOW, Nazi Gold

    This is totally bogus. those guys don't even come close to making it seem real. The lock is hardware new and the excelsior that is sticking out of the chest is still as fresh as the stuff inside, etc. etc. Old Tom
  4. Weird $tuff

    This is some Real Weird Stuff. Old Tom
  5. Miners.....

    My mom was almost born in a West Virginia coal mine. Grandma walked down the descending shaft to take my grandfather his lunch. She went into labor but they got her out before she gave birth. That was the only job he could get after coming over from Hungry. They were rugged people in those days. Old Tom
  6. The Cornish....

    I can't figure it out, but it doesn't look very safe to me. Oh now I see that each man stands on a little platform and gets hauled up. What would OSHA say about that? Old Tom
  7. Finally joined the 1oz+ club

    Man that's a great way to join the 1 oz club. Don't rest on your laurels though, get right back there and beep that place dry. There has got to be more where that came from. Old Tom
  8. GB Pro Scores Again! :)

    You know another thing I do Lisa is to pack in a couple of Tylenol combined with a low pain pill that the Dr. prescribed for me. It's great for the trip out after you have spent yourself and start thinking of your aches and pains instead of the gold rush. These eighty+ year old joints do need some help at times. Old Tom
  9. GB Pro Scores Again! :)

    Yeah, they are getting little farther back in than they used to be but if you want them you got to go where they are . Took a while but they will come a little easier after each one. I told you that the GB Pro would get you some nuggies. I'm still using mine but we got a Monster and I'm starting to learn on it. Keep it up Gal. Old Tom
  10. Happy Birthday Patrick

    Hey old guy, happy birthday. See you guys at the outing also. Old Tom
  11. Sumpin ain't right

    'Oh ye of little faith', we all went through the dry spell some longer than others. Don't think that all you have to do is get over the real thing. I know that Tom and I when we first started missed some good gold. We began in the heat of summer in the AZ desert and didn't connect for almost a year. Only after help from the learned ones and boots on the ground did we score our firsts. Man you got to pay your dues in this business. Once it clicks it seems like its down hill from there. I wonder just how many guys and gals went to the Klondike and came home disappointed? They gambled more than just a detector on their luck. This is supposed to be fun they tell me. Old Tom
  12. Superman.....

    I turned the video on and all I seen was a big toe. WTF......... Old Tom
  13. My DIY Gas Vac

    Now that looks like a real Crack Vac. Remember to put something on the nozzle to be able to squeeze together to accommodate the cracks. Run your motor before taking off, altitude do make a difference. Old Tom
  14. Might Help Me Some

  15. No more NFL

    I wonder what would happen to those same players if they turned their backs to the owner of the team when he was talking to them. Yes the head of the NFL is gutless but in my view the owners bear most of the blame for this disrespect. These are spoiled half men that haven't served their country in one respect or another. They were given college educations and make more money than the average Joe. Life has been handed to them on a silver platter and they mock the country that made it all possible. I don't think that Joe Blow likes it very much and Things are going to change when the team shops and sponsors start to loose money. Old Tom