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  1. Happy Birthday LukeJ

    Best of days today Luke. Have one on me Bro, next time I'll buy. Old Tom

    If he don't I will on my shirts. It would tell folks just what we're after and look good there. Either way it will be the frosting on the cake Old Tom
  3. Happy Birthday Matt

    Have a good day Matt it's yours. Old Tom
  4. Fun in the outback, a day to remember. Old Tom
  5. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    You know, he knows that you guys don't watch TV in your house, why don't you go out and buy him about a ton of fertilizer or something that he can't use and dump it on him. But then maybe Wanda would get wicked, its her Brother. Old Tom

    Ball cap and ear phones, move to the left, and a nugget under the coil (or in front of) with some radiating glow lines. Old Tom
  7. Gotta nother one of those things Unk? Pretty soon you'll be catchin up to me. Just remember the aches and pains go with it Bro. Have a happy one Ron. Old Tom
  8. Thoughts on Claim

    In the old days before small compressors and such I used to air up my spare to around 100 lbs. or more. I always and still do carry an air hose with a chuck on both ends to get from one tire to another. It got me out a couple of times and didn't have to change tires until a gas station was in sight. I remember young Tom saying "The tire is going flat daddy, aren't you going to change it"? I told him that we had plenty of air to get out to safety. I got the idea from when I worked on telephone cables that were under pressure to keep moisture from infiltrating the paper insulation on the wires. If there was a leak in the lead cable I would go out where the air pressure was the lowest and solder a Schrader valve on another cable that had good pressure. Then bolster the pressure on the defective one with a two chuck air hose to another Schrader valve on it. I would use an air flow valve meter to trace the air flow to the leak. Old Tom
  9. Blood, Sweat and Gold

    Glad you got some yeller Bro. You do like to dig some and if I were a little younger I'd be right there with you. Old Tom
  10. Did You Know ? I didn't.

    God bless Bisquick, been using it for years. Try pancakes or dumplings. old Tom
  11. Why run, this is your forum, stand and make it better. Things level out after a while, they come and they go. Old Tom
  12. Happy Birthday Jpuisis

    Happy birthday, "Once more into the breach". Old Tom
  13. Happy Birthday Andyy

    Have a good one today Bro. It's your day take advantage of it . Old Tom
  14. Calling All Math Guru's

    Thanks, I was never too good at math in school but that explains the one year difference. Now I'll go back to my drinking. Gonna start back at one and go to seventy seven again, this is fun. Old Tom
  15. Calling All Math Guru's

    I think that I drank too many beers figuring this one out. I come up one year off in calculation. I'm 83 years old born in 1933. What am I doing wrong? Old Tom